Port of Arinaga

The port of Arinaga is a small seaport off the eastern coast of the Spanish island of Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands, themselves located in the Mid-Atlantic.

Port of Arinaga
Arinaga (cropped).jpg
LocationAgüimes, Gran Canaria
Coordinates27°50′44″N 15°23′53″W / 27.84556°N 15.39806°W / 27.84556; -15.39806Coordinates: 27°50′44″N 15°23′53″W / 27.84556°N 15.39806°W / 27.84556; -15.39806
Operated byPort Authority of Las Palmas [es]
Annual cargo tonnage154,000 (2016)[1]

It was not until the later part of the 19th century when the construction of a small harbor in order to facilitate the agricultural exports of the southern part of the island was proposed.[2] Works initiated following the 1917 crisis during World War I and, in 1927, an expansion was commissioned, although it would not take place at the time.[3] Later in the 20th century a mammoth project that would make the port bigger than Las Palmas' was ultimately shelved in the 1970s.[4]

An offshore wind turbine was installed in the harbor, and, in 2013, it broke the national record in Spain for electric production in a single generator, reaching 118,05 MWh.[5]

It is operated by the Port Authority of Las Palmas [es]. As of 2020, its activity focuses on the handling of solid bulk.[6]


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