Powder Blues Band

The Powder Blues Band is a Canadian blues/pop/jazz band formed in 1978 in Vancouver. Its first album Uncut went double platinum in Canada. The second album Thirsty Ears was similarly popular.

Tom Lavin & the Legendary Powder Blues (aka Powder Blues Band)
OriginVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Years active1978–present
MembersTom Lavin
Mike Kalanj
Bill Runge
Vincent Mai
Tony Marryatt
Al Webster
Past membersJack Lavin
Willie MacCalder
Duris Maxwell
Wayne Kozak
Gordon Bertram
David Woodward

Their best known songs include: "Boppin' with the Blues", "Doin' It Right", "Thirsty Ears", "Hear That Guitar Ring", and "What've I Been Drinkin".


The Powder Blues was founded in 1978 as a house band in Vancouver, British Columbia. The band was founded by brothers Tom Lavin (guitar, vocals), Jack Lavin (bass, vocals), and Willie MacCalder (keyboards, vocals).[1] After playing in local clubs for 18 months,[citation needed] the band released their self-financed and self-produced debut album, Uncut, in 1980, followed by a tour of Canada and the US.[citation needed] The band won the Juno Award for "Most Promising Group of the Year" in 1981.[1] Uncut went double platinum in Canada in 1982, selling over 200,000 copies.[2] Their second album, Thirsty Ears, was released in 1981[1] and was certified platinum in Canada.[2] In 1986, the band won the American W.C. Handy Award for "Foreign Band of the Year".[3] The band's greatest hits album First Decade was released in 1990 and was certified gold.[2]

The band is now known as Tom Lavin and the Legendary Powder Blues.[4] They were still touring as of winter 2020.[5]

The initial lineup of the band consisted of:[1]



  • "Doin' It Right" – 1980 #40 CAN
  • "Boppin' with the Blues" – 1980 #88 CAN
  • "What've I Been Drinkin" – 1980
  • "Hear That Guitar Ring" – 1981
  • "Lovin' Kissin' & Huggin'" – 1981 #47 CAN
  • "Thirsty Ears" – 1981 #17 CAN
  • "Farmer John" – 1983
  • "I'm on the Road Again" – 1985


  • 1979 Uncut (Blue Wave)
  • 1980 Uncut [re-issue] (RCA)
  • 1981 Thirsty Ears (Liberty/Capitol-EMI)
  • 1982 Party Line (Liberty/Capitol-EMI)
  • 1983 Powder Blues (Liberty/Capitol-EMI)
  • 1983 Red Hot/True Blue (RCA)
  • 1984 Live At Montreux (Blue Wave)
  • 1990 First Decade/Greatest Hits (WEA)
  • 1993 Let's Get Loose (WEA)
  • 1997 Live At Montreux [CD re-issue] (Peerless)
  • 1997 Lowell Fulson with the Powder Blues Band (Stony Plain)
  • 2002 Swingin' the Blues (Blue Wave)
  • 2004 Blues + Jazz = BLAZZ! (Blue Wave)



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