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Port Charles, New York, is the fictional setting of the ABC Daytime soap operas General Hospital and its spin-offs Port Charles and General Hospital: Night Shift. It was revealed that the Queen's Point setting of The Young Marrieds, a short-lived sister series to General Hospital that ran between 1964 and 1966, was a suburb of Port Charles. Locations within the town are described, below, using in-universe tone. Port Charles is believed to largely represent the city of Rochester, New York.

Port Charles, New York
'General Hospital
The Young Marrieds
Port Charles
General Hospital: Night Shift'
Skyline as seen in the General Hospital: Night Shift opening. Notable in the skyline are General Hospital, ELQ, and the Metro Court Hotel
Created byFrank and Doris Hursley
GenreSoap opera
Notable locationsGeneral Hospital
The Metro Court Hotel
The Haunted Star
Wyndemere Castle
Kelly's Diner
Jake's (renamed The Floating Rib)
Notable charactersThe Quartermaines
The Cassadines
The Corinthos family
The Spencers
The Scorpio/Jones families
The Hardys and Webbers


Conception and originEdit

When the series first began, General Hospital was set in an unnamed city or town somewhere in the United States of America. Between 1964 and 1966, Queen's Point, the setting of the short-lived soap opera, The Young Marrieds, was considered to be a suburb of that same unnamed city, part of a plan to feature regular crossovers between the two shows which never materialized due to the cancellation of Marrieds.[1] It was not until 1977 that the General Hospital setting was finally established as the fictional city of Port Charles, New York.

The early history of Port Charles is not extensively covered onscreen. Character dialogue indicates that the city once had an extensive milling industry, for which catacombs were built to divert water. The catacombs have played a role in numerous storylines; years later, in a 1985 plot, they were extended under the city's Asian Quarter.

During the Prohibition era, Port Charles was known to have ties to the mafia, which, as later recounted in an episode in 2002, operated at least one speakeasy in the city.

A storyline broadcast in 1985 revealed that, at some time in Port Charles' history, a large ghetto area known as the Asian Quarter was built to house the city's Asian population. Racial discrimination in the city has been a point of tension many times; minority residents were reportedly denied housing and bank loans in the mid-20th century, and one of Port Charles' first African-American council members, the character Bradley Ward II, faced racist opposition from his white counterparts in the 1970s (he was later murdered). Homosexuality became a topic after Bobbie Spencer's adopted son Lucas Jones was the victim of a gay basher. Other plots have dealt with issues such as the planned construction of a polluting incinerator near the city's ethnic neighborhoods.

Disasters and crimesEdit


  • In September 1977, a hurricane strikes the city, claiming the lives of Martha Taylor and David Hamilton's wife and child.
  • In August 1981, the town experienced a blizzard in the midst of summer. The cause of this blizzard was determined to be Mikkos Cassadine's weather machine.
  • In June 1983, a distraught husband takes the General Hospital cafeteria hostage, after a botched surgery by Monica Quartermaine leads to the death of his wife.
  • In 1988, a bomb explodes in the main exhibition tent of the Port Charles Art Festival.
  • In 1990, a blackout hit the city when Cesar Faison joined together the alien crystals from the planet Lumina.
  • In February 1991, the Quartermaines' S.S. Tracy sank in the middle of Port Charles Harbor, unleashing toxic chemicals and causing an environmental disaster, injuring Mac Scorpio.
  • In 1991, the town experienced an earthquake, which destroyed many homes and caused a lot of damage.
  • In May 1994, a school bus for a Port Charles elementary school crashes, leaving B.J. Jones dead.



Port Charles is portrayed as a fairly large city, approximately the size of Rochester or Buffalo, located in Western New York somewhere on the shores of Lake Ontario between the Buffalo–Niagara Falls and Syracuse areas. While legal documents shown on-screen indicate that Port Charles is in Erie County, being on Lake Ontario would make Niagara or Orleans counties more likely locations. In 1993, the producers of General Hospital filmed several exterior locations in and around the Western New York area, including Letchworth State Park and the village of Perry. The skyline of downtown Rochester stands in for aerial shots of Port Charles.

Within the fictional universe of General Hospital, the city of Port Charles coexists closely with the real cities of Rochester, Buffalo, and Niagara Falls. Events in the series in which characters travel to nearby cities indicate that Port Charles is located relatively close to all of these locations. Port Charles is depicted as a separate metropolitan area; its description and location relative to Buffalo and Syracuse suggest a thinly disguised version of Rochester itself. Separate from but proximate to both Rochester and Buffalo, and located on a body of water (as "Port" would indicate), the most likely location for Port Charles would be on Lake Ontario north of Batavia, lending credence to the theory that Port Charles represents Rochester. The city's ZIP code is 16543.[2][3] According to the U.S. Postal Service Directory this specific postal code does not actually exist. However, the zip prefix 165 is designated for Erie, Pennsylvania. Digital displays on phones seen on screen show a "716" area code prefix, which is the area code for the Buffalo-Niagara area and the western end of New York State. The area code for Rochester was changed to "585" in 2002, but was "716" from 1947 to 2001.

