Political party strength in Massachusetts

The following table indicates the party of elected officials in Massachusetts:

The table also indicates the historical party composition in the:

For years in which a United States presidential election was held, the table indicates which party's nominees received the state's electoral votes, and whether they Green tickY won the election or Red XN lost the election.

Each time an official is elected or re-elected, a new box for that official is included to indicate their repeated political party strength.


Year Executive/Constitutional offices General Court United States Congress Electoral
Governor Lt. Governor Secretary Attorney General Treasurer Senate[1] House[2] U.S. Senator
(Class I)
U.S. Senator
(Class II)
U.S. House
1780 John Hancock (I) Thomas Cushing (I) John Avery Jr. (F) Robert Treat Paine (F) Henry Gardner (NP)
1781 [?] [?]
1783 Thomas Ivers (NP) [?] [?]
1785 vacant[a] [?] [?]
James Bowdoin (F)
1787 John Hancock (I) Alexander
[?] [?]
1788 Benjamin Lincoln (F)
1789 Samuel Adams (DR) F majority F majority Tristram Dalton (PA) Caleb Strong (PA) 6PA, 2AA Washington  Y /
Adams  Y
1790 James Sullivan (DR) F majority F majority
1791 F majority F majority George Cabot (PA) 7PA, 1AA
1792 Thomas Davis (NP) F majority F majority
1793 vacant[a] F majority F majority 11PA, 3AA Washington  Y /
Adams  Y
1794 Samuel Adams (DR) Moses Gill (F) F majority F majority
1795 F majority F majority George Cabot (F) Caleb Strong (F) 10F, 4DR
1796 F majority F majority Benjamin Goodhue (F) Theodore Sedgwick (F) 9F, 5DR
1797 Increase Sumner (F) Peleg Coffin Jr. (F) 29F, 1DR, 10? 93F, 54DR, 52? 11F, 3DR Adams (F)  Y /
T. Pinckney (F)  N
1798 29F, 4DR, 7? 139F, 54DR, 22?
1799 vacant[a] 35F, 3DR, 2? 122F, 61DR, 30? Samuel Dexter (F) 12F, 2DR
1800 Governor's Council[b] vacant 33F, 4DR, 3? 166F, 81DR, 13? 11F, 3DR
Caleb Strong (F) Samuel Phillips Jr. (F) Jonathan Mason (F) Dwight Foster (F)
1801 23F, 16DR, 1? 152F, 113DR, 14? 7F, 7DR Adams/
C. C. Pinckney (F)  N
1802 Edward Robbins (F) Jonathan Jackson (F) 28F, 12DR 133F, 88DR, 13? 8F, 6DR
1803 28F, 12DR 152F, 102DR, 4? John Quincy Adams (F) Timothy Pickering (F) 10F, 7DR
1804 26F, 14DR 150F, 129DR, 2?
1805 22F, 18DR 181F, 163DR, 1I, 2? 10DR, 7F Jefferson/
G. Clinton (DR)  Y
1806 Jonathan L. Austin (DR) Thomson J. Skinner (DR) 21DR, 19F 263DR, 215F, 3?
1807 Jonathan L. Austin (DR) Thomson J. Skinner (DR) James Sullivan (DR) Levi Lincoln Sr. (DR) Barnabas Bidwell (DR) 21DR, 19F 250DR, 130F, 2? 11DR, 6F
1808 vacant[a] William Tudor (F) Josiah Dwight (I) 23F, 17DR 253F, 231DR James Lloyd (F)
1809 Christopher Gore (F) David Cobb (F) 22F, 18DR 316F, 278DR 9F, 8DR C. C. Pinckney/
King (F)  N
1810 Elbridge Gerry (DR) William Gray (DR) Benjamin Homans (DR) Perez Morton (DR) Thomas Harris (NP) 20F, 20DR[c] 335DR, 308F 10F, 7DR
1811 Jonathan L. Austin (DR) 21DR, 19F 345DR, 315F Joseph Bradley
9DR, 8F
1812 Caleb Strong (F) William Phillips Jr. (F) Alden Bradford (F) John T. Apthorp (F) 29DR, 11F 429F, 320DR
1813 29F, 11DR 420F, 215DR, 1? Christopher Gore (F) 16F, 4DR D. Clinton/
Ingersoll (F)  N
1814 27F, 13DR 354F, 159DR, 1?
