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Popcorn, or pop corn, is a variety of corn kernel, which forcefully expands and puffs up when heated.

Popcorn , or pop corn, may also refer to:



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  • Popcorn (music style), a music subculture and style originally established in Belgium, and based on dancing to R&B and pop records

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  • "Popcorn" (instrumental), a 1969 composition by Gershon Kingsley, covered by Hot Butter in 1972 and several other artists
  • "Popcorn", a song by US musician Kovas from The Arrogance of Youth 2008
  • "The Popcorn", a 1969 instrumental by James Brown

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  • "Popcorn", a 1983 episode of the American TV sitcom Silver Spoons
  • Popcorn (TV series) Italian pop music show 1980-1985
  • PopCorn (video game), a 1989 breakout clone (sub-class of the "bat-and-ball" videogame genre)
  • "Popcorn", a poem by Raffi from his 1979 album The Corner Grocery Store

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  • POPCORN (767-2676), a phoneword used in parts of the United States to reach the speaking clock or local time & temperature information
  • Popcorn Time, a multi-platform open-source Bittorrent-based streaming media player
  • popcorn.js, an open source JavaScript and HTML5 media framework


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