Several episodes broadcast in September 2013 made reference to a water shuttle connecting Port Charles directly with Toronto. Such a ferry service was at one time contemplated connecting Toronto and Rochester across Lake Ontario: it ran for a short period in 2004 and 2005 before being abandoned. On several occasions it has been implied (but never openly stated) that the opposite shore across from Port Charles Harbour is located in Canada.

Notable areasEdit

Asian Quarter

The Asian Quarter is a ghetto district, historically home to a large Asian population. It has been a frequent target of organized crime operations.

The Point

The Point is a high vantage point in the woods of Port Charles. It has been the site of romantic outings, a place for quiet introspection, and the scene of several accidents involving cars falling (or nearly falling) into the lake below. Also referred to as Lookout Point and Vista Point, it is located on the same road as Shadybrook Sanitarium, and meets Harbor View Road and Old Bluff Road at a three-way intersection. It may correspond to Rochester's real-life Pinnacle Hill (a high point at the southern end of that city) or Cobbs Hill.

Port Charles Park

The Port Charles Park is a popular hangout spot, though very dangerous at times; characters have fallen victim to assaults, rapes, kidnappings, and murders here.

Queen's Point

Queen's Point was the setting of The Young Marrieds, retroactively revealed to be a suburb of Port Charles. Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio used to make their home there, as did Elizabeth Webber and her sons.

Spoon Island

Spoon Island is the location of Wyndemere Castle, the clifftop Cassadine family home. The island was originally bought by Ned Ashton as a present for his fiancee Dawn Winthrop, and later the Quartermaines leased the island to Cesar Faison who was under the alias of author P.K. Sinclair. The island was taken over by the Cassadines when Stefan and Nikolas moved to town in 1996. The castle contains many secret passages and tunnels, and has been the location of many murders and crimes. Valentin Cassadine now lives there with his daughter, Charlotte, and wife, Nina Reeves.

The Waterfront

As its name suggests, Port Charles is a major port; its waterfront area is a favorite meeting place for city residents and is the transportation link to Spoon Island. The waterfront district has been under the control of Sonny Corinthos for over a decade, though rival gangs have tried to move in on his territory. Ownership and transfer of Waterfront property, such as the money-laundering front Fisherman Village, has been featured several times in show storylines. The Elm Street Pier (Luke Spencer's childhood home) and Kelly's Diner, a local eatery, are located here, and Bobbie Spencer owns a restored brownstone at 1424 Elm Street on the Waterfront, where several characters have lived.

Places of interestEdit


  • The Haunted Star (1227 Dock Street, Slip #1)
    Owned and operated by Lulu Falconeri and Johnny Zacchara. The Haunted Star is a yacht that was gifted to Luke and Laura Spencer as a wedding present from Helena Cassadine in 1981. Before it was given to Luke and Laura, the ship belonged to the aristocratic Cassadine family and was previously named The Titan. Luke and Laura ran a night club here for a short time and hosted a sports benefit on its Grand Opening Night in 1982 attended by Port Charles finest citizens. When Luke and Ethan left town in 2011, Luke's daughter Lulu Spencer asked her brother Nikolas Cassadine for money to buy the Star. Nikolas gave her all the money that she needed, and she bought the casino.
Owner: Lulu Falconeri
  • The Floating Rib (formerly Jake's)
    Owned and operated by Mac Scorpio. In March 2012, Luke Spencer paid Coleman to rename the bar "The Floating Rib" after the former restaurant in Port Charles that was open in the 1980s.
Owner/Manager: Mac Scorpio
Bartender: Chet Driscoll
  • Kelly's Diner (324 Wharf Street)
    Owned by Luke Spencer and Bobbie Spencer. Kelly's was introduced in the 1980s as a waterfront diner that also features boarding rooms upstairs. Originally run by Paddy Kelly and his wife Rose, Kelly's quickly became a popular meeting place for the people of Port Charles. Not long after opening Rose, hired Luke Spencer as a waiter for the diner. Some years after Paddy was killed, during an incident with the mob, Rose decided to leave town and sold Kelly's to Ruby Anderson, who became known for her sage advice and famous chili. When Ruby died in 1999, she left Kelly's in the hands of her niece and nephew, Luke and Bobbie Spencer. Luke found it especially difficult to keep Kelly's afloat without Ruby.
Owner: Luke Spencer and Bobby Spencer
Waiter: TJ Ashford.
  • Pozzulo's
    Owned by Sonny Corinthos and originally acted as a front for his mob business. Currently running as a legitimate Italian eatery.
  • Charlie's Pub (The Charles Street District)
    Owned and operated by Julian Jerome. Purchased in December 2017 by Julian Jerome after the sale of Derek Wells Media.
Owner/Manager: Julian Jerome
Bartender: Kristina Corinthos
  • Other places
    • Archer Pavilion
    • Bamboo Bar
    • Barney's Place
    • The Cellar
    • Club 101
    • Delafield's
    • Duke's Club
    • Gino's Pizza
    • Luke's Club
    • Luke's Place
    • Luzetta's (bakery)
    • Noodle Buddha
    • The Oasis
    • The Outback
    • Paradise Lounge (strip club)
    • The Recovery Room
    • Tea House
    • Vaughn's (strip club)
    • Wyndham's Department Store