1815 25F, 15DR 303F, 149DR 18F, 2DR
1816 22F, 18DR 324F, 214DR, 3? Eli P. Ashmun (F)
1817 Daniel Sargent (F) 27F, 13DR 189F, 92DR, 5? Harrison Gray Otis (F) 11F, 9DR King/
Howard (F)  N
1818 26F, 14DR 132F, 82DR, 10? Prentiss Mellen (F)
1819 22F, 18DR 231F, 161DR, 16? 13DR, 7F
1820 23F, 8DR 87F, 64DR, 42? 14DR, 6F
1821 24F, 7DR F majority Elijah H. Mills (F) 7F, 6DR 8 – Monroe  Y/
Stockton  N (DR/F)
7 – Monroe/
Tompkins  Y (DR)
1822 Nahum Mitchell (F) 31F, 9DR 105F, 53DR, 2? James Lloyd (F)
1823 William Eustis (DR) Levi Lincoln Jr. (DR) 24DR, 16F DR majority 7F, 6DR
1824 Marcus Morton (DR) Edward D. Bangs (NR) 28DR, 12F DR majority
1825 vacant[a] NR majority NR majority Elijah H. Mills (NR) James Lloyd (NR) 12NR, 1J Adams/
Calhoun (NR)  Y
Levi Lincoln Jr. (NR) Thomas L. Winthrop (DR)
1826 NR majority NR majority Nathaniel Silsbee (NR)
1827 Joseph Sewall (NP) NR majority NR majority Daniel Webster (NR) 13NR
1828 NR majority NR majority
1829 37NR, 1D, 2? NR majority 13NR Adams/
Rush (NR)  N
1830 38NR, 1A-M, 1D NR majority
1831 29NR, 6A-M, 2D, 3? 320NR, 87A-M, 68D, 6WM 13NR
1832 James T. Austin (NR) Hezekiah Barnard (NR) 36NR, 3A-M, 1D 313NR, 119A-M, 92D, 4?
1833 Samuel Turell
37NR, 3A-M 372NR, 117A-M, 73D, 11? 9NR, 2A-M, 1J Clay/
Sergeant (AJ)  N
1834 John Davis (W) Samuel Turell
Edward D. Bangs (W) James T. Austin (NR) 32NR, 8A-M 314NR, 131A-M, 116D
1835 vacant[a] 40W 450W, 87D, 78A-M, 3WM John Davis (NR) 8W, 3A-M, 1J
1836 Edward Everett (W) George Hull (W) John P. Bigelow (W) 22W, 10D, 8A-M 397W, 174D, 53A-M
1837 David Wilder Jr. (W) 24W, 16D 373W, 262D Daniel Webster (W) John Davis (W) 10W, 2D Webster/
Granger (W)  N
1838 40W 363W, 114D, 3?
1839 37W, 3D 344W, 178D 10W, 2D
1840 Marcus Morton (D) 21W, 19D 277W, 242D
1841 John Davis (W) 37W, 3D 278W, 119D Rufus Choate (W) Isaac C. Bates (W) 11W, 1D Harrison/
Tyler (W)  Y
1842 Thomas Russell (NP) 27W, 13D 201W, 135D
1843 Marcus Morton (D) Henry H. Childs (D) John A. Bolles (W) office abolished John Mills (W) 28D, 12W 177W, 172D, 3Lty 8W, 2D
Year Governor Lt. Governor Secretary Attorney General Treasurer Senate House U.S. Senator
(Class I)
U.S. Senator
(Class II)
U.S. House Electoral
Executive/Constitutional offices General Court United States Congress


Year Executive/Constitutional offices General Court United States Congress Electoral
Governor Lt. Governor Gov.
