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Pope is a religious title traditionally accorded to the head of the Catholic Church, as well as to some other religious figures. Also used as a surname and a place name.

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  • Popé (c. 1630–c. 1688), Tewa religious leader


Pope is a Scottish surname meaning father.


  • Eoin "the Pope" O'Mahony (1905–70) Irish barrister, genealogist, and political activist
  • Paul Castellano (1915–1985), Mafia boss frequently referred to as "The Pope"
  • Donn Pall (born 1962), American baseball player nicknamed "The Pope"
  • D'Angelo Dinero (born 1978), a professional wrestler who has worked for TNA as "Da Pope" or "General Pope"


  • Pope (Kakanj), a village in the municipality of Kakanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Pope Parish, Ventspils municipality, Latvia

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