Polyphonic C Sharp

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Polyphonic C# is an extension of the C# programming language.

Polyphonic C#
Paradigmmulti-paradigm: structured, imperative, object-oriented, event-driven, functional, concurrent
Designed byNick Benton, Luca Cardelli, Cédric Fournet
DeveloperMicrosoft Research
First appeared2002
Typing disciplinestatic, strong, safe, nominative
WebsitePolyphonic C# Homepage
Influenced by
C#, Join calculus

It includes a new concurrency model in which objects can have both synchronous and asynchronous methods. The language is being developed by Nick Benton, Luca Cardelli and Cédric Fournet at Microsoft Research.

Polyphonic C# is based on the join-calculus developed at INRIA Rocquencourt by Cédric Fournet et al.

Polyphonic C# has been integrated with .

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