Secretary Attorney General Treasurer Auditor Senate[3] House[4] U.S. Senator
(Class I)
U.S. Senator
(Class II)
U.S. House
1844 George N. Briggs (W) John Reed Jr. (W) [?] John G. Palfrey (W) no such office Thomas Russell (NP) no such office 34W, 6D 185W, 133D, 4Lty Rufus Choate (W) Isaac C. Bates (W) 8W, 2D
1845 Joseph Barrett (NP) 40W 200W, 70D, 2Lty Daniel Webster (W) John Davis (W) 10W Clay/
Frelinghuysen (W)  N
1846 40W 198W, 63D, 4KN
1847 40W 208W, 43D, 3Lty, 1KN John Davis (W) 10W
1848 William B. Calhoun (W) 39W, 1D 191W, 78D, 3Lty, 1?
1849 John H. Clifford (W) Ebenezer Bradbury (W) David Wilder Jr. (W) 40W 178W, 83Co, 1?[d] 8W, 1FS, 1 vac. Taylor/
Fillmore (W)  Y
1850 27W, 13Co[e] 168W, 129Co, 1?[f]
Robert Charles Winthrop (W)
1851 George S. Boutwell (D) Henry W. Cushman (D) Amasa Walker (W) Charles B. Hall (NP) 26Co, 14W[g] 218Co, 183W[h] Robert Rantoul Jr. (D) 7W, 2FS, 1D
Charles Sumner (FS)
1852 28Co, 12W[i] 208Co, 194W[j]
1853 John H. Clifford (W) Elisha Huntington (W) Ephraim M. Wright (W) Rufus Choate (W) Jacob H. Loud (W) 32W, 8Co[k] 151W, 137Co[l] Edward Everett (W) 9W, 1FS, 1D Scott/
Graham (W)  N
1854 Emory Washburn (W) William C. Plunkett (W) John H. Clifford (W) Joseph Mitchell (NP) 30W, 10Co[m] 198W, 112Co[n]
Julius Rockwell (W)
1855 Henry Gardner (KN) Simon Brown (KN) Thomas J. Marsh (NP) Stephen N. Gifford (W) 40KN 376KN, 1D, 1R, 1W, 1? Henry Wilson (FS) 11KN
1856 Henry Wetherby Benchley (KN) Francis DeWitt (KN) Moses Tenney Jr. (KN) Chandler R. Ransom (NP) 29KN, 9R, 2D 168KN, 68R, 58W, 34D, 1Lib Henry Wilson (R)
1857 23R, 17KN 314R, 27KN, 8D, 4W, 2? Charles Sumner (R) 11R Frémont/
Dayton (R)  N
1858 Nathaniel P. Banks (R) Eliphalet Trask (R) Oliver Warner (R) Stephen Henry Phillips[o] (R) Charles White (NP) 33R, 4KN, 2D, 1W 169R, 41D, 29KN, 1Cit
1859 37R, 3D 197R, 29D, 10KN, 4?
1860 34R, 6D 183R, 50D, 6KN, 1?
1861 John Albion Andrew (R) John Z. Goodrich (R) Dwight Foster (R) Henry K. Oliver (R) Levi Reed (R) 28R, 8U, 4D 223R, 15D, 2NR 10R, 1CU Lincoln/
