Stowaway on Board

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Stowaway on Board (Spanish:Polizón a bordo) is a 1941 Spanish comedy film directed by Florián Rey, co-starring Guadalupe Muñoz Sampedro and Ismael Merlo.[1][2][3][4]

Stowaway on Board
Polizn 1941.png
Directed byFlorián Rey
Written byFlorián Rey
Produced byCesáreo González
StarringLina Yegros
Antonio Casal
Ismael Merlo
Salvador Videgain
Charito Leonis
Fernando Sancho
Music byJulio Soto
Modesto Rebollo
Release date
  • 6 March 1941 (1941-03-06)
Running time
89 minutes


Antonciño (Ismael Merlo) is a poor man. He is planning to travel to America to find his love Rosiña (Lina Yegros). He moves into the area under the pretense of being a rich man for the hardwork. Manucho and his friend Antonciño travel there. Rosiña, a younger and poor woman with dreams of buying a house, ignore habit who is unaware of Antonciño's activities. Matters become complicated as Antonio's the poor and the identity as be Manucho the rich is made public, but are not. Rosiña's remember friend Antonciño and their be lover again. Manucho (Antonio Casal) becomes a great party in the city for two days. Receivint of soon of the city for the mayor Salvador Videgain and the troubles go neared for him.


Polizón a bordo was nominated for the best film of year in Spain.


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