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Prep is a short form of "preparedness" or preparation.

Prep may also refer to:


  • College-preparatory school, also called a prep school, or college prep school, or university-preparatory school
    • Preppy or preppie or prep, a subculture in the United States associated with old private Northeastern university-preparatory schools
  • Test preparation or test prep


  • PREP (gene), the gene encoding for prolyl endopeptidase (PE)
  • Prep, abbreviated form for a plasmid preparation (including minipreps and bulk preps) or the DNA prepared by such a method
  • PrEP, acronym for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, the use of prescription drugs to prevent HIV transmission before exposure
  • Prep, abbreviated form for presequence protease, a mitochondrial and chloroplastic protein

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