Points classification

The points classification is a secondary award category in road bicycle racing. Points are given for high finishes and, in some cases, for winning sprints at certain places along the route, most often called intermediate sprints. The points classification is the top prize for many cycling sprinters and is often known as the sprint classification; however, in some stage races these classifications are based on different criteria.

The points classification is arguably the second most important title and cycling jersey to win at a cycling stage race behind the general classification, which is the winner of the event by overall time.

Points classification winners of the Grand ToursEdit

Winners by yearEdit

Year   Tour de France   Giro d'Italia   Vuelta a España
2021   Mark Cavendish (GBR) (4/4)   Peter Sagan (SVK) (8/8)   Fabio Jakobsen (NED)
2020   Sam Bennett (IRL)   Arnaud Démare (FRA)   Primož Roglič (SLO) (2/2)
2019   Peter Sagan (SVK) (7/8)   Pascal Ackermann (GER)   Primož Roglič (SLO) (1/2)
2018   Peter Sagan (SVK) (6/8)   Elia Viviani (ITA)   Alejandro Valverde (ESP) (4/4)
2017   Michael Matthews (AUS)   Fernando Gaviria (COL)   Chris Froome (GBR)
2016   Peter Sagan (SVK) (5/8)   Giacomo Nizzolo (ITA) (2/2)   Fabio Felline (ITA)
2015   Peter Sagan (SVK) (4/8)   Giacomo Nizzolo (ITA) (1/2)   Alejandro Valverde (ESP) (3/4)
2014   Peter Sagan (SVK) (3/8)   Nacer Bouhanni (FRA)   John Degenkolb (GER)
2013   Peter Sagan (SVK) (2/8)   Mark Cavendish (GBR) (3/4)   Alejandro Valverde (ESP) (2/4)
2012   Peter Sagan (SVK) (1/8)   Joaquim Rodríguez (ESP)   Alejandro Valverde (ESP) (1/4)
2011   Mark Cavendish (GBR) (2/4)   Michele Scarponi (ITA)   Bauke Mollema (NED)
2010   Alessandro Petacchi (ITA) (3/3)   Cadel Evans (AUS)   Mark Cavendish (GBR) (1/4)
2009   Thor Hushovd (NOR) (3/3)   Denis Menchov (RUS)   André Greipel (GER)
2008   Óscar Freire (ESP)   Daniele Bennati (ITA) (2/2)   Greg Van Avermaet (BEL)
2007   Tom Boonen (BEL) No winner[A]   Daniele Bennati (ITA) (1/2)
2006   Robbie McEwen (AUS) (3/3)   Paolo Bettini (ITA) (2/2)   Thor Hushovd (NOR) (2/3)
2005   Thor Hushovd (NOR) (1/3)   Paolo Bettini (ITA) (1/2)   Alessandro Petacchi (ITA) (2/3)
2004   Robbie McEwen (AUS) (2/3)   Alessandro Petacchi (ITA) (1/3)   Erik Zabel (GER) (9/9)
2003   Baden Cooke (AUS)   Gilberto Simoni (ITA)   Erik Zabel (GER) (8/9)
2002   Robbie McEwen (AUS) (1/3)   Mario Cipollini (ITA) (3/3)   Erik Zabel (GER) (7/9)
2001   Erik Zabel (GER) (6/9)   Massimo Strazzer (ITA)   José Maria Jiménez (ESP)
2000   Erik Zabel (GER) (5/9)   Dmitri Konyshev (RUS)   Roberto Heras (ESP)
1999   Erik Zabel (GER) (4/9)   Laurent Jalabert (FRA) (7/7)   Frank Vandenbroucke (BEL)
1998   Erik Zabel (GER) (3/9)   Mariano Piccoli (ITA)   Fabrizio Guidi (ITA) (2/2)
1997   Erik Zabel (GER) (2/9)   Mario Cipollini (ITA) (2/3)   Laurent Jalabert (FRA) (6/7)
1996   Erik Zabel (GER) (1/9)   Fabrizio Guidi (ITA) (1/2)   Laurent Jalabert (FRA) (5/7)
1995   Laurent Jalabert (FRA) (3/7)   Tony Rominger (SUI) (2/2)   Laurent Jalabert (FRA) (4/7)
