Portland Bay

Portland Bay is a small bay off the coast of Victoria, Australia. It is about 360 kilometres (220 mi) west of Melbourne. The main town on the bay is also named Portland. The western end of the bay is marked by the headland of Point Danger.

Portland Bay
Portland Bay is located in Victoria
Portland Bay
Portland Bay
Location in Victoria
Coordinates38°19′44″S 141°38′10″E / 38.32889°S 141.63611°E / -38.32889; 141.63611Coordinates: 38°19′44″S 141°38′10″E / 38.32889°S 141.63611°E / -38.32889; 141.63611[1]
Basin countriesAustralia

The bay was named after the Duke of Portland, a Secretary of State and later Prime Minister of Great Britain, by Lieutenant James Grant sailing on the Lady Nelson, on 7 December 1800.[2][3][4][5] The town of Portland later took its name from the bay.[5]


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