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Welcome to Wikipedia's Record production portal! Our focus is on music production within the era of written record; through sound recording, digital downloads, and beyond. Our scope entails articles which document considerations, and mechanisms used by, and consistent with, the purview of the production element.

As an art form, Music predates transcription; and simultaneously transcends descriptive limitations. As an industry, music has demonstrated consistent viability over time. The record producer conjoins these potential, and serves as a broker; to bridge the demand their aspirations spawn; with supply and satisfaction.

The results are measurable; and attributable. They are born of sweat and derive from effort, and application of craft! These; to a manifestation; of the art; in form!

Those intrigued by this topic will find many benefits in using this portal. Our predominate goal is to ensure a plethora of worthwhile destinations, while augmenting your ability to find them. Tell us if you see ways we can improve. And consider joining the project if you are willing to help.


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"Like a Rolling Stone" is a 1965 song by the American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. Its confrontational lyrics originated in an extended piece of verse Dylan wrote in June 1965, when he returned exhausted from a grueling tour of England. Dylan distilled this draft into four verses and a chorus. "Like a Rolling Stone" was recorded a few weeks later as part of the sessions for the forthcoming album Highway 61 Revisited.

During a difficult two-day preproduction, Dylan struggled to find the essence of the song, which was demoed without success in 3/4 time. A breakthrough was made when it was tried in a rock music format, and rookie session musician Al Kooper improvised the organ riff for which the track is known. However, Columbia Records was unhappy with both the song's length at over six minutes and its heavy electric sound, and was hesitant to release it. It was only when a month later a copy was leaked to a new popular music club and heard by influential DJs that the song was put out as a single. Although radio stations were reluctant to play such a long track, "Like a Rolling Stone" reached No. 2 in the US Billboard charts (No. 1 in Cashbox) and became a worldwide hit.

Critics have described the track as revolutionary in its combination of different musical elements, the youthful, cynical sound of Dylan's voice, and the directness of the question "How does it feel?" "Like a Rolling Stone" completed the transformation of Dylan's image from folk singer to rock star, and is considered one of the most influential compositions in postwar popular music. According to review aggregator Acclaimed Music, "Like a Rolling Stone" is the statistically most acclaimed song of all time. Rolling Stone magazine listed the song at No. 1 in their "500 Greatest Songs of All Time" list. The song has been covered by numerous artists, from The Jimi Hendrix Experience and The Rolling Stones to The Wailers and Green Day. At an auction in 2014, Dylan's handwritten lyrics to the song fetched $2 million, a world record for a popular music manuscript. (more...)

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Annette Nelson as 'The Mountain Sylph'

Music notables celebrating birthdays today

Feliz Aniversario - Happy Birthday - PU1JFC.gif
Birthdays in Music: June 18

  • Jackie Leven (Record production, 1950 –November 14, 2011), Scottish folk music singer and songwriter, would have turned 68 this year.
  • Lincoln Thompson (Record production, 1949 –January 23, 1999), Jamaican singer and songwriter, would have turned 69 this year.
  • Carl Radle (Record production, 1942 –May 30, 1980), American bassist, would have turned 76 this year.
  • Hans Vonk (Record production, 1942 –August 29, 2004), Dutch conductor, would have turned 76 this year.
  • Claude Helffer (Record production, 1922 –October 27, 2004), French pianist, would have turned 96 this year.
  • Sammy Cahn (Record production, 1913 –January 15, 1993), American composer, would have turned 105 this year.
  • Ray McKinley (Record production, 1910 –May 07, 1995), American jazz drummer and bandleader, would have turned 108 this year.
  • Manuel Rosenthal (Record production, 1904 –June 05, 2003), French conductor and composer, would have turned 114 this year.
  • Jeanette MacDonald (Record production, 1903 –January 14, 1965), American actress and singer, would have turned 115 this year.
  • Sara Martin (Record production, 1894 –May 24, 1955), American blues vocalist, would have turned 124 this year.
  • Ignaz Pleyel (Record production, 1757 –November 14, 1831), Austrian composer and piano manufacturer, would have turned 261 this year.

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The following list reflects the recent deaths of persons notable in the field of music and music production:

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