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Political party strength in Georgia (U.S. state)

The following table indicates the party of elected officials in the U.S. state of Georgia:

The table also indicates the historical party composition in the:

For years in which a presidential election was held, the table indicates which party's nominees received the state's electoral votes.

The parties are as follows: Constitutional Union (CU),   Democratic (D),   Democratic-Republican (DR),   Democratic-RepublicanClark faction (DR-C),   Democratic-RepublicanJackson faction (DR-J),   Democratic-RepublicanTroup faction (DR-T),   Federalist (F),   Independent (I),   Military (M),   no party (N),   Union (U),   Populist (P),   Republican (R),   Southern Rights (SR), and   Whig (W). Darker shading indicates confirmed partisan affiliation or majority; lighter shading indicates likely, but unconfirmed, partisan affiliation or majority.


Year Executive offices General Assembly Pub. Ser. Comm. United States Congress Electoral College votes
Governor Lt. Governor Sec. of State Atty. Gen. School Supt. Comm. of Ag. Comm. of Ins. Comm. of Labor State Senate State House U.S. Senator (Class II) U.S. Senator (Class III) U.S. House
1775 William Ewen (N/W)[1][2] no such office[3] no such office no such office
George Walton (N/W)[1][2]
1776 Williams Stephens
William Ewen (N/W)[1][2]
Archibald Bulloch (N/W)[2][4][5]
1777 John Milton (F)
Button Gwinnett (N/W)[2][4][6]
John A. Treutlen (N/W)[2]
1778 John Houstoun (N/W)[2]
1779 William Glascock (N/W)[2][7]
Seth John Cuthbert (N/W)[2][8][9]
John Wereat (N/W)[2][9]
George Walton (N/W)[2]
1780 Richard Howly (N/W)[2] John Milledge
Humphrey Wells (N/W)[2][10]
Stephen Heard (N/W)[2][7]
Myrick Davies (N/W)[2][7]
1781 Samuel Stirk
Nathan Brownson (N)
1782 John Martin (N)
1783 Lyman Hall (N)
1784 John Houstoun (N)
1785 Samuel Elbert (N) Nathaniel Pendleton
1786 Edward Telfair (N)
1787 George Mathews (N) Matthew Hall McAllister
1788 George Handley (N)
1789 George Walton (DR) unknown George Washington (N)  Y
1791 Edward Telfair (DR)
1792 George Walker
1794 George Mathews (DR)
1796 Jared Irwin (DR) David Brydie Mitchell Thomas Jefferson (D-R)  N
1798 James Jackson (DR-J)[11]
1799 Horatio Marbury
1800 Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr
(D-R)  Y
David Emanuel (DR-J)[12]
1802 Josiah Tattnall, Sr. (DR-J)[13]
John Milledge (DR-J)[11]
1804 Thomas Jefferson and George Clinton (D-R)  Y
Jared Irwin (DR-J)[12]
1807 Robert Walker
1808 John Hamil James Monroe and George Clinton (D-R)  Y
1809 John Forsyth
1810 David Brydie Mitchell (DR-J)
1811 Abner Hammond Alexander M. Allen
1812 Richard Henry Wilde James Madison and Elbridge Gerry (D-R)  Y
1813 Alexander M. Allen
1814 Peter Early (DR-J)
1816 David Brydie Mitchell (DR-J)[14] Roger Lawson Gamble James Monroe and Daniel D. Tompkins (D-R)  Y
William Rabun (DR-T)[5][12][15]
Matthew Talbot (DR-C)[12]
1820 John Clark (DR-C)
1822 Thomas F. Wells
1823 Everard Hamilton
1824 George M. Troup (DR-T) William H. Crawford and Nathaniel Macon (D-R)  N
1827 George W. Crawford
1828 John Forsyth (DR-T) Andrew Jackson and John C. Calhoun (D)  Y
1830 George R. Gilmer (DR-T)
1831 Charles Jones Jenkins (D)
1832 Wilson Lumpkin (U/D) Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren (D)  Y
1833 William A. Tennille
1834 Ebenezer Starnes
1836 William Schley (U/D) 54U, 31 Southern Rights 102U, 68 Southern Rights Hugh Lawson White and John Tyler (W)  N
1837 unknown unknown
1838 George R. Gilmer (SR/W) 50 Southern Rights, 42U 103 Southern Rights, 88U
1839 50U, 37 Southern Rights 96U, 76 Southern Rights
1840 Charles J. McDonald (U/D) James Gardner 46 Southern Rights, 28U, 1 tie 102U, 94 Southern Rights, 1? William H. Harrison and John Tyler (W)  Y
1841 48W, 44D 118W, 88D
1842 51D, 38W, 1 tie 109D, 91W, 2 ties
1843 Nathan Crawford Barnett (D) John J. R. Flournoy 55D, 36W, 2 ties 118D, 87W, 2 ties
1844 George W. Crawford (W) 49D, 43W, 1? 124W, 81D James K. Polk and George M. Dallas (D)  Y
1846 25D, 22W 69D, 60W, 1 tie
1847 Alpheus Colvard
1848 George W. Towns (D) 25W, 21D, 1I 68W, 62D Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore (W)  Y
1849 George Washington Harrison
1850 25D, 22W 65W, 61D, 1 tie, 3?
