Polish General Staff

Polish General Staff, formally known as the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces (Polish: Sztab Generalny Wojska Polskiego) is the highest professional body within the Polish Armed Forces. Organizationally, it is a part of the Ministry of National Defence. It was created in 1918, and for a time bore the name Main Staff (Sztab Główny). Currently the position of Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces (Szef Sztabu Generalnego Wojska Polskiego) is LTG Rajmund Andrzejczak, since 2 July 2018.[1]

Chief of the General Staff
Szef Sztabu Generalnego Wojska Polskiego
Emblem of the PGS
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Flag of the PGS Chief
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LTG Rajmund Andrzejczak

since 2 July 2018
Polish Armed Forces
Member ofGeneral Staff of the Polish Armed Forces
Reports toMinister of National Defence
AppointerPresident of Poland
Term length3 years
Formation28 October 1918
First holderTadeusz Jordan-Rozwadowski

History and structureEdit

On 25 October 1918, a decision was made to establish the directorate of the chief of staff of the Polish Army. In 1928 the General Headquarters of the Polish Army was established, known commonly as the at the time as the Main Staff (Sztab Główny). In September 1939, during the Invasion of Poland by the Wehrmacht and the Red Army, all the institutions of the General Staff ceased to function and were transferred to joint German and Soviet. control. On 8 August 1944, the General Command of the Polish Army was created and on 1 January 1945, the National Council of Poland decided to establish the General Staff of the Polish Army, the head of which was appointed Soviet-Polish General Vladislav Korchits.

The General Staff consists of the following organizational units in the Ministry of National Defence (MON):

  • Management Board of the Organization and Additions (P1)
  • Management of Intelligence and Reconnaissance Intelligence (P2)
  • Armed Forces Planning and Training Management Board (P3/P7)
  • Logistics Management (P4)
  • Management Board of Armed Forces Development Planning and Programming (P5)
  • Management and Command Board (P6)
  • Material Planning Board (P8)

List of ChiefsEdit

Kingdom of Poland (1917–1918)Edit

Head of the Inspectorate
No. Head of the Inspectorate Took office Left office Time in office
1von Barth, Felixgen. piech.
Felix von Barth [pl]
23 April 191719 October 191818 days
2Minkiewicz, Henrykpłk
Henryk Minkiewicz
19 October 191828 October 19189 days
Chief of Staff
No. Chief of Staff Took office Left office Time in office
1Jordan-Rozwadowski, Tadeuszgen. ppor.
Tadeusz Jordan-Rozwadowski
28 October 191814 November 191817 days

Second Polish Republic (1918−1939)Edit

No. Chief of the General Staff Took office Left office Time in office
1Jordan-Rozwadowski, Tadeuszgen. ppor.
Tadeusz Jordan-Rozwadowski
14 November 191815 November 19181 day
2Szeptycki, Stanisławgen. broni
Stanisław Szeptycki
16 November 19187 February 191984 days
3Haller, Stanisławgen. ppor.
Stanisław Haller
8 February 191922 July 19201 year, 165 days
(1)Jordan-Rozwadowski, Tadeuszgen. por.
Tadeusz Jordan-Rozwadowski
22 July 19201 April 1921253 days
4Sikorski, Władysławgen. dyw.
Władysław Sikorski
1 April 19216 December 19221 year, 249 days
5Piłsudski, JózefPierwszy Marszałek Polski
Józef Piłsudski
17 December 19229 June 1923174 days
(3)Haller, Stanisławgen. dyw.
Stanisław Haller
9 June 192316 December 19252 years, 190 days
6Kessler, Edmundgen. bryg.
Edmund Kessler [pl]
16 December 192512 May 1926147 days
(3)Haller, Stanisławgen. dyw.
Stanisław Haller
12 May 192615 May 19263 days
7Burhardt-Bukacki, Stanisławgen. bryg.
Stanisław Burhardt-Bukacki [pl]
17 May 192628 June 192642 days
8Piskor, Tadeuszgen. bryg.
Tadeusz Piskor
28 June 19265 December 19315 years, 160 days
9Gąsiorowski, Januszgen. bryg.
Janusz Gąsiorowski
3 December 19317 June 19353 years, 186 days
9Stachiewicz, Wacławgen. bryg.
Wacław Stachiewicz
7 June 193518 September 19394 years, 103 days

Polish government-in-exile (1939−1946)Edit

No. Chief of the General Staff Took office Left office Time in office
1Kędzior, Aleksanderpłk
Aleksander Kędzior [pl]
7 November 19395 June 1940211 days
2Klimecki, Tadeuszgen. bryg.
Tadeusz Klimecki
5 June 19404 July 1943 †3 years, 29 days
3Kopański, Stanisławgen. dyw.
Stanisław Kopański
21 July 19433 September 19463 years, 44 days

Republic of Poland / People's Republic of Poland (1945−1989)Edit

No. Chief of the General Staff Took office Left office Time in office
1Korczyc, Władysławgen. broni
Władysław Korczyc
9 May 194518 January 19548 years, 254 days
Pigarewicz, Borysgen. broni
Borys Pigarewicz [pl]
18 January 195423 March 195464 days
2Bordziłowski, Jerzygen. broni
Jerzy Bordziłowski
23 March 19546 February 196510 years, 320 days
3Jaruzelski, Wojciechgen. dyw.
Wojciech Jaruzelski
6 February 196510 April 19683 years, 64 days
4Chocha, Bolesławgen. dyw.
Bolesław Chocha [pl]
10 April 196811 January 19734 years, 276 days
5Siwicki, Floriangen. broni
Florian Siwicki
12 January 197321 November 198310 years, 313 days
6Użycki, Józefgen. broni
Józef Użycki [pl]
(born 1932)
22 November 19831 January 19906 years, 40 days

Third Polish Republic (1990−present)Edit

No. Chief of the General Staff Took office Left office Time in office
1Użycki, Józefgen. dyw.
Józef Użycki [pl]
(born 1932)
1 January 199024 September 1990266 days
2Stelmaszuk, Zdzisławgen. broni
Zdzisław Stelmaszuk [pl]
(born 1936)
25 September 19904 August 19921 year, 314 days
3Wilecki, Tadeuszgen. broni
Tadeusz Wilecki [pl]
(born 1945)
4 August 19929 March 19974 years, 216 days
4Szumski, Henrykgen.
Henryk Szumski [pl]
10 March 199729 September 20003 years, 203 days
5Piątas, Czesławgen. dyw.
Czesław Piątas
(born 1946)
30 September 200031 January 20065 years, 123 days
Cieniuch, Mieczysławgen. broni
Mieczysław Cieniuch [pl]
(born 1951)
31 January 200627 February 200627 days
6Gągor, Franciszekgen.
Franciszek Gągor
27 February 200610 April 2010 †4 years, 42 days
Stachowiak, Mieczysławgen. broni
Mieczysław Stachowiak [pl]
(born 1952)
10 April 20107 May 201027 days
7Cieniuch, Mieczysławgen.
Mieczysław Cieniuch [pl]
(born 1951)
7 May 20106 May 20132 years, 364 days
8Gocuł, Mieczysławgen.
Mieczysław Gocuł
(born 1963)
7 May 201331 January 20173 years, 269 days
9Surawski, Leszekgen.
Leszek Surawski [pl]
(born 1960)
31 January 20172 July 20183 years, 10 days
10Andrzejczak, Rajmundgen. broni
Rajmund Andrzejczak [pl]
(born 1967)
2 July 2018Incumbent1 year, 223 days


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