Pragati: The Indian National Interest Review is a publication on strategic affairs, economic policy and governance. It is published by the Indian National Interest.

TypeMonthly newsmagazine
Owner(s)The Indian National Interest
FoundedApril 2007
Political alignmentCentre-right, "Realism"
HeadquartersMysore, India

It advocates economic freedom, political realism, an open society, a culture of tolerance and good governance. The first issue was published in April 2007. The publication's community edition is available for download free of charge.


Writers at Pragati and Indian National Interest encourage liberal economics and what they call "liberal nationalism":[1]

The upshot is that the state is necessary for the practical enjoyment of individual rights and freedoms. The survival and security of the state—often termed “the national interest”—is directly connected to the ability of citizens to enjoy their freedom. Put in another way, the “national interest” is the well-being and development of all its citizens. To enjoy freedom in practice, the individual gives up some of it to the state. The state, a nation-state in India’s case, exists to ensure the rights, freedoms and well-being (yogakshema) of its people. So ensuring the survival and security of the Indian state—by maximising its relative power internationally—is wholly consistent with allowing its citizens to live in freedom.


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