1851 Nathan Crawford Barnett (D) John Troup Shewmake (R)
1852 Howell Cobb (CU/D) 39U, 8 Southern Rights 104U, 29 Southern Rights Franklin Pierce and William R. King (D)  Y
1853 Elihu P. Watkins
1854 Herschel V. Johnson (D) 78D, 33A 92D, 55A
1855 William R. McLaws
1856 78D, 33A 92D, 55A, 1ID James Buchanan and John C. Breckinridge (D)  Y
1858 Joseph E. Brown (D)[16] 86D, 32A 102D, 51A, 1ID, 1I
1859 Alpheus M. Rogers
1860 103D, 21O 120D, 48O, 1ID, 1I John C. Breckinridge and Joseph Lane (Southern Democratic)  N
1861 Nathan Crawford Barnett (D) Winder P. Johnson
1862 William Watts Montgomery American Civil War and Reconstruction Era
1864 American Civil War
James Johnson (D)[17] George Thomas Barnes (D)
1866 Charles J. Jenkins (D)[18] John Philpot Curren Whitehead
1868 Thomas H. Ruger (M)[19] Horatio Seymour and Francis P. Blair, Jr. (D)  N
Rufus B. Bullock (R)[20] David G. Cotting (R) Henry P. Farrow
1869 26R, 18D 88D, 84R, 3?
1871 29D, 14R, 1I 136D, 29R, 1I, 1?
Benjamin Conley (R)[21]
1872 James Milton Smith (D) N. J. Hammond (D) Benjamin Gratz Brown (LR)  N[22]
1873 Nathan Crawford Barnett (D)[5] 40D, 4R 161D, 14R
1875 43D, 1R 168D, 7R
1876 Samuel J. Tilden and Thomas A. Hendricks (D)  N
1877 Alfred H. Colquitt (D) Robert N. Ely 40D, 3ID, 1R 159D, 8R, 8I
1879 44D 171D, 4R
1880 Clifford Anderson Joseph E. Brown (D) Winfield S. Hancock and William H. English (D)  N
1881 43D, 1R 165D, 10R
1883 Alexander H. Stephens (D)[5] 44D 167D, 5I, 2R, 1 Proh. Alfred H. Colquitt (D) 10D
James S. Boynton (D)[21]
Henry D. McDaniel (D)
