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Pondok Indah is an upscale residential area in Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta, Indonesia. Dubbed the 'Beverly Hills' of Indonesia, this is a much sought-after suburb by expatriates due to the proximity to the Jakarta Intercultural School. Ciputra & Brasali, Indonesia's pioneers real estate developer and the Metropolitan Kentjana Group built Pondok Indah in the 70s into the most prestigious and luxurious residential complex and commercial area in Indonesia.

Reportedly, the median salary for expatriate residents is US$ 557,200 annually plus benefits; however, this is difficult to verify as the Indonesian government does not publicly release these figures. Houses in this suburb can run upwards to millions of U.S. dollars[citation needed]. Many mansions in the area comprise one to three floors, with designated quarters for household staffs. Many of the larger mansions are inhabited by wealthy Indonesians. The 'Jakarta Post' estimates that 74.5% of residents in Pondok Indah are expatriates, following their annual survey of Indonesia. (Jakarta Post, issue 6 edition 21, January 6, 2007) Most expatriate children in the suburb attend the Jakarta Intercultural School. Younger children are commonly accompanied to school by their nannies.[citation needed].

Expatriate residents in Pondok Indah generally have household staff provided by their employer or from an agency, as do most expatriates who work for large multi-national corporations. This could include a maid, chauffeur, security guard and a nanny to assist younger children. A posh shopping complex, Pondok Indah Mall, caters to residents.

The Pondok Indah Golf and Country Club was also the venue of the 1983 Golf World Cup.



The area is well connected with other areas in Jakarta using Jakarta Outer Ring Road toll road in the southern of the area. Next to the area is located Lebak Bulus Bus Terminal as a domestic and intercity bus terminal. The terminal is also the terminus of the Jakarta MRT. TransJakarta bus is also serving the area.


There are many malls located inside and near from Pondok Indah. Pondok Indah Mall (also known locally as PIM) is the main attraction of the area as it is consider as a big shopping mall in Jakarta. Next to the mall is a water park and a golf course. In the adjacent area in Lebak Bulus, Carrefour is located.

Pondok Indah Sunday Market (PISM) offers a break from Sunday routines. The market serves the various interests of residents in the area (food, children activities, shopping, medical information, live music), as well as the meeting point for sports enthusiasts and exotic vehicle lovers. It is held annually in January. Visitors to PISM 2017 are estimated upwards of 10,000 people. Proceeds from organizing the bazaar is wholly donated to community charity projects throughout the year. The group works with Kelurahan Pondok Pinang to identify needs in the community, and often donates through RPTRA Pondok Pinang.[2][3]

PISM is a non-profit community group based in Pondok Indah. Its members are mostly residents of RW14 of Kelurahan Pondok Pinang. Composed of diverse volunteers coming together to contribute to their community, the group takes pride in being a manifestation of the national slogan: Unity in Diversity.


High rise buildings for offices is readily available in the area next to Pondok Indah Mall.

Health careEdit

Pondok Indah Hospital is a private hospital that is serving the area.


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