Prestvannet (Norwegian) or Báhpajávri (Northern Sami) is a small lake in Tromsø Municipality in Troms og Finnmark county, Norway. The lake sits at the highest point on the central part of the island of Tromsøya inside the city of Tromsø. Prestvannet was built up as a reservoir in 1867, and continued in that role until 1921. Since then it has been used as park land and a nature reserve.

Prestvannet  (Norwegian)
Báhpajávri  (Northern Sami)
Prestvannet is located in Troms og Finnmark
Location of the lake
Prestvannet is located in Norway
Prestvannet (Norway)
LocationTroms og Finnmark
Coordinates69°39′34″N 18°56′09″E / 69.6594°N 18.9359°E / 69.6594; 18.9359Coordinates: 69°39′34″N 18°56′09″E / 69.6594°N 18.9359°E / 69.6594; 18.9359
TypeHistoric reservoir
Basin countriesNorway
Max. length400 metres (1,300 ft)
Max. width300 metres (980 ft)
Surface area8.1 hectares (20 acres)
Shore length11.3 kilometres (0.81 mi)
Surface elevation96 metres (315 ft)
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

The pond area has been preserved as a nesting place for various birds. The pond and its surrounding wooded area form an important natural area for the Tromsø area. Encircling the pond is a track commonly used for recreational activities and sports, as well as a nature trail with plaques giving information about the local wildlife. In the winter, the frozen pond is a popular place for ice skating.

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