  • Cassadine Industries
    Owned by The Cassadines. Cassadine Industries is a large international conglomerate, which was founded by the Cassadine family in the late 1970s as a front to cover for their dirty dealings. But the business took off, being controlled by Mikkos Cassadine, Stavros Cassadine, Helena Cassadine, and Nikolas Cassadine amongst others. In December 2005, a single Cassandine Industries account was estimated to be worth $15 million at the time. As of May 2009, Cassadine Industries was estimated to be worth over 20 billion dollars. Reportedly in 2015, Helena Cassadine and Victor Cassadine had liquidated most of Cassadine Industries in order to finance their personal "projects". In 2015, Nikolas Cassadine obtained control of ELQ in order to save his family empire. In 2016, following Nikolas Cassadine's death, it was revealed that Valentin Cassadine is the sole heir to the Cassadine empire.
  • Jerome Gallery
    Owned and operated by Ava Jerome. The Jerome gallery is an art gallery owned by Ava Jerome. Ava's brother Julian Jerome is her financial backer. It was opened in November 2013, when Ava moved her art dealing business to Port Charles. The gallery also serves as a front and base for the Jerome mob family's illegal dealings.


  • Aurora Media (Metro Court)
    Owned by Drew Cain. Previously named Derek Wells Media and owned by Julian Jerome, sold to the Morgans (while it was assumed that Drew was twin brother Jason Morgan) in October 2017. Drew Cain gained 100% control of Aurora Media with his divorce from Sam Morgan in June 2018. In May 2019, Jasper Jacks purchased 50% of Aurora Media, the print division.
    • Subsidiaries
      • Crimson Magazine - Crimson is a fashion magazine that was run by Connie Falconeri. Jasper Jacks helped Kate get the magazine off the ground by becoming a major investor. Over taken and invested in by Nina Reeves in 2015.
      • The Port Charles Press Newspaper - The Port Charles Press (formerly The Port Charles Sun and The Port Charles Herald) is a local newspaper in Port Charles. In December 2011, Pres Floyd bought The Herald and renamed it The Press. In May 2012, Todd Manning bought it, renamed it again, reformatted it as a tabloid, and moved its offices into the Crimson offices in The Metro Court. Later taken over by Derek Wells Media and Julian Jerome.
      • Everyday Heroes (talk show)
      • WLPC (TV station)
      • KRPC (Radio station)
      • Christina Comes Home For Christmas (Film) - 30s/40s film played on TV many times around Christmas through Llanview and Port Charles, that came out on DVD in 2012


  • Charles Street High School
  • Madison Preparatory
  • Port Charles High School
  • Port Charles University (PCU)
  • Queen of Angels
  • Winston School

Government agenciesEdit

  • Port Charles Courthouse

The Port Charles Courthouse is located in the heart of downtown, close to the police department. In addition to its courtrooms, it houses the offices of the district attorney.

  • Port Charles Police Department - 1438 Central Avenue

The local police department has long been an ineffectual tool against the growing mafia presence in Port Charles. Many characters past and present have been employed here, including various Police Commissioners.

  • World Security Bureau

An international spy agency first introduced in 1980, the WSB's agents have included Robert Scorpio, Anna Devane; Sean Donely and Frisco Jones. When first introduced the WSB was said to be a multi-national organization, something similar to a super-charged INTERPOL which pursued high level international criminals such as the Cassadine family and Cesar Faison. In addition to covert operations, the WSB also maintains a para-military force for operations and has control over prison facilities. The WSB has also been involved in counter terrorist operations. In addition to enforcing the law, the WSB also uses some tough and ethically questionable tactics against its targets, as witnessed by the fact that during his supposed "death" from 1992 - 2006 the WSB employed Robert Scorpio as an assassin. There also seems to be an X-Files quality to the organization, as Anna Devane once commented that Robert Scorpio was pursuing some alien artifacts as part of a WSB mission.

Medical facilitiesEdit

  • General Hospital - 6065 Central Avenue

The famous General Hospital is a major city employer and the workplace of many resident characters. Privately funded projects include the Tania Jones Memorial Day Care Center, the Dominique Baldwin Pediatric AIDS wing, the Stone Cates Memorial AIDS wing, the Michael Corinthos III Pediatric Head Trauma Wing, and the Jessie Brewer Wing.

Exterior shots of the hospital are images of the Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center, located just miles from the show's Los Angeles studio.

  • Shadybrook Sanitarium

Shadybrook is a psychiatric facility located just outside Port Charles, on the same road as Lookout Point.

  • Crichton-Clark Clinic

The Crichton-Clark Clinic is a medical facility located in Scarsdale, New York. It is known for being one of the best medical facilities for neurological studies. The clinic was directed by Victor Cassadine. It exploded and burned down in 2014.

