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Poori (teledrama)

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Poori (Sinhala: පූරි) is a Sri Lankan television series released in 2018, directed by Ranil Kulasinghe and produced by Janaka Sampath Telemax Productions.The character Poori is portrayed by Menaka Peiris. The teledrama was telecasted on ITN Independent Television Network with 75 episodes airing on Saturday and Sunday at 8.30 pm.[1][2][3][4][5]

GenreTV Series
Directed byRanil Kulasinghe
StarringMenaka Peiris,Damitha Abeyratne, Michelle Dilhara ,Niroshan Wijesinghe,Jagath Manuwarna
Country of originSri Lanka
Original language(s)Sinhala
No. of episodes75 (final)
Producer(s)Janaka Sampath
Running time20 minutes per episode (80 episodes)
Original networkIndependent Television Network
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The teledrama portrays the story of Poori who lives in a slum village and Araliya who lives in a bungalow. Araliya commits suicide because her Sister-in-law continuously fights for the dowry. When Sapumal comes to know that his only sister committed suicide, he gets excited and wonders what to tell his father. Later they decided to bury her secretly. On the other hand poori lives with her father who is confined to the bed. Maata often visits Poori. Maata treats her as his own sister. Maali is kind of a stubborn but kind-hearted girl who lives in the same village. Pubba is her boyfriend. Together they help most of the villagers when they are in trouble. Pubba works in Madawa's garage.

Araliya's father visits the bungalow but is unaware of his daughter's death. The others in the bungalow tends to pretend that Araliya is severely sick. Aari is the only rich person in the village. Aari gets married to Suddi. Maali often visits Madawa's garage with the intention if meeting pubba. Anas and Kapila are the friends of pubba who also work in the same garage. Later, Pubba repeatedly comes to meet Maali with his friends. After few days Anas tries to get Maali's attention, but at the same time scared to reach her. Meanwhile Poori gets caught by the police for tapping arrack secretly. The police keeps chasing her around the village. In order to escape from them she accidentally climbs to the vehicle of sapumal and gradually falls asleep. Without knowing that Poori was in his car, Sapumal drives the vehicle to the bungalow. Podi Nona who always comes to get Sapumal's bag sees Poori and screams. Pooi was then taken to the bungalow and was dressed as Araliya. Poori not knowing anything, helplesly does what they say. Everyone in the bungalow seems happy after seeing Poori as Araliya. But Poori seemed unhappy.

Meanwhile Madawa gets shocked for the disappearance of Poori. Madawa together with Maali, Pubba, Anas and Kapila search for Poori in the entire village but falis. Many in the village make assumptions that Poori must have eloped with a rich guy. But Madawa believed that Poori might return. He lived several days with this belief. After few months Aari joins politics. And later Madawa too joins politics. Meanwhile Pubba proposes Maali and asks her if she likes to marry him. But Maali rejects everytime he proposes. Pubba gets upset and he was eager to know the reason for her rejection. Maali, who was known to the audience as a cool, stuborn person, gets emotional for the first time. It was a new expression to Pubba as he have never seen her becoming that emotional. He saw only the strong Maali, but not the weak Maali. She reveals the reason for not willing to marry Pubba.

Cast and charactersEdit

  • Menaka Peiris - as Poori / Araliya
  • Damitha Abeyratne - as Punchi nona
  • Niroshan Wijesinghe - as Sapumal
  • Jagath Manuwarna - as Madawa
  • Michelle Dilhara - as Maali
  • Sangeeth Prabhu - as Pubba
  • Amarasiri Kalansuriya - as Poori's father
  • Lucien Bulathsinhala - as Maata Siiya
  • Cletus Mendis - as Wije hamu
  • Janaka kumbukage - as Aari
  • Shalika Edirisinghe - as Kamani
  • Nadeesha Alahapperuma - as Suddi
  • Naveen Saumya - as Maata
  • Sithija Jayasekara - as Anas
  • Damith Waragoda - as Kapila


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