1884 Grover Cleveland and Thomas A. Hendricks (D)  Y
1885 169D, 6R
1887 John B. Gordon (D) 39D, 2R, 2I, 1 Lab. 150D, 10R, 10I, 5 Lab.
1888 Grover Cleveland and Allen G. Thurman (D)  N
1889 43D, 1R 172D, 3R
1890 George N. Lester
Philip Cook, Sr. (D)[5]
1891 William J. Northen (D) W. A. Little D D D 44D 171D, 4R D - John Brown Gordon (D) 9D, 1P
1892 J. M. Terrell D D D D - Grover Cleveland and Adlai E. Stevenson I (D)  Y
1893 D D D 43D, 1P 159D, 11P, 4R, 1? D - 11D
1894 D D D D - Patrick Walsh (D)
Allen D. Candler (D)
1895 William Yates Atkinson (D) D D D 38D, 5P, 1R 126D, 47P, 2R D - Augustus Octavius Bacon (D)
1896 D D D D - William Jennings Bryan and Arthur Sewall (D)  N
1897 D D D 37D, 6P, 1R 142D, 30P, 3R D - Alexander S. Clay (D)
1898 William C. Clifton (D) D D D D -
Philip Cook, Jr. (D)[5]
1899 Allen D. Candler (D) D D D 43D, 1R 170D, 5P D -
1900 D D D D - William Jennings Bryan and Adlai E. Stevenson I (D)  N
1901 D D D 166D, 9P D -
1902 Boykin Wright D D D D -
1903 Joseph M. Terrell (D) John C. Hart D D D 40D, 2R, 2P 171D, 3R, 1P D -
1904 D D D D - Alton B. Parker and Henry G. Davis (D)  N
1905 D D D 44D 173D, 2R D -
1906 D D D D -
1907 D D D 170D, 3R, 2 Peop., 8? D -
M. Hoke Smith (D)
1908 D D D D - William Jennings Bryan and John W. Kern (D)  N
1909 D D D 184D D -
Joseph M. Brown (D)
1910 D D D D -
Hewlett A. Hall Joseph M. Terrell (D)
1911 D D D 43D, 1R 183D, 1R D -
M. Hoke Smith (D)[11] Thomas S. Felder
John M. Slaton (D)[12] M. Hoke Smith (D)
1912 Joseph M. Brown (D) D D D D - Woodrow Wilson and Thomas R. Marshall (D)  Y
1913 John M. Slaton (D) D D D D - 12D
1914 Warren Grice (D) D D D D -
William S. West (D)
Thomas W. Hardwick (D)
1915 Nathaniel E. Harris (D) Clifford Walker (D) D D D 188D, 1R D -
1916 D D D D -
1917 Hugh M. Dorsey (D) D D D 44D D -
1918 D D D D -
Henry Strange (D)[23]
1919 Samuel McLendon (D)[5] D D D 51D 190D, 3R D - William J. Harris (D)
1920 R. A. Denny D D D D - James M. Cox and Franklin D. Roosevelt (D)  N
1921 Thomas W. Hardwick (D) George M. Napier (D) D D D 50D, 1R 202D, 4R D - Thomas E. Watson (D)
1922 D D D D -
Rebecca Latimer Felton (D)
Walter F. George (D)
1923 Clifford Walker (D) D D D 51D 205D, 1R D -
1924 D D D D - John W. Davis and Charles W. Bryan (D)  N
1925 D D D 50D, 1R 204D, 2R D -
1926 D D D D -
1927 Lamartine G. Hardman (D) D D D D -
1928 D D D D - Al Smith and Joseph Taylor Robinson (D)  N
George Carswell (D)[23]
1929 D D D 51D 204D, 3R D -
1930 D D D D -
1931 Richard Russell, Jr. (D) John B. Wilson (D)[5] D D D 50D, 1R 207D D -
1932 D D D D - Franklin D. Roosevelt and John Nance Garner (D)  Y
Lawrence S. Camp (D) John S. Cohen (D)
1933 Eugene Talmadge (D) M. J. Yeomans D D D 205D D - Richard Russell, Jr. (D) 10D
1934 D D D D -
1935 D D D 203D, 2R D -
1936 D D D D -
1937 Eurith D. Rivers (D) D D D 204D, 1R D -
1938 D D D Ben Huiet (D)[24] D -
1939 D D D 51D, 1R D -
Ellis Arnall (D)[25]
1940 D D D D - Franklin D. Roosevelt and Henry A. Wallace (D)  Y
1941 Eugene Talmadge (D) D D D D -
1942 D D D D -
1943 Ellis Arnall (D) Grady Head D D D D -
1944 D D D D - Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman (D)  Y
1945 Eugene Cook (D) D D D D -
1946 D D D D -
Ben Fortson (D)[5][26]
1947 Melvin E. Thompson (D) D D D 53D, 1R D -
Herman Talmadge (D)
Melvin E. Thompson (D)[27] vacant
1948 D D D D - Harry S. Truman and Alben W. Barkley (D)  Y
Herman Talmadge (D)[28] Marvin Griffin (D)
1949 D D D 203D, 2R D -
1950 D D D D -
1951 D D D 54D 204D, 1R D -
1952 D D D D - Adlai Stevenson and John Sparkman (D)  N
1953 D D D 53D, 1R D -
1954 D D D D -
1955 Marvin Griffin (D) Ernest Vandiver (D) D D D 202D, 3R D -
1956 D D D D - Adlai Stevenson and Estes Kefauver (D)  N
1957 D D D D - Herman Talmadge (D)
1958 D D D D -
