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Selected picture 1

Selected picture 2

Portal:Massachusetts/Selected picture/2

Credit: Joseph E. Baker (1892)

Joseph E. Baker's 1892 lithograph, depicting the Salem witch trials

Selected picture 3

Portal:Massachusetts/Selected picture/3

Credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (1991)

Hurricane Bob, one of the costliest hurricanes in New England history, hovering over Massachusetts

Selected picture 4

Portal:Massachusetts/Selected picture/4

Credit: Unknown Photographer (1863)

Massachusetts native and Civil War General Charles Pomeroy Stone, with his daughter

Selected picture 5

Portal:Massachusetts/Selected picture/5

Credit: Elkanah Tisdale (1812)

1812 political cartoon that led to the term Gerrymandering; originally appearing in the Boston Centinel

Selected picture 6

Portal:Massachusetts/Selected picture/6

Credit: W.S. Hartshorn (1848)

Boston native Edgar Allan Poe, noted author, poet, editor, and critic

Selected picture 7

Portal:Massachusetts/Selected picture/7

Credit: Harris & Ewing (1937)

Seven of the 1937 American League All-Star players, including Boston Red Sox players Joe Cronin and Jimmie Foxx

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Selected picture 11

Selected picture 12

Portal:Massachusetts/Selected picture/12

Credit: Harris & Ewing (1916)

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, who built his career in Boston, and who serves as the namesake of Brandeis University in Waltham

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