Prabhat Kumar Mukhopadhyay

Prabhat Kumar Mukhopadhyay (3 February 1873–5 April 1932)[2] was a well known Bengali author.[3] He was born at Dhatrigram in present-day Purba Bardhaman district, West Bengal at his maternal uncle's house. His native place was Gurap in Hooghly district, West Bengal[1][4]

Prabhat Kumar Mukhopadhyay
Prabhat Kumar Mukhopadhyay

(1873-02-03)3 February 1873
Died5 April 1932(1932-04-05) (aged 59)

Personal lifeEdit

In 1888, he passed the entrance exam at the Jamalpur High School.[2] In 1891, he received a Fine Arts degree from Patna College.[2] In 1895, he received his bachelor's degree.[2] From 1901 to 1903, he studied law in London.[2]

In 1903, after becoming a barrister, he returned to Bengal to practice law in Darjeeling, Rangpur, and Gaya.[2] He practiced law in these regions until 1916 when he became a professor at the University of Calcutta.[2] He was a professor here until his death in 1932.[2]


Prabhat Kumar Mukhopadhyay wrote novels, short stories, and poems. His poems were published in the Bharati, a Bangla periodical, while he was still in school.[2] He gained fame writing short stories, which are based on looking at life in a light-hearted, simple, way.[2] During his career, he wrote over one hundred stories and fourteen novels.[2]

At times he wrote under two pseudonyms, Sri Janoarchandra Sharma and Srimati Radhamoni.[2]

He received the Kuntalin Prize to acknowledge his writings.[2]


  • Ramasundari (1908)[2]
  • Nabin Sannyasi (1912)
  • Ratnadeep (1915)[2]
    • This novel was considered to be his greatest; it was made into a movie.[2]
  • Jibaner Mulya (1917)[2]
  • Sindur Kauta (1919)[2]
  • Maner Manus (1922)[2]
  • Arati (1927)[2]
  • Pratima (1928)[2]
  • Garib Svami (1930)[2]

Short story collectionsEdit

Other worksEdit

  • A satire named Abhishap (1900) [2]
  • A play, Suksmalom Parinay, which was published under one of his pseudonyms.[2]


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