Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest 1965

Portugal was represented by Simone de Oliveira, with the song "Sol de inverno", at the 1965 Eurovision Song Contest, which took place on 20 March in Naples. "Sol de inverno" was chosen as the Portuguese entry at the Grande Prémio TV da Canção Portuguesa on 6 February.

Eurovision Song Contest 1965
Country Portugal
National selection
Selection processFestival da Canção 1965
Selection date(s)6 February 1965
Selected entrantSimone de Oliveira
Selected song"Sol de inverno"
Selected songwriter(s)
  • Carlos Nóbrega e Sousa
  • Jerónimo Bragança
Finals performance
Final result13th, 1 point
Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Before EurovisionEdit

Festival da Canção 1965Edit

The Grande Prémio TV da Canção Portuguesa 1965 was held at the Lumiar studios of the Radio and Television of Portugal in Lisbon, hosted by Henrique Mendes. Eight songs took part in the final. Fernando de Carvalho conducted all the songs.[1] The winning song was chosen by a distrital jury, composed by three members, each had 5 votes to be distributed among the songs it intended to award, making a total of 15 votes per district.[2]

Grande Prémio TV da Canção Portuguesa - 6 February 1965
Draw Artist Song Votes Place
1 António Calvário "Por causa do mar" 13 6
2 Simone de Oliveira "Silhuetas ao luar" 28 4
3 Artur Garcia "Nasci, sonhei, cresci e amei" 18 5
4 António Calvário "Você não vê" 2 8
5 Madalena Iglésias "Silêncio entre nós" 46 3
6 Artur Garcia "Amor" 66 2
7 Simone de Oliveira "Sol de inverno" 91 1
8 António Calvário "Bom Dia" 6 7

At EurovisionEdit

On the night of the final Oliveira performed 12th in the running order, following France and preceding Italy. Each national jury awarded 5-3-1 to their top three songs, and at the close "Sol de inverno" had picked up only 1 point (from Monaco), placing Portugal joint 13th (with Norway) of the 18 entries. The Portuguese jury awarded its 5 points to Austria.[3] The orchestra during the Portuguese entry was conducted by Fernando de Carvalho.[4]



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