  • The A.J. Quartermaine Memorial Clinic

The A.J. Quartermaine Memorial Clinic is a medical facility located in Port Charles, New York. It is to be opened in late 2015 and provide free health care to the waterfront community. The clinic is owned by ELQ Michael Corinthos. It will be managed by Lucas Jones and Sabrina Santiago.

  • Other medical facilities
    • Emily Bowen Quartermaine Memorial Clinic
    • Ferncliff Asylum
    • Mercy Hospital
    • Port Charles Women's Clinic
    • Roselawn Sanitarium
    • County Hospital
    • Miscavige Hospital for the Criminally Insane


  • St. Timothy's Church - Father Coates (priest)
  • Mount Hebron Church
  • Queen of Angels Church
  • General Hospital Chapel
  • Sailor's Chapel
  • St. Anne's Cemetery
  • All Saints Chapel (44 Harbor View Rd)

Legal facilitiesEdit

  • Mason, Petrovich, and Miller Law Firm


  • Port Charles Airport
  • Star Fall (airline charter)
  • Slick's Taxi Service

Residences and lodgingEdit

Alcazar Mansion

Located at 243 Sky Cliff Road, the mansion is the former residence of Lorenzo Alcazar and his family.

Greystone Manor

Located at 120 Harbor View Road, the large estate is owned and inhabited by Sonny Corinthos and his staff, and stationed with guards.

Harborview Towers

Located at 122 Harbor View Drive, the Harborview Towers are a high-end apartment complex in downtown Port Charles that has been home to Jason Morgan (penthouse), Sonny Corinthos, and their various roommates and significant others. The Towers are located directly across from the Metro Court Hotel (former Port Charles Hotel).

The Metro Court Hotel

Located at 1420 Quartz[4] Lane, the Metro Court was built by Jasper Jacks in the place of the Port Charles Hotel when it burned down in 2004. The "Court" section of the name is after Jax's girlfriend at the time, Courtney Matthews. The hotel features luxurious rooms, a pool, a spa, a boutique, a restaurant, as well as office spaced leased to various businesses. Several residents live full-time in the hotel rooms.

Quartermaine Mansion

Located at 66 Harbor View Road, the mansion is home to the wealthy Quartermaine family and staff, and currently owned by Monica Quartermaine. The mansion also features a boathouse and guesthouse.[5][6]

Rendezvous Motel

A low-end motel that has been home to various residents and guests.

The Ward House

Founded by Mary Mae Ward, this orphanage was destroyed by Damian Smith in a plot to take over the land for an incinerator.

Other locationsEdit

The Courthouse

The Port Charles City/County Courthouse is located in the heart of downtown, apparently very close to the PCPD. It consists of courtrooms and offices, which house officials such as Alexis Davis and Scott Baldwin, the District Attorney and Special Prosecutor. In 1998, Carly Corinthos Jacks shot Tony Jones in open court. Faith Rosco was shot and killed here by a sniper in 2005. Jason Morgan and Amelia Joffe came under fire outside of the building in 2007. In 2012, Todd Manning pulled a gun on Sonny Corinthos, only to be stopped by John McBain. It has been the sight of many life changing court battles, including in 2012 when Maxie Jones was sentected to 20 years in prison for the murder of Lisa Niles, though it is revealed later that she was covering for her boyfriend Matt Hunter.


One of the best known organizations in Port Charles is the Port Charles Police Department. It has handled several crimes in the city, but not always well. It has several officers that are informants to the mob, most notably the late Logan Hayes and Cooper Barrett. Current employees include commissioner Jordan Ashford, Dante Falconeri, Nathan West and Valerie Spencer. The address is 1438 Central Avenue

Port Charles Park

The Port Charles park is a popular hangout spot, though can be dangerous at times. Elizabeth Webber was raped here, while Michael Quatermaine and Morgan Corinthos were kidnapped by Faith Rosco, Jake Spencer was kidnapped by Maureen Harper, and Georgie Jones was strangled by the Text Message Killer. Maxie Jones was later attacked and knocked out here in November 2008.

Lookout Point/Vista Point

The Point, as it's often referred to, is a high vantage point that sits steeply in the woods of Port Charles. It's been the spot of many outings and events in the past. This is where Maxie Jones and Damian Spinelli often go to think. In May 2002, an upset and foggy minded Carly Corinthos drove her car off of one the steep cliffs, causing it to plunge into the lake. In early 2003, Carly pushed Courtney Matthews' car off of the same cliff in order to cover up her involvement in Elizabeth Webber's hit-and-run. In August 2007, Logan Hayes took Lulu Spencer on a picnic date here. In winter 2007, Lorenzo Alcazar kidnapped Lulu, and ordered her exchange to take place at The Point. Hangman's Bridge is located in this general area. In February 2008, Diego Alcazar had planned to hang Sam McCall and Elizabeth Webber off the bridge as a final stand in his role as the Text Message Killer. Right as they arrived, Elizabeth attacked Diego, causing the car to swerve off the bridge and hang there, swaying back and forth. All three lived, but Diego was soon after killed. In December 2008, Johnny Zacchara and Lulu went there to look at the stars. This is when Johnny was almost arrested for lude behavior in November. Lookout Point is located on the same road as Shadybrook Sanitarium, and meets Harbor View Road and Old Bluff Road at a three-way intersection.

