Population Media Center

Population Media Center (PMC) is an entertainment organization dedicated to women’s rights and empowerment, population stabilization, and the environment. A nonprofit leader internationally for the past two decades, Population Media Center’s TV and radio shows have promoted important social and cultural changes and have helped 500 million people in more than 50 countries.

Population Media Center
MottoActing for Change
FocusEntertainment-Education and Social Impact Education for international development
PresidentBill Ryerson
Location, ,
United States

PMC’s headquarters staff and offices are located throughout the United States and abroad, including Los Angeles, Montreal, and Cape Town, with the primary office located in South Burlington, Vermont.


A sustainable planet with equal rights for all.


To use entertainment-education and mass media to promote social and cultural change by addressing the interconnected issues of the full rights of women and girls, population, and the environment. PMC’s goals are to empower people to live healthier and more prosperous lives and to stabilize global population at a level at which people can live sustainably with the world’s renewable resources.


Every PMC show inspires its audience to see that they do have the power to make choices for themselves. PMC shows role model different perspectives and actions, helping audiences understand different possibilities and build resiliency and perseverance in their personal lives. See more about how this works by reviewing PMC’s theory of change.  

PMC conducts continuous monitoring and evaluation of each show throughout broadcast to keep programs on track and to provide learning for current and future programs. At the end of broadcast, PMC conducts an endline assessment based on a statistically representative random sample survey with a 95 percent confidence level that captures quantitative and qualitative analysis. Learn more about Monitoring and Evaluation.

US Content Studio

In the United States, PMC develops and produces original content designed to entertain and address contemporary social issues, including women and girl’s empowerment, reproductive health, and environmental sustainability. PMC's multi-Emmy Award® nominated series, East Los High, was one of the top five shows on Hulu during its first season and 27,000+ viewers used a Planned Parenthood widget in the first month of release.

International Programs

PMC hires local writers, actors, and production staff, as well as administrative staff, to create powerful radio and TV serial dramas for behavior change. This approach is not only essential for riveting stories enmeshed in local language, traditions, and understanding, but also a key component to building capacity within the countries where PMC works, strengthening the in-country skills and human resources for developing future behavior change communications for social change.  

Since its inception, PMC has aired its shows in:

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