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The North Palatine Uplands (German: Nordpfälzer Bergland), sometimes incorrectly abbreviated to Palatine Uplands (Pfälzer Bergland), is a region in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate which is predominantly found within the Palatinate. The North Palatine Uplands lies roughly between the Saarland town of St. Wendel in the west and the three Rhineland-Palatinate towns of Alzey in the east, Kaiserslautern in the south and Bad Kreuznach in the north, albeit these places lies outside of the upland region . The North Palatine Uplands thus links the landscapes of the Palatine Forest, the Saar-Hunsrück Nature Park, the Naheland and Rhenish Hesse (Rheinhessen).

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Education, Culture, Tourism and Attractions
Old Wolfstein Castle
  • Education and Culture:
Kusel Autumn Fair - Musikantenland Museum - Palatine Stonemason Museum - West Palatine Musicians Museum - West Palatine wandering musicians
  • Railways:
Alsenz Valley Railway - Landstuhl–Kusel railway - Donnersberg Railway - Glan Valley Railway - Lauter Valley Railway - Zeller Valley Railway
  • Tourism:
Barbarossa Cycleway - Glan-Blies Way - Palatine Ridgeway - Rodenbach Sculpture Way - West Palatinate Way
  • Castles and Palaces
Altenbaumburg - Ebernburg Castle - Falkenstein Castle - Hohenfels Castle - Schloss Kirchheimbolanden - Landsberg Castle - Schloss Lauterecken - Lichtenberg Castle - New Bolanden Castle - New Wolfstein Castle - Old Wolfstein Castle - Randeck Castle - Reipoltskirchen Castle - Sprengelburg - Stauf Castle - Tannenfels Castle - Wildenstein Castle
  • Abbeys and churches
Gethsemane Abbey - Hirsau Church - Mennonite Church, Weierhof - Münsterappel Abbey Church - Otterberg Abbey Church - Rothselberg Parish Church - Protestant Church, Steinbach am Donnersberg - St. Remigius' Priory - Protestant Church, Offenbach am Glan - Fortified Church, Finkenbach-Gersweiler - Wolfskirche - Double Church of Rutsweiler
  • Attractions
am Königsberg Limestone Works - Ludwig Tower - Optical Telegraph Line - Pfrimm Viaduct - Potzberg Tower - Viktoriastift - Waldwiese - Weiße Grube
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