The Docks/Waterfront/Pier

As its name suggests, Port Charles is a major port. The Waterfront district has been under the control of Sonny Corinthos for over a decade, though rival gangs have tried to move in on his territory, such as Lorenzo Alcazar, the Ruiz brothers, and others. Kelly's, a local eatery, is located in this area and the Elm Street Pier is also located here. Majority of the Port Charles waterfront is owned by the Pride-Philips Company, which was given to Courtney Matthews as a thank you from a woman whose life she saved. Courtney later sold Pride-Philips to Lorenzo Alcazar. In 2008, Alexis Davis and Sam McCall are attacked here by the Text Message Killer. On March 17, 2008, one of the warehouses on the docks, an abandoned cannery, exploded. Sonny met with Claudia Zacchara to return Johnny to her. She arrived, and got on the phone with an ally to try and peace with them and Sonny. Meanwhile, Trevor Lansing and sniper stood on a loft in the warehouse, poised to shoot Claudia. Ric Lansing and Marianna Erosa were in another part of it, trying to cover the dead body of Randy. Carly finally finds Michael, where he confesses to shooting Kate Howard. They began to leave and go home. Meanwhile, a bomb is slowly ticking away. Right as the sniper pulls his trigger, the bomb goes of, and an explosion rips through the building. Everyone survives the event, but Carly miscarries her baby. Soon after The Docks became the site of a fake prescription drug ring headed up by Jerry Jacks. The ring produced placebos that claimed at least one life; a female heart patient. Matt Hunter was the prime suspect, but the extent of his involvement cleared. Andrei Karpov had a cargo ship, Odyssey, docked in the harbor.

When the Russian mob invaded PC in 2008 many things happened here including:

Andrei Karpov stabbed Sonny, and threw him into the harbor with weights on his ankles. But just in time, Carly jumped in and saved him. Weeks later, Sonny killed Karpov here. In late December, Sasha Donev was shot and killed by a sniper here. In early January 2009, Jason blew up Sonny's latest cargo shipment.

In 2011, Shawn Butler stops a bomb from going off here later Dante Falconeri is shot here.

Elm Street Pier

Elm Street is a poorer district within the city and is located near the Waterfront. It is notable for being the place where one of the city's most famous and flamboyant residents, Luke Spencer, grew up. Luke's sister, Bobbie Spencer, owns a restored brownstone here, which became the residence of several Port Charlesians. Alan Quartermaine and Mike Corbin used this district of Port Charles to meet up with prostitutes while fighting addictions. Maxie Jones was almost raped here after buying hydrocodone for Lucky Spencer. Robert Scorpio was beaten up by Lorenzo Alcazar's enforcers for not revealing the location of Skye Quartermaine, who was pregnant with his child at the time.

The B&N department store is located somewhere in this area. This is also where launch for Spoon Island is located. Many high level Port Charles citizens meet on the Elm St. Pier daily.

Pier 52

Pier 52 is a pier that has become infamous for crimes, starting with the Pier 52 shootout, a shootout involving Jason Morgan, Joe Scully, Jr., Bernie Abrahms, and Cesar Faison disguised as Duke Lavery. The next crime to occur at the Pier was when Caleb Morley murders Alison Barrington, Caleb returns to the Pier along with Rafe Kovich, Jr. and Officer Bud Carlson. Caleb stabs Officer Carlson to death and tries to kidnap Rafe but fails. Todd Manning and Heather Webber are hiding out at Pier 52 while waiting for a boat to leave Port Charles, but before they can, Caleb arrives and stops Heather from leaving with Danny Morgan by choking her by the neck and throwing her into the harbor. Caleb tries to kidnap Danny, but Todd stops Caleb and both Todd and Caleb struggle over the stroller. Caleb threatens Todd to leave but Todd refuses, and before Caleb can do anything he hears police sirens and runs off. After Todd is arrested, Caleb goes back to the Pier where he kidnaps both Sam Morgan and Danny. Three people were killed at Pier 52: Bernie Abrahms, Alison Barrington, and Officer Bud Carlson.

Port Charles societyEdit

The Nurses' BallEdit

From 1994 to 2001, the Nurses' Ball at the Port Charles Hotel was the social event of the year. It was most notable for raising charitable funds for various HIV/AIDS organizations, both on the show and in reality. From 1997 until 2001, the Ball served as a major crossover where characters from both Port Charles and General Hospital interacted. A train/bus collision interrupted the last Ball in 2001. No on-screen reasons were given for the event's discontinuation, but rising expenses and budget cuts for both shows, along with the revamp of Port Charles in 2001, were speculated as to why the producers decided to end the annual Ball. .[citation needed] In 2013, Sabrina Santiago, Felix Dubois, and Elizabeth Webber (nurses at General Hospital) and Dr. Patrick Drake, along with Lucy Coe worked to revive The Nurses' Ball. Tracy Quartermaine agreed to fund the event, but when the check fell through, an anonymous donor donated the funds necessary to cover the costs. The Nurses Ball coincided with the 50th anniversary of General Hospital in April 2013.