Hamlin (R)  Y
1862 John Nesmith (R) 31R, 6D, 3U 156R, 45U, 24D, 4? 9R, 2U
1863 Joel Hayden (R) 35R, 5D 198R, 41D, 1? 10R
1864 Chester L. Reed (R) 40R 228R, 12D
1865 Julius L. Clarke (R) 40R 234R, 6D Lincoln/
Johnson (NU)  Y
1866 Alexander Bullock (R) William Claflin (R) Jacob H. Loud (R) Henry Shaw Briggs (R) 39R, 1D 221R, 19D
1867 Charles Allen (R) 40R 229R, 11D
1868 32R, 8D 180R, 60D
1869 William Claflin (R) Joseph Tucker (R) 38R, 2D 224R, 16D Grant/
Colfax (R)  Y
1870 29R, 10D, 1LR 160R, 58D, 11LR
1871 Charles Adams Jr. (R) Charles Endicott (R) 34R, 5D, 1LR 195R, 34D, 1 vac.
1872 William B. Washburn (R) Charles R. Train (R) 35R, 5D-LR 179R, 55D-LR, 9?
1873 Thomas Talbot (R) 39R, 1D 211R, 24D, 5 vac. Charles Sumner (LR) George S. Boutwell (R) 11R Grant/
Wilson (R)  Y
1874 vacant[a] 25R, 11D, 4I 168R, 70D, 2I William B. Washburn (R)
1875 William Gaston (D) Horatio G. Knight (R) 24R, 15D, 1I 155R, 79D, 6I Henry L. Dawes (R) 5R, 4D, 2I
1876 Alexander H. Rice (R) Henry B. Pierce (R) Charles Endicott (R) Julius L. Clarke (R) 30R, 9D, 1I 182R, 58D 5D, 4R, 2I
1877 33R, 7D 178R, 62D George Frisbie Hoar (R) 10R, 1D Hayes/
Wheeler (R)  Y
1878 35R, 5D 171R, 69D 9R, 2D
1879 Thomas Talbot (R) John Davis Long (R) George Marston (R) Charles R. Ladd (R) 178R, 48D, 11GB, 3I 10R, 1D
1880 John Davis Long (R) Byron Weston (R) 32R, 5D, 3? 175R, 48D, 12I, 5GB
1881 Daniel A. Gleason (R) 35R, 5D 191R, 47D, 2GB 10R, 1D Garfield/
Arthur (R)  Y
1882 36R, 4D 179R, 53D, 5IR, 2I, 1ID
1883 Benjamin Butler (D) Oliver Ames (R) Edgar J. Sherman (R) 22R, 18D 151R, 84D, 4I, 1Nat 8R, 4D
1884 George D. Robinson (R) 25R, 14D, 1? 137R, 92D, 6I, 3GB, 1IR, 1ID
1885 34R, 5D, 1IR 164R, 65D, 3Pop, 1ID, 1? 10R, 2D Blaine/
Logan (R)  N
1886 Alanson W. Beard (R) 28R, 11D, 1? 157R, 75D, 8I
1887 Oliver Ames (R) John Q. A. Brackett (R) Andrew J. Waterman (R) 25R, 15D 158R, 78D, 3ID, 1I, 1IR, 1? 8R, 4D
1888 30R, 10D 164R, 71D, 3I, 1ID, 1IR
1889 George A. Marden (R) 33R, 7D 181R, 58D, 1ID 10R, 2D Harrison/
Morton (R)  Y
1890 John Q. A. Brackett (R) William H. Haile (R) 29R, 11D 161R, 79D
1891 William E. Russell (D) William M. Olin (R) Albert E. Pillsbury (R) William D.T. Trefry (D) 20R, 20D[p] 140R, 98D, 1I, 1Proh 7D, 5R
