President of Cyprus

The president of Cyprus, officially the President of the Republic of Cyprus,[a] is the head of state and the head of government of Cyprus, as well as the commander-in-chief of the Cypriot National Guard. The office was established by the Constitution of 1960, after Cyprus gained its independence from the United Kingdom.

President of the Republic of Cyprus
Πρόεδρος της Κυπριακής Δημοκρατίας (Greek)
Kıbrıs Cumhuriyeti Cumhurbaşkanı (Turkish)
Coat of arms of Cyprus (2023).png
Presidential Standard of Cyprus.svg
Presidential Standard of Cyprus
Níkos Christodoulídis, 23.03.23.jpg
Nikos Christodoulides
since 28 February 2023
Executive branch of the Government of Cyprus
StyleMr President (informal)
His Excellency (diplomatic)
StatusHead of State, Head of Government
Member ofEuropean Council
ResidencePresidential Palace
SeatNicosia, Cyprus
AppointerPopular vote
Term lengthFive years, renewable once consecutively
Constituting instrumentCypriot Constitution
Formation16 August 1960; 62 years ago (1960-08-16)
First holderMakarios III
DeputyVice President of Cyprus (de jure)
President of the House of Representatives (de facto)
Salary119,000 EUR annually[1]

Uniquely among member states of the European Union, in Cyprus the roles of head of state and government are combined, making Cyprus the only EU state with a full presidential system of government.

The Constitution requires the president to be a Greek Cypriot, over the age of thirty-five, elected directly in a two-round system. The president's term lasts for five years, and under the Thirteenth Amendment of the Constitution no person can serve more than two consecutive presidential terms.

Nikos Christodoulides is the 8th and current president of Cyprus, having assumed office on February 28, 2023.


According to the Constitution, the President of the Republic is the Head of State, and is elected for a five year term through direct, universal and secret ballot.

Among the most important powers granted to the President of the Republic by the Constitution, are the power to put into effect laws passed by the House of Representatives or the right of veto to prevent legislation passed by the House from being enacted, if a given law concerns issues of the external policy, security and defense of the Republic, the right to refer such legislation back to the legislative body, as well as the right to refer it to the Supreme Court for the purposes of checking its constitutionality.

In addition, the President convenes the meetings of the Council of Ministers and draws up their agenda, while maintaining the right of veto for council meetings as well, provided that they concern issues of external policy, security and defense of the Republic, as well as the right to refer them back to the aforementioned body.

Today, under the doctrine of necessity, the president appoints eleven ministers, who constitute the country's Cabinet, and with the exception of the powers reserved by the 9Constitution explicitly for the President and Vice President of the Republic, exercise the executive authority of the state.

Furthermore, the Constitution grants the president the power to unilaterally appoint independent state officials and Supreme Court judges.

Removal from the officeEdit

There are two ways for the President of the Republic to be removed from office. In the first case, they must be convicted by the Supreme Court for high treason, following prosecution by the prosecutor general and the deputy prosecutor general, which has to been approved by a resolution of at least three-quarters of Members of Parliament. In the second case, they must be convicted of a dishonorable offense or an offense of moral turpitude, following prosecution by the prosecutor general and the deputy prosecutor general, which has to be approved by the President of the Supreme Court.



§ Elected unopposed
† Died in office

No. Portrait Name
Term Political Party Elected
Took office Left office Time in office
Makarios III
16 August 196015 July 1974
13 years, 333 daysIndependent1959
Nikos Sampson
15 July 197423 July 19748 daysProgressive Front
Glafcos Clerides
23 July 19747 December 1974137 daysEniaion
Makarios III
7 December 1974
3 August 1977 †2 years, 239 daysIndependent
2Spyros Kyprianou
3 August 197728 February 198810 years, 209 daysDIKO1978[§]
3George Vassiliou
(born 1931)
28 February 198828 February 19935 yearsIndependent
supported by AKEL
4Glafcos Clerides
28 February 199328 February 200310 yearsDISY1993
5Tassos Papadopoulos
28 February 200328 February 20085 yearsDIKO
supported by AKEL
6Demetris Christofias
28 February 200828 February 20135 yearsAKEL2008
7Nicos Anastasiades
(born 1946)
28 February 201328 February 202310 yearsDISY2013
8Nikos Christodoulides
(born 1973)
28 February 2023Incumbent89 daysIndependent
supported by DIKO, EDEK, DIPA, Solidarity


