Lüshun Port

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Entering Lüshun Port from the Yellow Sea (left), a 1903 photo
Hoisting the Soviet Naval Flag Over Lüshun Naval Port, a 1945 photo

Lüshun Port (Chinese: 旅顺港; pinyin: Lǚshùn gǎng) in Lüshunkou District, Dalian, Liaoning province, China, refers to the original Lüshun Naval Port (Chinese: 旅顺军港) for military use or the New Lüshun Port (Chinese: 旅顺新港) for commercial use. The port was known in colonial times as Port Arthur.

Lüshun Naval BaseEdit

Lüshun Naval Base was established during the 1880s for Qing dynasty's Beiyang Fleet, together with the headquarters at Weihaiwei. It is located to the south of the central part of Lüshun, in the bay of Lüshun.[1]

The management of Lüshun Naval Base changed hands from China, to imperial Russia 1895-1904, to imperial Japan 1905–1945, to the Soviet Union 1945–55, and then back to China after 1955.

Nearby is Lüshun Railway Station of the Lüshun Branch Line (Chinese: 旅顺支线) of Chinese Eastern Railway.

New Lüshun PortEdit

New Lüshun Port Station of Dalian's 202 Extension Line (2014)
New Lushun Port's Waiting Room Building, Across the Street from New Lüshun Port Station (2014)
From the waiting room of Lüshun West Station, a pedestrian overpass leads to the Bohai Train Ferry (2009).

New Lüshun Port was established from the late 20th century to the early 21st century as Lüshun's economy starts thriving. It is located to the west of central Lüshun, and to the east of Bay of Yangtouwa (Chinese: 羊头洼港).[2] There is Lüshun West Station of the freight railway line from the Lüshun Branch Line, for the Bohai Train Ferry.

Nearby is New Lüshun Port Station of the extension of Dalian's 202 railway.

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