President of Serbia and Montenegro

The president of Serbia and Montenegro (Serbian: Председник Србије и Црне Горе) was the head of state of Serbia and Montenegro. From its establishment in 1992 until 2003, when the country was reconstituted as a confederacy (state union) via constitutional reform, the head of state was known as the president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbian: Председник Савезне Републике Југославије). With the constitutional reforms of 2003 and the merging of the offices of head of government and head of state, the full title of the president was President of Serbia and Montenegro and Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Serbia and Montenegro (Serbian: Председник Србије и Црне Горе / Председник Савета министара Србије и Црне Горе). In 2006 the office was abolished as the state union was dissolved, with Serbia and Montenegro becoming independent countries.

President of Serbia and Montenegro
Predsednik Srbije i Crne Gore
Председник Србије и Црне Горе
Flag of the President of Yugoslavia (1993–2003).svg
Standard of the President
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Last serving
Svetozar Marović

7 March 2003 – 3 June 2006
ResidenceWhite Palace, Belgrade
PrecursorPresident of the Presidency of Yugoslavia
Formation15 June 1992 (15 June 1992)
First holderDobrica Ćosić
Final holderSvetozar Marović
Abolished3 June 2006 (3 June 2006)
SuccessionPresident of Serbia
President of Montenegro


As head of state, the president had the power to

  • represent the country at home and abroad
  • appoint and recall heads of diplomatic and consular missions
  • receive letters of credence and recall from foreign diplomatic representatives
  • confer medals and other decorations
  • promulgate laws passed by the Parliament
  • call for parliamentary elections

In 2003, the powers of the president were extended to include the right to chair the Council of Ministers and propose the composition of the Council of Ministers to the parliament, effectively merging the powers of the head of government into the office. However, although the president became de iure both head of state and head of government, his role was largely limited because all the institutions were indirectly elected by confederal parliament, which was additionally elected by parliaments of member states.


Under the 1992 constitution, the president was elected by the Federal Assembly of Yugoslavia for a four-year term. After the constitutional amendments of 2000, direct elections for the office of President were introduced. Under the 2003 constitution, the president was elected at the proposal of the president and vice president of the Parliament of Serbia and Montenegro for a four-year term. The president of Serbia and Montenegro was a member of the Supreme Defence Council together with the president of Serbia and the president of Montenegro.

The results of the direct presidential elections of 2000 were as follows:

Candidate Nominator Votes %
Vojislav Koštunica Democratic Opposition of Serbia 2,470,304 50.24
Slobodan Milošević SPSJULSNP 1,826,799 37.15
Tomislav Nikolić Serbian Radical Party 289,013 5.88
Vojislav Mihailović Serbian Renewal Movement 145,019 2.95
Miodrag Vidojković Affirmative Party 45,964 0.93
Total (turnout 71.5%) 4,778,929 100.0
Invalid 137,991
Total votes 4,916,920
Eligible voters 6,871,595


There were six presidents of FR Yugoslavia (two acting) after its assertion of independence from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) in 1992 up until its dissolution in 2003. Svetozar Marović of the Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro was the only President of the FR Yugoslavia after its constitutional reforms and reconstitution as a confederacy. He was inaugurated on March 7, 2003. After the declaration of independence of Montenegro, on June 3, 2006, the president announced on June 4, 2006 the termination of his office.[1]

  Socialist Party of Serbia   Democratic Party of Serbia   Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro   Independent

No. Portrait Name
Representing Term of office Political party Note
Took office Left office Time in office
Presidents of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
1Dobrica Ćosić
Serbia15 June 19921 June 1993351 daysIndependent
Miloš Radulović
Montenegro1 June 199325 June 199324 daysDPS
2Zoran Lilić
(born 1953)
Serbia25 June 199325 June 19974 years, 0 daysSPS
Srđa Božović
(born 1955)
Montenegro25 June 199723 July 199728 daysDPS
3Slobodan Milošević
Serbia23 July 19977 October 20003 years, 76 daysSPSForced to step down in the Bulldozer Revolution.
4Vojislav Koštunica
(born 1944)
Serbia7 October 20007 March 20032 years, 151 daysDSSThe only president elected in direct election.
President of the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro
5Svetozar Marović
(born 1955)
Montenegro7 March 20033 June 20063 years, 88 daysDPSAlso head of government as Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Serbia and Montenegro (offices merged).

Living former presidentsEdit

Name Term Date of birth
Zoran Lilić 1993–1997 27 August 1953
Vojislav Koštunica 2000–2003 24 March 1944
Svetozar Marović 2003–2006 31 March 1955

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