Preservation of Coloured Areas Act, 1961

The Preservation of Coloured Areas Act of 1961, was an Apartheid South Africa piece of legislation. It was ostensibly enacted to prevent land in coloured areas from being taken without compensation to the owner even if the owner had not registered his claim. It further entrenched "Coloured Areas" in the law.

Preservation of Coloured Areas Act, Act No 31 of 1961
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Parliament of South Africa
CitationAct No. 31 of 1961
Enacted byParliament of South Africa
Royal assent28 February 1961
Commenced1 December 1961
Repealed30 June 1991
Repealed by
Rural Coloured Areas Act, 1963
Status: Repealed

This act further strengthened racial segregation legislation of South Africa during the Apartheid regime.


The act was replaced two years later by the Rural Coloured Areas Act, 1963.

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