President pro tempore of the Pennsylvania Senate

The President pro tempore of the Pennsylvania Senate (also known more commonly as the "President pro-tem") is a constitutionally-created office in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The incumbent holder of the office is Republican Kim Ward.

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The position of President pro tempore replaced the abolished position of Speaker of the Senate in the Constitution of 1874.[1]

The office is filled through election by the full Senate membership, though its holder typically comes from the majority party. The President pro tempore is designated as second in the gubernatorial succession, behind the Lieutenant Governor.[1][2][3]

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The President pro tempore presides over the Senate in the absence of the Lieutenant Governor and appoints committee chairpersons, votes on all bills, and is the leader of the Senate. In issues involving both chambers of the General Assembly, the President pro tempore confers with the Speaker of the House.[1]

List of presidents pro tempore of the Pennsylvania Senate Edit

Name Political party County Dates elected
George H. Cutler Republican Erie County 1875
Elisha W. Davis Republican Philadelphia County 1875,76
John Christopher Newmyer Republican Allegheny County 1876,77
Thomas Valentine Cooper Republican Delaware County 1877,78
Andrew Jackson Herr Republican Dauphin County 1878,79
John Lamon Republican Philadelphia County 1879
William Imlay Newell Republican Philadelphia County 1881
Hugh McNeil Republican Allegheny County 1881
John Edgar Reyburn Republican Philadelphia County 1883
Amos Herr Mylin Republican Lancaster County 1883,85
George Handy Smith Republican Philadelphia County 1885,87
John C. Grady Republican Philadelphia County 1887,89
Boies Penrose Republican Philadelphia County 1889,91
John Peter Shindel Gobin Republican Lebanon County 1891,93
Charles Wesley Thomas Republican Philadelphia County 1893,95
Samuel John Milton McCarrell Republican Dauphin County 1895,97
Daniel Spindler Walton Republican Greene County 1897
William Preston Snyder Republican Chester County 1899, 1901
John Morin Scott Republican Philadelphia County 1901,03
William Cameron Sproul Republican Delaware County 1903,05
Cyrus E. Woods Republican Westmoreland County 1905,07
Albert Everton Sisson Republican Erie County 1907,09
William E. Crow Republican Fayette County 1911
George M. Wertz Republican Cambria County 1911
Daniel P. Gerberich Republican Lebanon County 1913
Charles H. Kline Republican Allegheny County 1913,15
Edward E. Beidleman Republican Dauphin County 1915,17
Clarence Jay Buckman Republican Bucks County 1917,19
Frank Elmer Baldwin Republican Potter County 1919,21
Thomas Lawrence Eyre Republican Chester County 1921,23
John G. Homsher Republican Lancaster County 1923,25
Samuel W. Salus Republican Philadelphia County 1923,25
Horace W. Schantz Republican Lehigh County 1927,29
Augustus F. Daix Jr. Republican Philadelphia County 1929,31
James S. Boyd Republican Montgomery County 1931,33
Harry B. Scott Republican Centre County 1933
John G. Homsher Republican Lancaster County 1935
Harvey D. Huffman Democratic Monroe County 1937
John S. Rice Democratic Adams County 1938
Frederick T. Gelder Republican Susquehanna County 1939
Charles H. Ealy Republican Somerset County 1941,43
M. Harvey Taylor Republican Dauphin County 1945,47,49,51,53,55,57,59
Weldon Brinton Heyburn Republican Delaware County 1947
Anthony J. DiSilvestro Democratic Philadelphia County 1961
M. Harvey Taylor Republican Dauphin County 1963
James S. Berger Republican Potter County 1964 (acting), 1965
Stanley G. Stroup Republican Bedford County 1966 (acting)
Robert D. Fleming Republican Allegheny County 1967,69,70
Martin L. Murray Democratic Luzerne County 1971,72,73,74,75,76,77,78,79,80
Henry G. Hager III Republican Lycoming County 1981,82,83,84
Robert C. Jubelirer Republican Blair County 1984,85,86,87,88,89,90,91,92
Robert J. Mellow Democratic Lackawanna County 1992,93,94
Robert C. Jubelirer Republican Blair County 1994,95,96,97,97,99; 2000,01,02,03,04,05,06
Joseph B. Scarnati III Republican Jefferson County 2006,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19
Jacob Doyle Corman III Republican Centre County 2020,21
Kim Ward Republican Westmoreland County 2022 (interim), 23

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