Poroto Mountains

The Poroto Mountains are a mountain range in the Mbeya Region of Tanzania. They are located east of the city of Mbeya.[1] The Poroto Mountains are a northwestward extension of the Kipengere Range, and part of the Southern Highlands. The Poroto mountains are volcanic in origin, part of the geological Rungwe Volcanic Province.

Poroto Mountains
Area240.34 km²
LocationMbeya Region
Parent rangeKipengere Range

Ngozi or Ngosi (2621 m) is a volcanic caldera that contains Lake Ngozi, a crater lake. The northern rim of the caldera is the highest point in the Porotos. Ngozi and the southern slopes of the Porotos are among the rainiest places in Tanzania.[2]

The southern slopes are drained by the Kiwira River, which flows southwards into Lake Malawi.

Poroto Ridge Forest Reserve (240.34 km2) was established in 1937, and includes Ngozi and a large tract of montane evergreen rainforest.[3] Ngalijembe Forest Reserve (3.19 km2) lies northeast of the Poroto Ridge reserve.[4]


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Coordinates: 9°00′S 33°45′E / 9.000°S 33.750°E / -9.000; 33.750