Pokerzone was a channel dedicated to poker, broadcasting on Sky Digital channel 843 since 19 May 2005. Previously known as Game In TV it rebranded on 26 April 2005 and launched the following month. and closed in 2008.

The PokerZone logo
LaunchedNovember 17, 2003 Rebranded to PokerZone April 26, 2005
Owned byPrivate Investors
Audience shareN/A
Sky DigitalChannel 843

Programmes included on the channel were Poker Night Live, Heads Up with Richard Herring, the World of Poker, Inside Poker, Monte Carlo Millions, Full-Tilt Poker Championship, and High-Stakes Backgammon and also Monte Carlo Roulette.

On 25 March 2008, Pokerzone ceased all poker programming and replaced it with Monte Carlo Roulette. Monte Carlo Roulette now broadcasts 24 hours a day

On 15 April 2008. Pokerzone Closed and was replaced by YouPlay 2 and 1.

Poker BowlEdit

Poker Bowl was a series of regular live poker tournaments . It featured 'Dealer's-eye-view' graphics and in-depth commentary and analysis. The series featured the best of Europe's online qualifiers, plus celebrity players including Lou Diamond Phillips and Michael Greco. However, due to Monte Carlo Roulette taking over the channel 24 hours a day, Pokerzone no longer broadcasts the programme.

Channel 843 & 850 RebrandEdit

On Monday 31 March 2008, the Ofcom licenses for PokerZone & YouPlay TV were renamed. Within the next few weeks, both channels on Sky shall be relabeled "YouPlay TV 1" on 843 and "YouPlay TV 2" on 850. This will reflect in the changes of programming on both channels and the PokerZone branding in the UK will be discontinued when this change takes place.

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