General Hospital Pediatric Ward Christmas PartyEdit

For many years, the Pediatric Ward Christmas party has been the focus of General Hospital episodes airing just before Christmas. It is traditional for the current chief of staff to read the Christmas story to the ward's young patients. The chief is also accompanied by the General Hospital volunteers dressed up as Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and elves. Children of General Hospital cast members are often featured as the sick children on the ward. The party has not been held onscreen since 2006, although several characters mention it and attend it off screen every year.

Current Port Charles residencesEdit





  • Metro Court Hotel (1420 Quartz Lane) - Owned and operated by Carly Corinthos and Olivia Falconeri
    • Metro Court Hotel: Suite 917 - Residence of Lucy Coe.
    • Metro Court Hotel: Suite - Residence of Scott Baldwin.
    • Metro Court Hotel: Suite - Residence of Dr. Terry Randolph.
    • Metro Court Hotel: Suite - Residence of Jasper Jacks.
    • Metro Court Hotel: Suite 433 - Residence of Robert Scorpio.
    • Metro Court Hotel: Suite - Residence of Dustin Phillips
    • Metro Court Hotel: Suite - Residence of Franco Baldwin.

Other residences in Port CharlesEdit

Other residences outside of Port CharlesEdit

Former Port Charles residencesEdit




  • Reeves Apartment (829 Hawthorne Drive, #82) - Owned by Nina Reeves.


Other residences in Port CharlesEdit

Other residences outside of Port CharlesEdit

Infrastructure of local politicsEdit

Current members of governmentEdit

Current mayor
Laura Webber (formerly Spencer, Collins), Mayor (2019-)
Former mayor
Quinn Waser (1969-1974)
Bruce Jennings (1974-1979)
John Everett (1979-1983)
Luke Spencer (1983)
Lee Baldwin (1983-1985)
Ken Morgan (1985-1987)
Earl Richmond (1989-1993)
Tom McClintock (1997-2001)
Riley Dowd (2001-2006)
Garrett Floyd (2006-2011)
Janice Loamax (2012-2017)
Ned Ashton (2018-2019)
Current City Council members
Pete Sorelli, City Councilman (2009-)
Former City Council members
Casslyn Verga (1986-1991)
Dover (1992)
Jerry Perez (1994-1996)
Ron Blake (1994)
Justus Ward (1995-1996)
Clemens (1995)
A.J. Quartermaine (1996-1997)
Raymond (2009)

Current personnel of the District Attorney's officeEdit

Current District Attorneys
Robert Scorpio (2019-)
Former District Attorneys
Chase Murdoch (1966–71, 1973–79)
Mitch Williams (1979–80)
Bill Richardson (1982–83)
Mick Boyer (1984)
Ken Morgan (1984–85)
Brett Madison (1986)
D.A. Lombardi (1986)
Michael Schultz (1990–91)
Abbey Mitchell (1993)
Michael Schultz (1994)
Justus Ward (1998)
Scott Baldwin (2002–04, 2013–15)
Ric Lansing (2004–05, 2015)
John Durant (2005–06)
Alexis Davis (2005–06, 2008–09)
D.A. Martinez (2012–13)
Joseph Campbell (2012–13)
Benjamin Lazaro (2013)
Paul Hornsby (2015–2016)
Margaux Dawson (2018-2019)
Current Assistant District Attorneys
Louise Addison (2009–)
Natalia Rodriguez (2015–)
Former Assistant District Attorneys
Xavier Coons (1967–73)
Ross Jenelle (1974)
Mitch Williams (1978)
Scott Baldwin (1988)
Jessica Holmes (1992)
Dara Jensen (1996–2003)
Ric Lansing (2004)
Alexis Davis (2006)
Job Eliminated (2006–09)

