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Praha-Holešovice railway station

The station platforms at Praha-Holešovice before the reconstruction
Exterior, showing the adjacent bus station

Praha-Holešovice railway station (Czech: Nádraží Praha-Holešovice) is located in Holešovice, a northern district of Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic. Opened in 1985, the station was originally used as a terminus for international fast trains coming from the east. Since the completion of the Nové Spojení ("new connection") in 2010, however, these trains terminate at the more central hub, Praha hlavní nádraží. Nevertheless, international trains from hlavní nádraží running north to Dresden and Berlin, as well as northwest-bound inter-regional trains still call here. The station is adjacent to Prague Metro's Nádraží Holešovice station on line C and also to stops of the same name on lines 6, 12, and 17 of the city's tramway system, as well as a bus station.


Preceding station   České dráhy   Following station
Praha hl.n.
toward Vienna or Budapest
  EuroCity trains   Ústí nad Labem hl.n.
toward Berlin
Praha hl.n.
  Regional fast trains   Ústí nad Labem hl.n.
toward Cheb
Preceding station   Esko Prague   Following station

Coordinates: 50°06′37″N 14°26′23″E / 50.110278°N 14.439722°E / 50.110278; 14.439722