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Port Management Association of Eastern and Southern Africa

The Port Management Association of Eastern and Southern Africa (PMAESA) is a non-profit, inter-governmental organization made up of Port Operators, Government Line Ministries, Logistics and Maritime Service Providers and other port and shipping stakeholders from the Eastern, Western and Southern African and Indian Ocean regions.



PMAESA was first established as the Port Management Association of Eastern Africa, in Mombasa, Kenya, on April 1973, under the auspices of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), following a recommendation made at a meeting of the African Ministers in charge of transport, held in Tunisia in February 1971.


PMAESA's primary objective is to strengthen relations among member ports with a view to promoting regional cooperation and subsequently regional integration. The Association offers an appropriate framework for exchange of information and ideas among members and to create an enabling environment whereby member can interface with one another in the port, transport and trade arenas.

PMAESA also works towards improving conditions of operation and management of ports in its region of coverage with a view to enhance their productivity.

PMAESA seeks to maintain relations with other port authorities or associations, regional and international organizations and governments of the region to hold discussions on matters of common interest


The members of the group are thus organized:[1]

Reporting membership consists of the port authorities of the member countries and ports; please see Category:Port authorities for relevant articles.


The PMAESA Secretariat, based in Mombasa, Kenya was established to coordinate the activities of the Association.


Maritime safety and protection of the marine environment, transit transport, port operations issues such as port statistics, the public sector-private sector partnership, communication, the cruise industry and regional cooperation are PMAESA's main areas of activity.

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