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M3 Lee Medium Tank

A M3 Lee. The Medium Tank M3 was an American tank used during World War II. In Britain the tank was called "General Lee" named after General Robert E. Lee, and its modified version built to British specification, with a new turret, was called "General Grant" named after General Ulysses S. Grant.
Photo credit: Alfred Palmer

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Diagram of a tank based on the M1 Abrams

Diagram of a tank based on the M1 Abrams. Diagram showing the major parts of a modern main battle tank, including the turret, glacis plate and main gun.
Photo credit: Dhatfield

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U.S. Soldiers at Bougainville (Solomon Islands) March 1944.jpg

U.S. Army soldiers on Bougainville (one of the Solomon Islands) in World War II. Japanese forces tried infiltrating the U.S. lines at night; at dawn, the U.S. soldiers would clear them out. In this picture, infantrymen are advancing in the cover of an M4 Sherman tank.
Photo credit: U.S. Army

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American World War II senior military officials, 1945.JPEG

Senior American military officials of World War II, including General George S. Patton.
Photo credit: U.S. Army

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An M-8 "Greyhound" armored scout car of Troop B, 102nd Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron marches in the "Liberation Day" parade in Paris held on August 29th
Photo credit: Office for Emergency Management. Office of War Information. Overseas Operations Branch. New York Office. News and Features Bureau.

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2008 South Ossetia War

Map of the South Ossetia war, in which a considerable number of Georgia T-72's and assorted Russian armor were used.
Photo credit: Andrei nacu

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French Renault FTs and assorted British tanks aid the Allied advance near Langres, France, in 1918.
Photo credit: United States Federal Government

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