1892 John W. Kimball (R) 25R, 14D, 1I 149R, 90D, 1Proh
1893 Roger Wolcott (R) 30R, 10D 166R, 73D, 1Lab-ID Henry Cabot Lodge (R) 9R, 4D Harrison/
Reid (R)  N
1894 Frederic T. Greenhalge (R) Hosea M. Knowlton (R) Henry Myer Phillips (R) 33R, 7D 183R, 56D, 1I
1895 Edward P. Shaw (R) 36R, 4D 194R, 46D 12R, 1D
1896 33R, 7D 182R, 58D
1897 Roger Wolcott (R) Winthrop M. Crane (R) 35R, 5D 202R, 38D 12R, 1D McKinley/
Hobart (R)  Y
1898 33R, 7D 181R, 57D, 1Proh, 1I
1899 168R, 64D, 2IC, 2I, 1ID, 1Proh, 1RC 10R, 3D
1900 Winthrop M. Crane (R) John L. Bates (R) Edward S. Bradford (R) 31R, 9D 166R, 70D, 2IC, 2SD
1901 Henry E. Turner (R) 179R, 58D, 2SD, 1I McKinley/
Roosevelt (R)  Y
1902 Herbert Parker (R) 33R, 7D 159R, 70D, 3IR, 3RC, 2ID, 2SD, 1?
1903 John L. Bates (R) Curtis Guild Jr. (R) 31R, 9D 154R, 83D, 3Soc 10R, 4D
1904 154R, 85D, 1Soc
1905 William Lewis Douglas (D) Arthur Chapin (R) 34R, 6D 169R, 69D, 1I, 1RC Winthrop M. Crane (R) 11R, 3D Roosevelt/
Fairbanks (R)  Y
1906 Curtis Guild Jr. (R) Eben Sumner Draper (R) Dana Malone (R) 31R, 9D 165R, 69D, 3RC, 1ID, 1IC
1907 28R, 12D 173R, 63D, 2IR, 1ID, 1IC
1908 31R, 9D 175R, 65D
1909 Eben Sumner Draper (R) Louis A. Frothingham (R) Elmer A. Stevens (R) 34R, 6D[q] 180R, 60D[q] 9R, 5D Taft/
Sherman (R)  Y
1910 33R, 7D 169R, 69D, 1I, 1Soc
1911 Eugene Foss (D) Albert P. Langtry (R) James M. Swift (R) John E. White (R) 26R, 14D[q] 127R, 112D, 1Soc[q] 10R, 4D
1912 Robert Luce (R) 26R, 14D 143R, 94D, 2I, 1Soc
1913 David I. Walsh (D) Frank J. Donahue (D) 26R, 14D[q] 139R, 94D, 5Prog, 1I, 1S[q] John W. Weeks (R) 9R, 7D Wilson/
Marshall (D)  Y
1914 David I. Walsh (D) Edward P. Barry (D) Thomas J. Boynton (D) Frederick Mansfield (D) Frank H. Pope (D) 21R, 17D, 2Prog 118R, 104D, 17Prog, 1S 8R, 8D
1915 Grafton D. Cushing (R) Albert P. Langtry (R) Henry Converse Atwill (R) Charles L. Burrill (R) Alonzo B. Cook (R) 28R, 12D 150R, 90D 13R, 3D
1916 Samuel W. McCall (R) Calvin Coolidge (R) 34R, 6D 168R, 72D
1917 34R, 5D, 1LD 175R, 65D Hughes/
Fairbanks (R)  N
1918 33R, 7D 179R, 61D
1919 Calvin Coolidge (R) Channing H. Cox (R) vacant 30R, 10D 182R, 58D David I. Walsh (D)
1920 J. Weston Allen (R) Fred J. Burrell (R) 33R, 7D 176R, 64D
1921 Channing H. Cox (R) Alvan T. Fuller (R) J. Weston Allen (R) Frederic W. Cook (R) James Jackson (R) 35R, 5D 188R, 52D 14R, 2D Harding/
Coolidge (R)  Y
1923 Frederic W. Cook (R) Jay R. Benton (R) 33R, 7D 160R, 80D 13R, 3D
1924 William S. Youngman (R)
1925 Alvan T. Fuller (R) Frank G. Allen (R) 34R, 6D 170R, 70D William M. Butler (R) Frederick H. Gillett (R) Coolidge/
Dawes (R)  Y
1927 Arthur Kenneth Reading (R) 35R, 5D 177R, 63D David I. Walsh (D)
1928 Joseph E. Warner (R) John W. Haigis (R)
1929 Frank G. Allen (R) William S. Youngman (R) 31R, 9D 157R, 83D David I. Walsh (D) Smith/
Robinson (D)  N
1930 vacant
1931 Joseph B. Ely (D) Charles F. Hurley (D) Francis X. Hurley (D) 30R, 10D 141R, 99D Marcus A. Coolidge (D) 12R, 4D
1933 Gaspar G. Bacon (R) 26R, 14D 147R, 93D 10R, 5D Roosevelt/
Garner (D)  Y
1935 James Michael Curley (D) Joseph L. Hurley (D) Paul A. Dever (D) Thomas H. Buckley (D) 21R, 19D 124R, 116D 8R, 7D
1937 Charles F. Hurley (D) Francis E. Kelly (D) William E. Hurley (R) 26R, 14D 136R, 104D Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. (R) 10R, 5D
1939 Leverett Saltonstall (R) Horace T. Cahill (R) 28R, 12D 143R, 97D
1941 Robert T. Bushnell (R) Thomas J. Buckley (D) 25R, 15D 9R, 6D Roosevelt/
