Potrerillos, Mendoza

Villa Potrerillos, Mendoza, Argentina.

Potrerillos is a district of the Luján de Cuyo Department of the province of Mendoza, Argentina. It includes a number of small settlements along Provincial Routes 82 and 89, National Route 7, and the rivers Blanco and Mendoza. The center of Potrerillos is 63 km south from Mendoza City.[1]

Potrerillos used to be a group of farms and agricultural facilities. It then became a residential area, as well as a rest area for temporary residents, and a tourist resort.

The Potrerillos reservoir

A large dam on the Mendoza River (Presa Embalse de Potrerillos)[2] forms an artificial lake that measures 12 km in length and 3 km in maximum width. Uphill near its shore, there is a settlement of Villa Potrerillos, over 1,380 meters above mean sea level, where there is hiking (in the hills surrounding the area), rafting in the river, and paragliding.[3]

Vallecitos, an old ski center, is located on Cordón del Plata.


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Coordinates: 32°57′00″S 69°10′59″W / 32.950°S 69.183°W / -32.950; -69.183