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Josyf Cardinal SlipyjEdit

Ukrainian Eastern Catholic Josyf Cardinal Slipyj spent twenty years in a Siberian (USSR) labor camp and was declared a cardinal in Rome in 1965. His fate inspired 1963 novel The Shoes of the Fisherman, which was the number 1 best seller of the entire year on the Publishers Weekly fiction list.

Blessed Veronica of MilanEdit

...that Veronica of Milan unsuccessfully tried to teach herself to read until an apparition of the Virgin told her that spiritual lessons were more important?

Cruikshank and BenferEdit

Thaddeus DodEdit

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Saint Mary of The CrossEdit

....that Saint Mary Mackillop is a patron saint of Abuse victims?

jewish custom and jesus..Edit

when Jesus was in the tomb..he was busy as he assended into Hades, at the time Heaven was closed to human spirits and meant for God and the angels..when Jesus died he went to hades to set the captives free on the "paradise" side as they had followed the law to the best of their understanding..on the other side was where Satan and his fallen angels and wicked souls reside..between them a great river.

Centre for Christian Meditation and Spirituality of the Diocese of LimburgEdit

In the Christian centre of meditation and spirituality in Frankfurt, visitors can walk through a labyrinth of burning tealights (pictured) one Saturday each year.