Nikos ChristodoulidesNicos AnastasiadesDemetris ChristofiasTassos PapadopoulosGlafcos CleridesGeorge VasiliouSpyros KyprianouMakarios III

Latest electionEdit

CandidatePartyFirst roundSecond round
Nikos ChristodoulidesIndependent[b]127,30932.04204,86751.97
Andreas MavroyiannisIndependent[c]117,55129.59189,33548.03
Averof NeofytouDemocratic Rally103,74826.11
Christos ChristouNational Popular Front23,9886.04
Achilleas DemetriadesIndependent[d]8,1372.05
Constantinos ChristofidesNew Wave – The Other Cyprus6,3261.59
Georgios ColocassidesIndependent5,2871.33
Alexios SavvidesIndependent2,3950.60
Charalampos AristotelousIndependent8660.22
Celestina de PetroIndependent5750.14
Andronicos ZervidesIndependent3410.09
Ioulia Khovrina KomninouUnited Cyprus Republican Party3300.08
Andreas EfstratiouIndependent2990.08
Loukas StavrouNational Communitarian Reconstruction1650.04
Valid votes397,31798.27394,20296.95
Invalid votes5,3331.328,4282.07
Blank votes1,6710.413,9860.98
Total votes404,321100.00406,616100.00
Registered voters/turnout561,27372.04561,27372.45
Source: Central Electoral Service, Central Electoral Service


# President Date of birth Age at inauguration
(first term)
Time in office
Age at retirement
(last term)
Date of death Longevity
1 Mouskos, MichailMakarios III 19130813August 13, 1913(August 13, 1913) 47 00347 years, 3 days 16 32016 years, 211 days 65 17663 years, 355 days 19770803August 3, 1977 23,36663 years, 355 days
2 Kyprianou, SpyrosSpyros Kyprianou 19321028October 28, 1932(October 28, 1932) 44 31044 years, 310 days 10 17810 years, 178 days 55 12355 years, 123 days 20020312March 12, 2002 25,33769 years, 135 days
3 Vassiliou, GeorgiosGeorgios Vassiliou 19310520May 20, 1931(May 20, 1931) 56 28456 years, 284 days 05 0005 years, 0 days 61 28461 years, 284 days Living 33,61192 years, 8 days (Living)
4 Clerides, GlafcosGlafcos Clerides 19190424April 24, 1919(April 24, 1919) 73 31073 years, 310 days 10 00010 years, 0 days 83 31083 years, 310 days 20131115November 15, 2013 34,53994 years, 205 days
5 Papadopoulos, TassosTassos Papadopoulos 19340107January 7, 1934(January 7, 1934) 69 05269 years, 52 days 05 0005 years, 0 days 74 05274 years, 52 days 20081212December 12, 2008 27,36874 years, 340 days
6 Christofias, DemetrisDemetris Christofias 19460829August 29, 1946(August 29, 1946) 61 18361 years, 183 days 05 0005 years, 0 days 66 18366 years, 183 days 20190621June 21, 2019 26,59472 years, 296 days
7 Anastasiades, NicosNicos Anastasiades 19460927September 27, 1946(September 27, 1946) 66 15466 years, 154 days 01 199 45410 years, 0 days 76 15476 years, 154 days Living 28,00276 years, 243 days (Living)
8 Nikos Christodoulides 6 December 1973 49 years, 85 days 01 199 45489 days (Ongoing) Incumbent Living 18,24749 years, 173 days (Living)

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    • Turkish: Kıbrıs Cumhuriyeti Cumhurbaşkanı
  2. ^ Supported by DIKO, EDEK, DIPA, Solidarity, Active Citizens – United Cypriot Hunters Movement and Animal Party Cyprus
  3. ^ Supported by AKEL and Generation Change
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