Police personnelEdit

Personnel of the Port Charles Police DepartmentEdit

Current Chief of Police and Police Commissioner
Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford (June 2015-present)
Former Chief of Police and Police Commissioner
Police Commissioner Robert Scorpio (January 1983-December 1985)
Co-Chief of Police Anna Devane (December 1985-December 1986)
Co-Chief of Police Burt Ramsey (December 1985-December 1986)
Chief of Police Anna Devane (December 1986-May 1987)
Chief of Police Guy Lewis (June 1987-July 1992)
Police Commissioner Robert Scorpio (February 1988-February 1992)
Acting Police Commissioner Anna Devane (January 1990; during Robert's tenure)
Acting Police Commissioner Guy Lewis (May–August 1991, during Robert's tenure)
Police Commissioner Sean Donely (February 1992-March 1995)
Police Commissioner Mac Scorpio (May 1996-June 2012)
Police Commissioner Anna Devane (July 2012-Jan 2015)
Police Commissioner Kyle Sloane (Jan 2015-May 2015)
Current Other Personnel
Chief of Detectives Mac Scorpio (2019-)
Detective Harrison Chase (2018-)
Detective Valerie Spencer (2015-)
Former Other Personnel
Police Captain Patterson (1963-1974)
Police Captain Wendell (1974-1979)
Police Captain Burt Ramsey (1979-1986)
Detective Marcus Taggert (1996-2003)
Detective Joe Kelly
Detective Frisco Jones
Detective Andy Garcia
Detective Andy Capelli (2001-2004)
Detective Lucky Spencer (2003-2011)
Officer Byron Murphy (2004-2005)
Dr. Steven Webber (physician specializing in forensic medicine, 2004-2005)
Detective Jesse Beaudry (2005-2006)
Detective Cruz Rodriguez (2005-2008)
Intern Sam McCall (2006)
Detective David Harper (2007-2008)
Police Cadet Cooper Barrett (2007-2008)
Special Prosecutor Scott Baldwin (2007-2008)
Lieutenant/Detective Ronnie Dimestico (2010-2012)
Officer Delores Padilla (2011-2012)
Dr. Ewen Keenan (psychological profiler, 2012)
Lulu Spencer-Falconeri (evidence room file clerk, 2012)
Detective John McBain (2012-2013)
Detective Nathan West (2014-2018)
Detective Dante Falconeri (2010-2018)

