Porsche–Piëch family

The Porsche family (also known as Porsche–Piëch family[1]) is a prominent Austrian–German family of industrialists descending from the Austrian–German automotive pioneer Ferdinand Porsche. Its members control Porsche SE and have a majority voting right over Volkswagen AG, the largest automaker in the world. The Porsche family headquarters are in the Austrian town of Zell am See.[2] The family is the 7th richest family of Germany (2022) with an estimated net worth of 22,5 billion Euros.[3]

Business family
Ferdinand Porsche the founder and namesake of Porsche and patriarch of the Porsche family
Current regionSwitzerland, Austria, Germany
Place of originReichenberg, Kingdom of Bohemia
Founded18th century

Founder edit

Ferdinand Porsche was born to a German-speaking family of Maffersdorf, Bohemia, son of Anton Porsche (1845–1908) and Anna Ehrlich.

Porsche name edit

The Sudeten German surname Porsche can be traced to the 18th century in the area of Reichenberg (now Liberec), Bohemia.[4] The surname originates with the German word Bursche ("boy, young man, apprentice, farmhand") and is on record in northern Bohemia in various spellings (Porsch, Borsche, Borsch, Bursche, Bursch, Pursch, Pursche, etc.) from the early 17th century.

Family trees edit

Ancestry of Ferdinand Porsche edit

Maria Magdalena
Wencelaus Porsche
(c. 1750–?)
Magdalena Gruner
Antonius Porsche
Catharina Bradka
Ferdinand Porsche
Anna Ehrlich
Antonius Porsche
Karl Franz Ungermann
Anna Maria Porsche
Anton Glaser
Antonius Ferdinandus Porsche
Aloisia Johanna Kaes
Ferdinand Porsche
Antonius Josefus Wenzeslaus Porsche
Hedwig Porsche
Oscar Porsche
Hermine Schier
Anna Ungermann
Hedwig Aloysia Anna Porsche
Hermine Louise Porsche

Porsche descendants of Ferdinand edit

Aloisia Johanna Kaes
Ferdinand Porsche
Anton Piëch
Louise Hedwig Anna Wilhelmine Porsche
Ferdinand Anton Ernst Porsche
Dorothea Reitz
Ernst Piëch
(1929– )
Louise Piëch
Ferdinand Piëch
Hans Michel Piëch
(1942– )
Ferdinand Alexander Porsche
Gerhard Anton Porsche
Hans-Peter Porsche
(1940– )
Wolfgang Heinz Porsche

Piëch descendants of Louise Porsche edit

  • Children of Ernst Piëch and his wife Elisabeth Piëch (1936–) daughter of Heinrich Nordhoff (1899-1968)
    • Charlotte Wanivenhaus (1960–)
    • Florian Piëch (1962–)
    • Sebastian Piëch (1967–)
  • Children of Louise Daxer-Piëch and her husband Josef Ahorner:
    • Louise Dorothea Kiesling (1957–2022)
    • Josef Michael Ahorner (1960–)
  • Children of Ferdinand Piëch: with wife Corina von Planta (Arianne, Corina, Desiree, Ferdinand "Nando", and Jasmin), with Marlene Maurer (Hans, Anton and Valentin), with Herma Hutter (Ferdinand and Caroline) and with wife Ursula Plasser (Markus, Florina Louise and Gregor Anton)
    • Arianne Piëch (1959–)
    • Corinna Saxer-Piëch (1960–)
    • Desiree Piëch (1962–)
    • Ferdinand "Nando" Piëch Junior (1967–)
    • Jasmin Lange-Piëch (1969–)
    • Hans Porsche (1973–)
    • Valentin Piëch (1975–)
    • Anton "Toni" Piëch (1978–)
    • Ferdinand Hutter (1979–)
    • Caroline Büchele (1982–)
    • Markus Piëch (1985–)
    • Florina Louise Pantic (1987–)
    • Gregor Anton Piëch (1994–)
  • Children of Hans Michel Piëch and his wife Veronika Piëch (Helene and Sophie):
    • Claudia Fox Linton (1964–)
    • Melanie Wenckheim (1967–)
    • Stefan Piëch (1970–)
    • Julia Kuhn-Piëch (1981–)
    • Helene Piëch (1993–)
    • Sophie Piëch (1994–)

Porsche descendants of Ferry Porsche edit

  • Children of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche and his wife Brigitte Bube (1937–):
  • Children of Gerhard Porsche and his wife Iris Porsche (Diana):
    • Geraldine Porsche (1980–)
    • Diana Porsche (1996–)
  • Child of Hans-Peter Porsche and his wife Kuni Porsche:
    • Peter Daniell Porsche (1973–)
  • Children of Wolfgang Porsche: with wife Karin Handler (Christian and Stephanie), with wife Susanne Porsche (Ferdinand and Felix)
    • Christian Porsche (1974–)
    • Stephanie Porsche-Schroder (1978–)
    • Ferdinand Rudolf Porsche (1993–)
    • Felix Alexander Porsche (1996–)

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