Portland Farmers Market (Oregon)

Portland Farmers Market is a nonprofit organization operating six farmers markets in Portland, Oregon, United States. The markets provide a direct connection to more than 200 vendors with deep roots in Oregon and Southwest Washington, including farms, nurseries, bakeries, meat and seafood providers, cheese makers and specialty food producers.[1] The flagship market at Portland State University was named the best farmers market in the United States for its size, varied offerings, live entertainment, weekly cooking demos, and more, by Bravo TV.[2] The same market was ranked #2 in the country for its number of vendors, amount of local, seasonal produce, year-round live music, the market managers' consideration of every detail, and making the most of what the region has to offer by supporting local farmers, by The Daily Meal.[3]

Some entertainment wrapping up in Portland Farmers Market
Farmers Market booths in PSU park blocks; snow flurries this day limited number of shoppers

The organization's mission is to operate world-class farmers markets that contribute to the success of local food growers and producers, and create vibrant community gatherings. The organization's vision and values include access to farm fresh food for all residents, sustainability, and organizational integrity.[4]

During peak season, the markets serve up to 30,000 shoppers each week. Market programming includes Kids Cook at the Market, where kids learn about the seasonality of food, meet local farmers, and prepare ingredients purchased fresh at the market,[5] and Chef in the Market, where Portland’s top chefs and Portland Farmers Market vendors celebrate height-of-the-season market ingredients as they educate and inspire home cooks with cooking demonstrations.[6]

Portland Farmers Market was established in 1992 and held its first market in the parking lot of Alber's Mill along the Willamette River that year. This allowed Portlanders, who once had to settle for markets in the suburbs or traveling to the farms themselves, easier access to farm fresh produce.[7] In 2016, Portland Farmers Market celebrated its 25th anniversary.


Portland Farmers Market operates six markets throughout the city. Locations include three downtown markets, at Portland State University on Saturdays,[8] Shemanski Park on Wednesdays,[9] and Pioneer Courthouse Square on Mondays.[10] The three neighborhood markets are King[11] and Lents International,[12] both on Sundays, and Kenton on Wednesdays.[13] The administrative office is located at 240 N Broadway, Suite 129.

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