Ponte Palatino

Ponte Palatino, also known as Ponte Inglese (Italian for English Bridge), is a bridge that links Lungotevere Aventino to Lungotevere Ripa in Rome (Italy), in the Rioni Ripa and Trastevere.[1]

Ponte Palatino
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Ponte Rotto and Ponte Palatino
Coordinates41°53′20.53″N 12°28′45.09″E / 41.8890361°N 12.4791917°E / 41.8890361; 12.4791917Coordinates: 41°53′20.53″N 12°28′45.09″E / 41.8890361°N 12.4791917°E / 41.8890361; 12.4791917
Total length155 metres (509 ft)
ArchitectAngelo Vescovali
Construction start1886
Construction end1890


The bridge was designed by architect Angelo Vescovali and built between 1886 and 1890 in place of the partially destroyed, 2,200-year-old Pons Aemilius (also called Ponte Rotto, "Broken Bridge"). One arch of the ancient three-arch bridge was destroyed by a flood in 1598, while another arch was demolished by Vescovali in 1887 to make room for the Ponte Palatino, thus leaving the Pons Aemilius just a single arch in mid-river, situated adjacent to the modern bridge.

Ponte Palatino takes its name from the Palatine Hill, at whose slopes the structure rises. The bridge links the Forum Boarium to Piazza Castellani, in front of the Tiber Island; the epithet English is due to the left-hand traffic flow that applies on it, just as in the United Kingdom.

It shows five masonry piers with a metal top surface and is 155 metres (509 ft) long.


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