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Ponterosa is a 2001 Finnish comedy film directed by brothers Mika and Pasi Kemmo. The film takes place in a campsite in the Åland Islands, where a group of very different people get to know each other.[1]

Directed byMika Kemmo
Pasi Kemmo
Produced byPasi Kemmo
Written byMika Kemmo
StarringTony Halme
Heikki Paavilainen
Timo Julkunen
Music byAku Lundström
CinematographyTero Molin
Edited byRoy-Petri Pashur
Inxpo Onnico
Distributed byFS Film
Sandrew Metronome Distribution
Release date
  • March 30, 2001 (2001-03-30)
Running time
110 minutes
Budgetcirca €400,000[1]




As Ponterosa was one of the few major Finnish films in 2001 that did not receive any financial support from the Finnish Film Foundation, the production was mainly privately funded by a number of companies. Due to this sponsorship, the film contains product placement.[1]

Parts of Ponterosa were shot in Helsinki, Kirkkonummi, Vantaa, and the Åland Islands.[2]



Soundtrack albumEdit

The soundtrack album for the film, Soundtrack elokuvasta Ponterosa, was released by Edel Records.[1] The album contains 15 tracks.[3] Subsequently, a music video for the album's bonus track "Leikiten" was also released.[1]


Ponterosa was promoted by the film roles of then well-known celebrities. The presence of Karita Tuomola, a television host and the 1997 Miss Finland, and Tony Halme, a professional boxer and wrestler, were used to gain media attention for the film.[4] The celebrity cast also included Jenni Ahola, who was known as the 1997 Miss Hawaiian Tropic of Finland,[5] the 1997 Miss Internet,[6] an Olvi ad girl and as the CEO of the modeling agency Promodel.[1]

The DVD version of Ponterosa was released on July 14, 2006.[7]


Receiving only 2,552 admissions,[8] Ponterosa was also poorly received by the critics. The film was criticized for its poor script and dialogue. The technical implementation, especially cinematography, was described as amateurish. Despite the heavy criticism, Ponterosa has subsequently gained significant camp value,[9][10] and it has been referred to as "the camp classic of Finnish cinema".[4]


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