Hospital personnelEdit

Personnel of General HospitalEdit

Current Chief of Staff
Dr. Monica Quartermaine, (1998-1999, 2007-2008, 2011-2013, 2016-present)
Former Chief of Staff
Dr. Bryant Nemer, (1966-1971)
Dr. Anderson Valey, (1971-1976)
Dr. Steve Hardy, (1976-1996)
Dr. Alan Quartermaine, (1996-1998, 1999-2007)
Dr. Russell Ford, (2007-2008)
Dr. Patrick Drake, (2008; interim, 2009; interim during Monica's tenure)
Dr. Steve Webber, (2009-2011)
Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake, (2011)
Dr. Liesl Obrecht, (2014-2016)
Current Assistant Chiefs of Staff
Position eliminated (1991-present)
Former Assistant Chiefs of Staff
Dr. Perry Masil (1966-1970)
Dr. Wendel Eltoz (1970-1975)
Dr. Buzz Stryker (1985-1987)
Dr. Monica Quartermaine (1987-1988)
Dr. Alan Quartermaine (1988-1990)
Dr. Tom Hardy (1990-1991)
Current Chief of Internal Medicine
Position eliminated (1976-present)
Former Chief of Internal Medicine
Dr. Steve Hardy (1963 - 1976)
Current Doctors
Dr. Behar, (Cardiac Surgeon)
Dr. Bentley,
Dr. Linda Chu-, (OB/GYN)
Dr. Kevin Collins, (Psychiatrist)
Dr. Hamilton Finn, (Chief of Infectious Disease, Infectious Disease Specialist)
Dr. Lucas Jones, (Trauma Surgeon)
Dr. Kelly Lee, (OB/GYN)
Dr. Maruchi, (neurosurgeon)
Dr. Griffin Munro, (Neurosurgeon)
Dr. Monica Quartermaine, (Chief of Cardiology, Cardiologist)
Dr. Lak Rashi, (Senior ER resident)
Dr. Renault, (Psychiatrist)
Dr. Ravi Singh, (Oncologist)
Former doctors
Dr. Rachel Adair, (pediatrician, former; deceased)
Dr. Andy Archer, (anesthesiologist, former)
Dr. Gail Baldwin, (psychiatrist, former)
Dr. Tom Baldwin, (cardiologist, former)
Dr. Saira Batra, (doctor specializing in Holistic health, former)
Dr. David Bensch, (Specialist, former)
Dr. Emily Quartermaine, (intern, former; deceased)
Dr. Phil Brewer, (cardiologist, former)
Dr. Ellen Burgess, (former)
Dr. Ryan Chamberlain, (pediatrician, former; deceased)
Dr. Silas Clay, (Head of Oncology, oncologist; former; deceased)
Dr. Yank Se Chung, (former)
Dr. Mark Dante, (former)
Dr. Ian Devlin, (former)
Dr. Pierce Dorman, (surgeon, former)
Dr. Noah Drake, (neurosurgeon, former)
Dr. Patrick Drake, (Chief of Neurology, neurosurgeon, former)
Dr. Irma Foster, (head of psychiatry, former)
Dr. Dan Garrett, (former)
Dr. Simone Hardy, (pediatrician, former)
Dr. Steve Hardy, (internist, former; deceased)
Dr. Tom Hardy, (psychiatrist, former)
Dr. James Hobart, (former)
Dr. Matt Hunter, (neurosurgeon, former)
Dr. Terrell Jackson, (pediatric surgeon, former)
Dr. Tony Jones, (neurosurgeon, former; deceased)
Dr. Kyle Julian, (intern, former)
Dr. Leo Julian, (cardiac surgeon, former)
Dr. Ewen Keenan, (psychiatrist, former; deceased)
Dr. Eve Lambert, (physician, former; deceased)
Dr. Cameron Lewis, (psychiatrist, former; deceased)
Dr. Andre Maddox, (Psychiatrist)
Dr. Matthew Mayes, (Chief of Neurology, neurosurgeon former; deceased)
Dr. Meadows (obstetrician, former)
Dr. Lisa Niles, (orthopedic surgeon, former; deceased)
Dr. Liesl Obrecht, (head of the records department, Trauma Surgeon, former)
Dr. Kevin O'Connor, (former)
Dr. Patrick O'Connor, (former)
Dr. Henry Pinkham, (former)
Dr. John Prentice, (OB/GYN, former)
Dr. Alan Quartermaine, (general practitioner, former; deceased)
Dr. Joe Rivera, (pediatric surgeon, former)
Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake, (neuropathologist, former)
Dr. Claire Simpson, (intern, former)
Dr. Ravi Singh, (oncologist, former)
Dr. Buzz Stryker, (former)
Dr. Peter Taylor, (psychiatrist, former)
Dr. Asher Thomas, (psychiatrist, former)
Dr. Ian Thornhart, (former)
Dr. Maya Ward, (intern, former)
Dr. Jeff Webber, (physician, former)
Dr. Lesley Webber, (cardiologist, former)
Dr. Rick Webber, (surgeon, former; deceased)
Dr. Sarah Webber, (intern, former)
Dr. Steve Webber, (pediatrician, surgeon, former)
Dr. Britt Westbourne, (obstetrician, gynecologist, former)
Dr. Karen Wexler, (physician, former; deceased)
Dr. Lainey Winters, (psychiatrist, former)
Dr. Maggie Wurth, (pediatrician, former; deceased)
Current Head Nurses
RN. Epiphany Johnson, Head Nurse (2006-present)
Former Head Nurses
RN. Lucille Weeks (1963-1976)
RN. Audrey Hardy (1976-2006)
Current Nurses
RN. Abby DelVecchio, (pediatrics nurse)
RN. Amy Driscoll, (nurse)
RN. Felix DuBois, (nurse)
RN. Bobbie Spencer, (surgical nurse)
RN. Elizabeth Webber, (surgical nurse)
RN. Erica,
RN. Joyce, (pediatric nurse)
RN. Penny, (nurse)
Kiki Jerome, (nurses aid)
Former Nurses
RN. Melissa Bedford, (nurse, former)
RN. Meg Bentley, (nurse, former)
RN. Jessie Brewer, (nurse, former)
RN. Betsy Chilson, (nurse, former)
RN. Judy Clampett, (nurse, former)
RN. Jolene Crowell, (student nurse, former)
RN. Nadine Crowell, (nurse, former)
RN. Jane Dawson, (nurse, former)
RN. Iris Fairchild, (nurse, former)
RN. Audrey Hardy, (nurse, former)
RN. Camillia McKay, (nurse, former)
RN. Augusta McLeod, (nurse, former)
RN. Leyla Mir, (nurse, former; deceased)
RN. Sharon Pinkham, (nurse, former)
RN. Sabrina Santiago, (nurse, former; deceased)
RN. Diana Taylor, (nurse, former)
RN. Regina Thompson, (nurse, former)
RN. Amy Vining, (nurse, former; deceased)
RN. Dawn Winthrop, (student nurse, former; deceased)
Current Board Members
Scott Baldwin, (board member)
Valentin Cassadine, (board member)
Jasper Jacks, (board member)
Michael Quartermaine, (board member)
Tracy Quartermaine, (board member)
Laura Spencer, (board member)
Former Board Members
Amanda Barrington, (board member, former; deceased)
Nikolas Cassadine, (CEO, former; board member, former; deceased)
Paul Hornsby, (board member, former)
Edward Quartermaine, (board member, former; deceased)
Current Other personnel
Franco Baldwin, (art therapist, former; parking attendant)
Brad Cooper, lab manager, phlebotomist
Travis Harmon, (physical therapist)
Stella Henry, (social worker)
Former Other personnel
Sage Alcazar, (candy striper, former; deceased)
Hayden Barnes, (financial manager, former)
Carly Benson, (physical therapist, former)
Florence Campbell, (administrator, former)
Stefan Cassadine, (CEO, former; deceased)
Howie Dawson, (administrator, former)
Toussaint Dubois, (orderly, former)
Georgie Jones, (candy striper, former; deceased)
Maxie Jones, (candy striper, former)
Tania Jones, (speech therapist, former; deceased)
Cassius Kibideaux, (orderly, former)
Miguel Morez, (orderly, former)
A.J. Quartermaine, (orderly, former; deceased)
Lila Quartermaine, (director of the General Hospital Charitable Endowment, former; deceased)
Dan Rooney, (administrator, former)
Rebecca Shaw, (x-ray technician, former)
Iris Sneed, (administrator, former)
Ellie Trout, (lab tech, former)
Keesha Ward, (worked in the Social Work Department, former)

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