Police on the Road is a 1991 Hong Kong action police procedural television series produced by TVB and starring Gallen Lo and Wan Yeung-ming. With a total of 13 episodes, the series contains a different story in each of the episodes. Originally aired from 5 October 1991 to 1 February 1992 on TVB Jade, the show had a rerun on the channel, TVB Classic, from 4 to 12 June 2015 as a part of the special, Our... Gallen Lo (我們的...羅嘉良), that ran from 20 March to 12 June.[1][2]

Police on the Road
Official poster
GenrePolice procedural
Screenplay byChoi Yip-ming
Yu Hon-wing
Choi Siu-ning
Cheng Yau-hing
Wong Yuk-chun
Directed byLuk Tin-wah
Choi Fat-lun
Patrick Yau
Chan Suk-leung
StarringGallen Lo
Wan Yeung-ming
John Wu
Lau Sau-ping
Sing Yan
Patrick Hon
Theme music composerChoi Chung-ching
Opening themeForgive Me (原諒我) by Gallen Lo
Country of originHong Kong
Original languageCantonese
No. of episodes13
ProducerSiu Hin-fai
Production locationHong Kong
Camera setupMulti camera
Production companyTVB
Original release
NetworkTVB Jade
Release5 October 1991 (1991-10-05) –
1 February 1992 (1992-02-01)
Police on the Road
Traditional Chinese皇家鐵馬
Simplified Chinese皇家铁马
Literal meaning"Royal Cavalry"

Plot edit

Traffic officer Chan Chi-san (Gallen Lo) transfers to Inspector Lee (Liu Kai-chi) unit in order to work with his friend, Four Eyed Snake (Lo Mang). While investigating a speeding case where Chow Ying-kei (Patrick Hon) ran over and killed a civilian, Chi-san meets reporter Cheung Chi-wai (Lau Sau-ping), and the two fall in love. However, Chi-wai's older brother, Cheung Kam-fai (Lee Lung-kei), is a taxi driver with extreme hate for traffic cops and prevents the romance between the two.

Fellow traffic officer Ho Kwok-cheung (Wan Yeung-ming) has a righteous personality to order to infiltrate an illegal street racing group, he betrays his friend, Joe (Jimmy Wong). Kwok-cheung later meets Angel (Anita Lee), who is a mistress of a rich businessman, and instantly falls in love with her. However, Angel gets into a dilemma whether to choose Kwok-cheung or stay with the rich businessman.

Episodes edit

Ep # Title
1 Glory of a Cavalry (鐵騎雄風)
2 Kiss from a Speed-racing Girl (飛車女之吻)
3 Road Fanatic (馬路狂徒)
4 Taxi Brother (的士大哥)
5 Cavalry Bride (鐵馬俏佳人)
6 Tanker Storm (運油風暴)
7 Po (阿寶)
8 Master Ting (頂爺)
9 The Dead Undercover (死亡邊緣人)
10 Brave Emotions of a Cavalry (鐵騎豪情)
11 Back to the Training Academy (回到學堂)
12 The Price of Glory (光榮何價)
13 Stern Law and Order (嚴正法紀)

Cast edit

Traffic Branch Headquarters edit

  • Gallen Lo as Chan Chi-san (陳志新)
  • Wan Yeung-ming as Ho Kwok-cheung (何國昌)
  • Sing Yan as Chu Man-fai (朱文輝)
  • Lo Mang as Four Eyed Snake (眼鏡蛇)
  • John Wu as Wong Sai-leung (王世良)
  • Chiu Hung as Officer Choi (蔡Sir)

Other edit

  • Lau Sau-ping as Cheung Chi-wai (張紫蕙)
  • Cheng Ka-sang as Cheung (阿祥)
  • Tsui Kwong-lam as Uncle Ping (炳叔)
  • Pok Kwan as Ming (阿明)
  • Ngai Sin-lap as test examiner

Episode 1 edit

  • Gabriel Wong as Brother Cho (初哥)
  • Lee Wai-man as Car owner
  • Sit Chun as Strange passenger
  • Lui Chui-ping as Shanghai lady (上海婆)

Episode 2 edit

  • Tsui Ka-po as Pinky
  • Mak Chi-suet as Mad Keung (喪強)
  • Andy Tai as Chan Lung-fu (陳龍虎)
  • Wai Tak-sing as Bold Chuen (沙胆泉)
  • Chan Siu-ping as Little Devil (小妖)
  • Ngan Ching-wai as Gi Gi
  • Chin Chau as Connie
  • Fung Shui-chun as Pinky's mother
  • Chan Yin-hong as Nurse
  • Chan Chun-lok as Happy
  • Yau Piu as Car racer
  • Cheng Chun-fan as punk
  • Choi Chi-fung as Keung's underling
  • Yip Chi-wah as Keung's underling