1959 Ernest Vandiver (D) Garland T. Byrd (D) D D D D -
1960 D D D D - John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson (D)  Y
1961 D D D 203D, 2R D -
1962 D D D D -
1963 Carl Sanders (D) Peter Zack Geer (D) D D D 50D, 4R D -
1964 D D D D - Barry Goldwater and William E. Miller (R)  N
1965 Arthur K. Bolton D D D 44D, 9R, 2I 198D, 7R D - 9D, 1R
1966 D D D 188D, 17R D -
1967 Lester Maddox (D) George T. Smith (D) D D James L. Bentley (R) Sam Caldwell (D) 46D, 7R, 1I 183D, 22R D - 8D, 2R
1968 D D D - George Wallace and Curtis LeMay (I)  N
1969 D Tommy Irvin (D) 48D, 7R, 1I 169D, 26R D -
1970 D D D -
1971 Jimmy Carter (D) Lester Maddox (D) D D - 50D, 6R 173D, 22R D -
David H. Gambrell (D)
1972 D D D - Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew (R)  Y
Sam Nunn (D)
1973 D D 48D, 8R 152D, 27R D - 9D, 1R
1974 D D D -
1975 George Busbee (D) Zell Miller (D) D D 51D, 5R 155D, 24R D - 10D
1976 D D D - Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale (D)  Y
1977 D D 52D, 4R 158D, 24R D -
1978 D D D -
1979 D D 51D, 5R 160D, 20R D - 9D, 1R
David Poythress (D)[29]
1980 D D D - Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale (D)  N
1981 Mike Bowers (D) D D 157D, 23R D - Mack Mattingly (R)
1982 D D D -
1983 Joe Frank Harris (D) Max Cleland (D) D D 49D, 7R 156D, 24R D -
1984 D D Joe Tanner (D)[30] D - Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush (R)  Y
1985 D D 47D, 9R 154D, 26R D - 8D, 2R
1986 D D D -
1987 Werner Rogers (D) D 46D, 10R 153D, 27R D - Wyche Fowler (D)
1988 D D - George H. W. Bush and Dan Quayle (R)  Y
1989 D 45D, 11R 145D, 35R D - 9D, 1R
1990 D Ray Hollingsworth (D) D -
1991 Zell Miller (D) Pierre Howard (D) Tim Ryles (D) Al Scott (D) 144D, 36R D -
1992 David Poythress (D)[31] D - Bill Clinton and Al Gore (D)  Y
1993 39D, 17R 128D, 52R D - Paul Coverdell (R)[32] 7D, 4R
1994 Mike Bowers (R)[33] D -
1995 Linda Schrenko (R) John Oxendine (R) 36D, 20R 114D, 66R R - 7R, 4D
8R, 3D[34]
1996 R - Bob Dole and Jack Kemp (R)  N
1997 Lewis Massey (D)[35] 34D, 22R 102D, 78R R - Max Cleland (D)
Thurbert Baker (D)[36]
1998 R -
Marti Fullerton (D)[37]
1999 Roy Barnes (D) Mark Taylor (D) Cathy Cox (D) Michael Thurmond (D) R, D
2000 R, D George W. Bush and Dick Cheney (R)  Y
Zell Miller (D)
2001 32D, 24R 105D, 74R, 1I R, D
2002 R -
2003 Sonny Perdue (R) Kathy Cox (R) 30R, 26D[38] 107D, 72R, 1I R, D Saxby Chambliss (R) 8R, 5D
2004 R, D
2005 34R, 22D 99R, 80D, 1I 4R, 1D Johnny Isakson (R) 7R, 6D
2007 Casey Cagle (R) Karen Handel (R) 106R, 74D 5R
2008 John McCain and Sarah Palin (R)  N
2009 105R, 74D, 1I
2010 Brian Kemp (R)[39] Brad Bryant (I)[40]
2011 Nathan Deal (R) Sam Olens (R) John Barge (R) Gary Black (R) Ralph Hudgens (R) Mark Butler (R) 35R, 21D[41] 116R, 63D, 1I[42] 8R, 5D
2012 Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan (R)  N
2013 38R, 18D 119R, 60D, 1I 9R, 5D
2015 Richard Woods (R) David Perdue (R) 10R, 4D
2016 39R, 17D[43] Donald Trump and Mike Pence (R)  Y
2017 Christopher M. Carr (R) 38R, 18D 118R, 62D
2019 Brian Kemp (R) Geoff Duncan (R) Brad Raffensperger (R) Jim Beck (R) 35R, 21D 106R, 74D 9R, 5D
Year Governor Lt. Governor Sec. of State Atty. Gen. School Supt. Comm. of Ag. Comm. of Ins. Comm. of Labor State Senate State House Pub. Ser. Comm. U.S. Senator (Class II) U.S. Senator (Class III) U.S. House Electoral College votes
Executive offices General Assembly United States Congress


  1. ^ a b c President of Council of Safety.
  2. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o Not a formal political party, and not to be confused with the 19th-century Whig Party.
  3. ^ Position of lieutenant governor created in 1945 and first elected in 1946.
  4. ^ a b President.
  5. ^ a b c d e f g h i Died in office.
