Potti Prasad

Potti Prasad (born Kavivarapu Prasada Rao) was an Indian actor who predominantly worked in Telugu cinema. He was introduced to the films by Jandhyala.[1] His notable roles include Chantabbai and Sagara Sangamam. He made his screen debut with Appu Chesi Pappu Koodu in a brief role as one of the two (the other being Padmanabham) prospective bridegrooms for Girija. He was bowled over by the magnanimity of Nagi Reddi and Chakrapani when he was paid Rs.1116/- for that one scene work.[2] He was a friend of another comedian Raja Babu. They acted in stage plays together. His last film was Brundavanam (1992).

Potti Prasad
Kavivarapu Prasad Rao

5 January 1929
Died23 February 1998(1998-02-23) (aged 69)
Occupation(s)Actor, Clerk
ChildrenJagannatha Rao


Prasad was a stage actor before making his debut into films. Appu Chesi Pappu Koodu (1959) was his first film as an actor. Chakrapani offered him a role in this film after watching his performance in a stage show in Madras. He continued acting in stage shows while trying to get chances in movies.[3]


He played the role of an editor of a weekly magazine in a comedy film Chantabbai starring Charanjeevi. This got him good popularity with audience. He also played significant role in award-winning film Sagara Sangamam as a domestic helper.[4][5] In the film Hai Hai Nayaka, he played the role of an Avadhani who loses his mind after listening to foul words of his student. He plays a detective role in the film Babai Abbai starring Nandamuri Balakrishna. His last film was Brundavanam starring Rajendra Prasad.

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