Wallace (D)  Y
1943 Francis X. Hurley (D) 26R, 14D 10R, 4D
1944 Sinclair Weeks (R)
1945 Maurice J. Tobin (D) Robert F. Bradford (R) Clarence A. Barnes (R) John E. Hurley (D) 23R, 17D 138R, 102D Leverett Saltonstall (R) Roosevelt/
Truman (D)  Y
1947 Robert F. Bradford (R) Arthur W. Coolidge (R) Laurence Curtis (R) 24R, 16D 144R, 96D Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. (R) 9R, 5D
1949 Paul A. Dever (D) Charles F. Sullivan (D) Edward J. Cronin (D) Francis E. Kelly (D) John E. Hurley (D) 20R, 20D[r] 122D, 118R 8R, 6D Truman/
Barkley (D)  Y
1951 22R, 18D 124D, 116R
1952 Foster Furcolo (D)
1953 Christian Herter (R) Sumner G. Whittier (R) Edward J. Cronin (D) George Fingold (R) 25R, 15D 123R, 117D John F. Kennedy (D) Eisenhower/
Nixon (R)  Y
1955 John Francis Kennedy (D) 21R, 19D 128D, 112R 7R, 7D
1957 Foster Furcolo (D) Robert F. Murphy (D) 132D, 108R
1958 J. Henry Goguen (D) vacant
1959 Joseph D. Ward (D) Edward J. McCormack Jr. (D) 24D, 16R 145D, 95R 8D, 6R
1961 John Volpe (R) Edward F. McLaughlin Jr. (D) Kevin White (D) John T. Driscoll (D) 26D, 14R 156D, 84R Benjamin A. Smith II (D) Kennedy/
Johnson (D)  Y
1963 Endicott Peabody (D) Francis Bellotti (D) Edward Brooke (R) 28D, 12R 150D, 90R Ted Kennedy (D) 7D, 5R
1964 Thaddeus M. Buczko (D)
1965 John Volpe (R) Elliot Richardson (R) Robert Q. Crane (D) 27D, 13R 170D, 69R, 1I Johnson/
Humphrey (D)  Y
1967 Francis Sargent (R) John Davoren (D) Elliot Richardson (R) 26D, 14R 168D, 71R, 1I Edward Brooke (R)
1969 vacant[a] Robert H. Quinn (D) 27D, 13R 172D, 68R 8D, 4R Humphrey/
Muskie (D)  N
1971 Francis Sargent (R) Donald Dwight (R) 30D, 10R 178D, 62R
1973 33D, 7R 186D, 52R, 2I 9D, 3R McGovern/
Shriver (D)  N
1975 Michael Dukakis (D) Thomas P. O'Neill III (D) Paul Guzzi (D) Francis Bellotti (D) 191D, 46R, 3I 10D, 2R
1977 194D, 43R, 3I Carter/
Mondale (D)  Y
1979 Edward J. King (D) Michael J. Connolly (D) 34D, 6R 129D, 30R, 1I Paul Tsongas (D)
1981 John J. Finnegan (D) 32D, 7R, 1I 128D, 31R, 1I Reagan/
Bush (R)  Y
1983 Michael Dukakis (D) John Kerry (D) 32D, 8R 128D, 29R, 3I 10D, 1R
1985 vacant 125D, 34R, 1I John Kerry (D)
1987 Evelyn Murphy (D) James Shannon (D) A. Joseph DeNucci (D) 31D, 9R 127D, 33R
1989 32D, 8R 128D, 32R Dukakis/
Bentsen (D)  N
1991 Bill Weld (R) Paul Cellucci (R) Scott Harshbarger (D) Joe Malone (R) 24D, 16R 121D, 38R, 1I 11D
1992 24D, 15R, 1 vac.
1993 31D, 9R 124D, 35R, 1I 8D, 2R Clinton/
Gore (D)  Y
1995 William F. Galvin (D) 30D, 10R 125D, 34R, 1NP
1996 28D, 10R, 2 vac.
1997 33D, 7R 124D, 35R, 1I 10D
1998 vacant[a]
1999 Paul Cellucci (R) Jane Swift (R) Thomas Reilly (D) Shannon O'Brien (D) 131D, 28R, 1I
2001 34D, 6R 137D, 23R Gore/
Lieberman (D)  N
2002 vacant[a]
2003 Mitt Romney (R) Kerry Healey (R) Tim Cahill (D/I) 135D, 23R, 1I
2005 139D, 20R, 1I Kerry/
Edwards (D)  N
2007 Deval Patrick (D) Tim Murray (D) 8D Martha Coakley (D) 35D, 5R 141D, 19R
2009 [?] 144D, 15R, 1I Obama/
Biden (D)  Y
Paul G. Kirk (D)
Scott Brown (R)
2011 6D, 2R Steve Grossman (D) Suzanne Bump (D) 36D, 4R 127D, 33R
2013 7D, 1R 131D, 29R Elizabeth Warren (D) Mo Cowan (D) 9D
vacant Ed Markey (D)
2015 Charlie Baker (R) Karyn Polito (R) Maura Healey (D) Deb Goldberg (D) 34D, 6R 125D, 35R
2017 33D, 7R Clinton/
Kaine (D)  N
2019 34D, 6R 127D, 32R, 1I
2020 36D, 4R 127D, 31R, 1I
2021 8D 37D, 3R 129D, 30R, 1I Biden/
Harris (D)  Y
2022 130D, 29R, 1I
Year Governor Lt. Governor Gov.