Episode 3 edit

  • Patrick Hon as Chow Ying-kei (周英奇)
  • Gilbert Lam as Adviser Kau (師爺九)
  • Yip Sai-kuen as Rocky
  • Ceci So as Aunt Ming (明嬸)
  • Teresa Ha as Aunt Ming's mother
  • Wong Sau-kuen as Female colleague
  • Wong Wai-fan as Female secretary
  • Lui Kim-kwong as News stall owner
  • Ho Pik-kin as Chief editor

Episode 4 edit

  • Lee Lung-kei as Cheung Kam-fai (張錦輝)
  • Wan Seung-yin as Female passenger
  • Ying Sin-yin as Passerby
  • Liu Pui-ling as Female driver
  • Wong Fung-king as Pregnant woman
  • Cheng Chun-fai as Waiter

Episode 5 edit

  • Anita Lee as Angel
  • Wong Chun-kit as Passenger
  • Shek Yat-ming as Driver A
  • Guo Cheuk-wah as Rascal A
  • Wat Wai-lam as Rascal B
  • Kwok Cho-yin as Driver B
  • Leung Kin-ping as Ben
  • Hung Ho-wan as Bodyguard A
  • Chow Chin-yee as Bodyguard B
  • Chan Yiu-man as Waiter
  • Wong Mei-yee as Cori
  • Tai Siu-man as Boyfriend
  • Tam Suk-mui as Female staff
  • So Chi as Guard

Episode 6 edit

  • Wayne Lai as Man (阿文)
  • Cho Chai as Old man Lau (劉伯)
  • Wu Ying-man as Jacky
  • Tam Yat-ching as Uncle Kwan (坤叔)

Episode 7 edit

  • Wong Yat-fei as Uncle Kuen (權叔)
  • Elton Loo as Po (阿寶)
  • Fung Chi-fung as Thug
  • Wong Chung-chi as Thug
  • Suet Tai-wah as Thug
  • Fong Kit as Police superintendent
  • Au Yuk as Mini-bus driver

Episode 8 edit

  • Cheng Lui as Uncle Tat (達叔)
  • Kwan Chi-piu as Leung (阿良)
  • Steve Lee as Master Ting (頂爺)
  • Chan Wing-chun as Wing (阿榮)
  • Kong Ming-fai as Wing's underling
  • Lam To-kuen as Keung (阿強)
  • Lee Wai-man as Man (阿民)
  • Fong Kit as Chief Inspector

Episode 9 edit

  • Gary Chan as Luk (阿祿)
  • Chan Pui-san as May
  • Lam Kin-fai as Tommy
  • Wong Man-piu as Film director
  • Fung Man-ching as Annie
  • Cheung Chun-wah as Film star
  • Chan Yiu-wah as Doctor

Episode 10 edit

  • Lee Hin-ming as Crippled Chicken (廢雞)
  • Dick Chan as Dr. Yiu (姚偉生)
  • Jimmy Wong as Joe
  • Wu Man-yam as Tina
  • Ling Hon as Old man Tang (鄧伯)
  • Cheng Wai-ka as Sandy
  • Tsang Yiu-ming as Brother Ho (豪哥)
  • Chan Yin-hong as Nurse
  • Tam Suk-mui as Nurse

Episode 11 edit

  • Cheng Siu-ping as Aunt King (琼姑)
  • May Tse as Chu Man-fai's wife
  • Shek Wan as Uncle Kuen (權叔)
  • Yuen Lung-kui as Robber A
  • Lau Wan as Robber B
  • Chan Wai-yu as Aunty (阿嬸)
  • Mak Ka-lun as Policeman A
  • Wai Tak-sing as Policeman B
  • Yung Ka-lai as Cashier

Episode 12 edit

  • Siu Yan-san as Politician
  • Liu Kai-chi as Inspector Lee (李Sir)
  • Law Lan as Lee's mother
  • Cheng Kwan-ning as Snake Ning (蛇仔明)
  • Candy Man as Grace
  • Fong Kit as Officer Yip (葉Sir)
  • Wong Sze-yan as Driver
  • Wan Lap-chun as Ben
  • Law Hung as Officer Chiu (趙Sir)

Episode 13 edit

  • Andrew Yuen as Mick (阿明)
  • Hau Wai-wan as Carly
  • Ho Pik-kin as Editor
  • Tang Yu-chiu as 12th Young Master (十二少)
  • Wong Wai-fan as Secretary
  • Ku Sui-kwan as Underling
  • Cheng Pak-wan as Underling
  • Cheng Ka-chung as Underling

References edit

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