Police Medal (India)

The Police Medal is a decoration award that is awarded to members of law enforcement in India. Established 1 March 1951, the medal was created to replace the Indian Police Medal. The medal is awarded for either gallantry or distinguished service, with the gallantry version of the medal being accorded a higher precedence. The medal is awarded annually on Republic Day and Independence Day.

Police Medal
IND Police Medal for Gallantry.png
Ribbon for gallantry
IND Police Medal for Meritorious Service.png
Ribbon for meritorious service
Awarded by the Government of India
Country India
TypePolice decoration
Post-nominalsPMG (gallantry)
PM (service)
Established1 March 1951
Order of Wear[1]
Next (higher)Vishisht Seva Medal (Gallantry)
Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Service)
Next (lower)Fire Service Medal for Gallantry (Gallantry)
Fire Service Medal for Distinguished Service (Service)


Awards and honours of the Commonwealth realms ceased to be awarded in India after the promulgation of the Constitution of India on 26 January 1950. Upon becoming a republic, it was necessary for India to establish its own honours system. For police, that meant replacing the King's Police and Fire Service Medal and the Indian Police Medal. The President's Police Medal and the Police Medal were established 1 March 1951 by the President of India. Eligible service for the medals was made retroactive to 26 January 1950.[2][3]



The Police Medal for Gallantry may be awarded for conspicuous gallantry of a lesser degree that what is required for the President's Police Medal for Gallantry. Recipients for this award are considered without regard to rank or length of service. Recipients are granted an additional monthly stipend that is paid into retirement, and upon the death of the recipient, to the recipient's widow. Recipients are also granted limited free travel on trains.[4][5]

Meritorious Service

Awarded on Republic Day and Independence Day, the Police Medal for Meritorious Service is awarded for a meritorious record of at least 15 years in the Central Police/Security Organization. The award of this medal is limited to 740 annually.[4][5]


The Police Medal is made of bronze and is circular in shape, 1 38 in (35 mm) in diameter. The obverse of the medal bears the State Emblem of India in the centre with the words POLICE MEDAL above and the state motto, सत्यमेव जयते (Satyameva Jayate) in Devanagri script below. On either side of the medal are two five-pointed stars separating the inscription. The reverse of the medal bears a wreath with the words INDIAN above and POLICE below. In the centre is inscribed either FOR MERITORIOUS SERVICE or FOR GALLANTRY, depending on the conditions of the award. The recipient's name is inscribed on the rim of the medal.[3]

The ribbon of the medal is 1 38 in (35 mm) wide in dark blue, with silver edges and a broad central stripe of crimson. Awards presented for gallantry have thin silver stripes splitting the dark blue sections in half.[3]


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