Secretary Attorney General Treasurer Auditor Senate House U.S. Senator
(Class I)
U.S. Senator
(Class II)
U.S. House Electoral
Executive/Constitutional offices General Court United States Congress
Key to party colors and abbreviations for members of the U.S. Congress and other politicians or officials
American (Know Nothing) (KN)
American Labor (AL)
Anti-Jacksonian (Anti-J)
National Republican (NR)
Anti-Administration (AA)
Democratic-Republican (DR)
Anti-Masonic (Anti-M)
Conservative (Con)
Democratic (D)
Dixiecrat (Dix),
States' Rights (SR)
Farmer–Labor (FL)
Federalist (F)
Pro-Administration (PA)
Free Soil (FS)
Fusion (Fus)
Greenback (GB)
Independence (IPM)
Independent Democrat (ID)
Independent Republican (IR)
Jacksonian (J)
Liberal (Lib)
Libertarian (L)
National Union (NU)
Nonpartisan League (NPL)
Nullifier (N)
Opposition Northern (O)
Opposition Southern (O)
Populist (Pop)
Progressive (Prog)
Prohibition (Proh)
Readjuster (Rea)
Republican (R)
Silver (Sv)
Silver Republican (SvR)
Socialist (Soc)
Unionist (U)
Unconditional Unionist (UU)
Whig (W)
Independent (I)
Nonpartisan (NP)
  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k Lieutenant Governor acted as governor for unexpired term.
  2. ^ Due to the offices of both governor and lieutenant governor being vacant, the council acted as governor.
  3. ^ Elected Harrison Gray Otis, a Federalist, as Senate President.
  4. ^ Starting at the 1848 election, the Free Soilers (mostly former members of the Liberty Party) and Democrats in Massachusetts established a formal coalition to contest elections for the General Court and for state offices. The makeup of the members of the coalition in the House in 1849 after the election was 53 Free Soilers and 30 Democrats.
  5. ^ The makeup of the members of the minority coalition in the Senate in 1850 after the election was 7 Free Soilers and 6 Democrats.
  6. ^ The makeup of the members of the minority coalition in the House in 1850 after the election was 56 Democrats, 42 Free Soilers, and 32 Free Soil Democrats.
  7. ^ The makeup of the members of the majority coalition in the Senate in 1851 after the election was 15 Democrats and 11 Free Soilers.
  8. ^ The makeup of the members of the majority coalition in the House in 1851 after the election was 110 Democrats, 98 Free Soilers, and 10 Free Soil Democrats.
  9. ^ The makeup of the members of the majority coalition in the Senate in 1852 after the election was 15 Democrats and 13 Free Soilers.
  10. ^ The makeup of the members of the majority coalition in the House in 1852 after the election was 118 Democrats and 90 Free Soilers.
  11. ^ The makeup of the members of the minority coalition in the Senate in 1853 after the election was 4 Democrats and 4 Free Soilers.
  12. ^ The makeup of the members of the minority coalition in the House in 1853 after the election was 83 Democrats and 54 Free Soilers.
  13. ^ The makeup of the members of the minority coalition in the Senate in 1854 after the election was 6 Democrats and 4 Free Soilers.
  14. ^ The makeup of the members of the minority coalition in the House in 1854 after the election was 64 Democrats and 48 Free Soilers.
  15. ^ First elected attorney general (position was previously appointed).
  16. ^ After a tied vote on the first ballot, the Democrats negotiated an agreement to give the Republicans, led by Henry H. Sprague, the Senate Presidency pro tempore in exchange for an even division of all committees.[5]
  17. ^ a b c d e f The Massachusetts General Court did not meet for this session.
  18. ^ After 114 ballots, an agreement was negotiated, with Democrats led by Chester A. Dolan Jr. receiving the Presidency for 1949, while Republicans led by Harris S. Richardson receiving it in 1950. Additionally, the Democrats received the majority on the Ways and Means Committee while all Republican-appointed employees of the Senate retained their jobs.[6]


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