The president of Ecuador (Spanish: Presidente del Ecuador), officially called the constitutional president of the Republic of Ecuador (Spanish: Presidente Constitucional de la República del Ecuador),[2] serves as the head of state and head of government of Ecuador. It is the highest political office in the country as the head of the executive branch of government. Per the current constitution, the president can serve two four-year terms. Prior to that, the president could only serve one four-year term.

Constitutional President of the
Republic of Ecuador
Presidente Constitucional de la República del Ecuador
Presidential Standard
Daniel Noboa
since 23 November 2023
Executive branch of the
Government of Ecuador
StyleMr. President or His Excellency
TypeHead of state
Head of government
ResidenceCarondelet Palace
AppointerDirect popular election
Term lengthFour years
renewable once
Inaugural holderJuan José Flores
Formation22 September 1830
DeputyVice President of Ecuador
Salary6,261 USD per month[1]

The current president of Ecuador is Daniel Noboa. He was elected in 2023 and currently the youngest president in the country's history.[3]

History edit

The presidency of Ecuador has been marked by periods of instability, causing the office to change presidents frequently throughout the history of the country. At least five times, the president's duties have been charged to a provisional government or a military junta. Often, the office has been left to an interim or acting president, many of whom would go on to become president. The president who has served the most terms in office is José María Velasco Ibarra, who served five.

Before President Rafael Correa, the last president to serve out his complete term in office was Sixto Durán Ballén, who served from 1992 to 1996.

List of presidents edit

Latest election edit

CandidateRunning matePartyFirst roundSecond round
Luisa GonzálezAndrés ArauzCitizen Revolution Movement3,315,66333.614,880,52548.17
Daniel NoboaVerónica Abad RojasNational Democratic Action2,315,29623.475,251,69551.83
Christian ZuritaAndrea González NáderMovimiento Construye1,614,43416.37
Jan TopićDiana Jácome SilvaPor Un País Sin Miedo1,446,81214.67
Otto SonnenholznerErika Paredes SánchezActuemos696,5487.06
Yaku PérezNory Pinela MoránClaro Que Se Puede391,6743.97
Xavier HervasLuz Marina Vega ConejoRETO Movement48,4280.49
Bolívar ArmijosLinda Romero EspinozaAMIGO Movement35,7850.36
Valid votes9,864,64091.1910,132,22091.49
Invalid votes732,4786.77858,3947.75
Blank votes220,7172.0484,1780.76
Total votes10,817,835100.0011,074,792100.00
Registered voters/turnout13,045,55382.9213,446,68282.36
Source: CNE, eldiario, CNE

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