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Power Station (Taiwanese band)

Power Station (traditional Chinese: 動力火車; simplified Chinese: 动力火车; pinyin: Dònglì Huǒchē) is a Taiwanese rock duo, composed of Yu Chiu-hsin and Yen Chih-lin, both of the Paiwan tribe of Taiwan's Pingtung County. Their music is characterized by their energetic rock ballads, as well as their electrifying rock anthems. Their looks and long hair stand out from the mainstream Taiwan pop scene because of their resemblance to western heavy metal musicians. In 2001, Power Station released their first album on the Grand Music label (later known as HIM International Music), Walking Along Zhongxiao East Road Nine Times. The title track of that album (Chinese version of song from 1997 "Takie tango" by Budka Suflera) won the Silver Award for Best Mandarin Song at the 24th RTHK Top Ten Golden Song Awards.[1]

Power Station
Power Station Taiwan.jpg
Yen (left) and Yu at a fundraising event for the 2014 Kaohsiung gas explosions.
Years active1997–present
AwardsStar Awards 1999 :Best Theme Song
Star Awards 2004 :Best Theme Song
Star Awards 2013 : Best Theme Song
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese動力火車
Simplified Chinese动力火车
Musical career
OriginRepublic of China (Taiwan)
GenresMandarin pop, rock
LabelsHIM International Music
MembersYou Chiu-hsing
Yen Chih-lin


Yu Chiu-hsin and Yen Chih-lin graduated from Taiwan Adventist College in Nantou County, and formed a band called "Virgin Choir" (處男合唱團) with some friends before changing to "Prominent Position" (突出部位) and disbanding. At the ages of 25, they formed Power Station through singing western rock songs. After the release of their first album, their fame spread within the Chinese music scene in the 1990s. In 1998, they sang the theme song "When" (當) from the drama My Fair Princess, and in 1999 they won the Best Theme Song award at the Star Awards for their song "I can endure the hardship" from the drama Stepping Out. Since 1998, they have become well known for their interpretations of opening/ending theme songs from Singaporean TV serials such as Riding the Storm, Are You My Brother?, Stepping Out, and many more.


Star AwardsEdit

Year Award Result
1999 Best Theme Song《我吃的起苦》 Won
2004 Best Theme Song 《爱在身旁》 Won
2013 Best Theme Song 《珍惜》 Won
2015 Best Theme Song 《逐梦》 Nominated


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