Portugal Ahead

The Portugal Ahead (Portuguese: Portugal à Frente, PàF) was a conservative[5] political and electoral alliance in Portugal formed by the Social Democratic Party (PPD/PSD) and CDS – People's Party (CDS-PP).

Portugal Ahead

Portugal à Frente
AbbreviationPPD/PSD.CDS-PP (official)
PàF (informal)
LeaderPedro Passos Coelho
(as coalition for the European Parliament election)
Legalised20 July 2015
(formally registered in the Constitutional Court)
Dissolved26 November 2015[1][2]
Liberal conservatism
Christian democracy
Political positionCentre-right[3] to right-wing[4]
European Parliament groupEuropean People's Party
Member partiesSocial Democratic Party
CDS – People's Party
Assembly of the Republic
107 / 230
European Parliament
7 / 21


The alliance was formed as the Portugal Alliance (Aliança Portugal) for the 2014 European Parliament election, in which the alliance won 27.7% of the popular vote and 7 of Portugal's 21 seats in the European Parliament, sitting with the European People's Party Group.[6] The alliance was later extended for the 2015 legislative election under the name Portugal Ahead.

In the legislative election on 5 October 2015, the PSD/CDS-PP joint list received 36.9% of the vote and returned 102 seats in the Assembly of the Republic, with the PSD electing 5 deputies on standalone lists in Madeira and Azores.[7]

Although the coalition won the elections, and surprised many analysts and pundits, the left parties together had a majority in Parliament, and opted to negotiate a confidence-and-supply agreement, thus refusing to allow for a second PSD/CDS-PP cabinet. For the first time in Portuguese democracy the Socialist Party, the second most voted political force in the elections, negotiated with the BE, the PCP and the PEV a formation of a new government.

Following the fall of the short-lived 20th Constitutional Government, the "natural" extinction of the coalition was declared on 16 December 2015 by Passos Coelho: "No formal act is necessary to put an end to it".[1]

Election resultsEdit

Assembly of the RepublicEdit

Election Assembly of the Republic Government Size Leader
Votes % Seats won
2015 2,085,465 38.6%
107 / 230
Minority gov't (2015) 1st Pedro Passos Coelho
Opposition (2015-)

European ParliamentEdit

As Portugal Alliance (Aliança Portugal, AP)

Election European Parliament Size Candidate
Votes % Seats won
2014 910,647 27.7%
7 / 21
2nd Paulo Rangel


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