  6. ^ Died in office; after losing his bid for re-election, Gwinnett was wounded in a duel with Lachlin McIntosh on May 6, 1777 and died of his wounds two days later.
  7. ^ a b c President of Executive Council.
  8. ^ Temporary governor.
  9. ^ a b President of Supreme Executive Council.
  10. ^ Resigned in favor of Stephen Heard.
  11. ^ a b c Resigned to take elected seat in the United States Senate.
  12. ^ a b c d e As president of the state Senate, filled unexpired term.
  13. ^ Resigned due to declining health.
  14. ^ Resigned to become agent to the Creek people.
  15. ^ The Troup party was essentially the continuation of the Jackson faction (followers of James Jackson).
  16. ^ Resigned following the defeat of the Confederate States of America.
  17. ^ Provisional governor appointed by President Andrew Johnson following American Civil War.
  18. ^ Removed from office by the military because he refused to allow state funds to be used for a racially integrated state constitutional convention; the state was still under military occupation during Reconstruction.
  19. ^ Provisional governor appointed by General George Meade.
  20. ^ Resigned; fled the state to avoid impeachment; was arrested in 1876 and found not guilty of embezzlement.
  21. ^ a b As president of the state Senate, became governor until election.
  22. ^ Liberal Republican nominee Horace Greeley died before the Electoral College voted. 6 of Georgia's 11 votes went to Greeley's running mate Brown, while 3 went to Greeley and 2 went to Democratic Georgia Governor Charles J. Jenkins
  23. ^ a b Filled vacancy.
  24. ^ The Georgia Department of Labor was created in 1937 and placed under the control of an elected commissioner. About Us | Georgia Department of Labor
  25. ^ In 1939 Governor Eurith D. Rivers appointed Ellis Arnall to a vacancy in the office of attorney general.
  26. ^ Appointed secretary of state in 1946 to fill the unexpired term of John B. Wilson, who died in office. Ben Fortson (1904-1979)
  27. ^ Eugene Talmadge was elected to a third non-consecutive term in 1946 but died before taking office. Incumbent Governor Ellis Arnall and Lieutenant Governor-elect Melvin E. Thompson both claimed the office. The state legislature chose Eugene Talmadge's son, Herman Talmadge, to be governor, and he took office in January 1947, but the state Supreme Court later that year declared this unconstitutional and declared Thompson the rightful acting governor, and Talmadge stepped down after 67 days in office.
  28. ^ Talmadge defeated Thompson in a special election in September 1948.
  29. ^ Governor George Busbee appointed Poythress secretary of state to fill a vacancy created by the death of Fortson. Count to '10, and a Fun Race for Governor
  30. ^ Resigned to accept an appointment as commissioner of the state Department of Natural Resources. Count to '10, and a Fun Race for Governor
  31. ^ Poythress was elected to fill Tanner's unexpired term. Count to '10, and a Fun Race for Governor
  32. ^ In 2000 Paul Coverdell died; Governor Roy Barnes appointed Zell Miller.
  33. ^ In 1994 Incumbent Democrat Mike Bowers switched parties to Republican.
  34. ^ In April 1995 incumbent Democrat Nathan Deal switched parties to Republican.
  35. ^ Governor Zell Miller appointed Massey secretary of state upon Cleland's election to the U.S. Senate.
  36. ^ In 1997 incumbent Mike Bowers resigned; Governor Zell Miller appointed Thurbert Baker.
  37. ^ Served on an interim basis after Poythress resigned in order to run for governor.
  38. ^ Recently reelected incumbent Democrats Don Cheeks, Dan Lee, Rooney Bowen, and Jack Hill switched parties to Republican between the November 2002 election and the beginning of the legislative session in January 2003.
  39. ^ Brian Kemp was appointed Secretary of State, January 4, 2010, to fill the unexpired term of Karen Handel, who resigned to seek the Republican gubernatorial nomination.
  40. ^ Brad Bryant was appointed State School Superintendent, July 1, 2010, to fill the unexpired term of Kathy Cox, who resigned to accept a position with an education think tank.
  41. ^ Tim Golden switched from the Democratic to the Republican Party after the November 2, 2010 General Election.
  42. ^ Eight state representatives --Ellis Black, Amy Carter , Mike Cheokas, Bubber Epps, Gerald Greene, Bob Hanner, Doug McKillip and Alan Powell-- switched from the Democratic to the Republican Party after the November 2, 2010 General Election.
  43. ^ JaNice Van Ness won a special election to succeed Ronald Ramsey, flipping the seat from Democrat to Republican. [1]

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