1994   Djamolidine Abdoujaparov (UZB) (5/5)   Djamolidine Abdoujaparov (UZB) (4/5)   Laurent Jalabert (FRA) (2/7)
1993   Djamolidine Abdoujaparov (UZB) (3/5)   Adriano Baffi (ITA)   Tony Rominger (SUI) (1/2)
1992   Laurent Jalabert (FRA) (1/7)   Mario Cipollini (ITA) (1/3)   Djamolidine Abdoujaparov (UZB) (2/5)
1991   Djamolidine Abdoujaparov (UZB) (1/5)   Claudio Chiappucci (ITA)   Uwe Raab (GER) (2/2)
1990   Olaf Ludwig (GER)   Gianni Bugno (ITA)   Uwe Raab (GER) (1/2)
1989   Sean Kelly (IRL) (8/8)   Giovanni Fidanza (ITA)   Malcolm Elliott (GBR)
1988   Eddy Planckaert (BEL)   Johan van der Velde (NED) (3/3)   Sean Kelly (IRL) (7/8)
1987   Jean-Paul van Poppel (NED)   Johan van der Velde (NED) (2/3)   Alfonso Gutierrez (ESP)
1986   Eric Vanderaerden (BEL)   Guido Bontempi (ITA)   Sean Kelly (IRL) (6/8)
1985   Sean Kelly (IRL) (4/8)   Johan van der Velde (NED) (1/3)   Sean Kelly (IRL) (5/8)
1984   Frank Hoste (BEL)   Urs Freuler (SUI)   Guido Van Calster (BEL)
1983   Sean Kelly (IRL) (3/8)   Giuseppe Saronni (ITA) (4/4)   Marino Lejarreta (ESP)
1982   Sean Kelly (IRL) (2/8)   Francesco Moser (ITA) (4/4)   Steffan Mutter (SUI)
1981   Freddy Maertens (BEL) (4/4)   Giuseppe Saronni (ITA) (3/4)   Javier Cedena (ESP)
1980   Rudy Pevenage (BEL)   Giuseppe Saronni (ITA) (2/4)   Sean Kelly (IRL) (1/8)
1979   Bernard Hinault (FRA)   Giuseppe Saronni (ITA) (1/4)   Alfons De Wolf (BEL)
1978   Freddy Maertens (BEL) (3/4)   Francesco Moser (ITA) (3/4)   Ferdi Van Den Haute (BEL)
1977   Jacques Esclassan (FRA)   Francesco Moser (ITA) (2/4)   Freddy Maertens (BEL) (2/4)
1976   Freddy Maertens (BEL) (1/4)   Francesco Moser (ITA) (1/4)   Dietrich Thurau (GER)
1975   Rik Van Linden (BEL)   Roger De Vlaeminck (BEL) (3/3)   Miguel Maria Lasa (ESP)
1974   Patrick Sercu (BEL)   Roger De Vlaeminck (BEL) (2/3)   Domingo Perurena (ESP) (2/2)
1973   Herman Van Springel (BEL)   Eddy Merckx (BEL) (6/6)   Eddy Merckx (BEL) (5/6)
1972   Eddy Merckx (BEL) (4/6)   Roger De Vlaeminck (BEL) (1/3)   Domingo Perurena (ESP) (1/2)
1971   Eddy Merckx (BEL) (3/6)   Marino Basso (ITA)   Cyrille Guimard (FRA)
1970   Walter Godefroot (BEL)   Franco Bitossi (ITA) (3/3)   Guido Reybrouck (BEL)
1969   Eddy Merckx (BEL) (2/6)   Franco Bitossi (ITA) (2/3)   Raymond Steegmans (BEL)
1968   Franco Bitossi (ITA) (1/3)   Eddy Merckx (BEL) (1/6)   Jan Janssen (NED) (5/5)
1967   Jan Janssen (NED) (4/5)   Dino Zandegù (ITA)   Jan Janssen (NED) (3/5)
1966   Willy Planckaert (BEL)   Gianni Motta (ITA)   Jos van der Vleuten (NED)
1965   Jan Janssen (NED) (2/5) Introduced in 1966   Rik Van Looy (BEL) (3/3)
1964   Jan Janssen (NED) (1/5)   José Pérez-Francés (ESP)
1963   Rik Van Looy (BEL) (2/3)   Bas Maliepaard (NED)
1962   Rudi Altig (FRG) (1/2)   Rudi Altig (GER) (2/2)
1961   André Darrigade (FRA) (2/2)   Antonio Suarez (ESP)
1960   Jean Graczyk (FRA) (2/2)   Arthur De Cabooer (BEL)
1959   André Darrigade (FRA) (1/2)   Rik Van Looy (BEL) (1/3)
1958   Jean Graczyk (FRA) (1/2)   Salvador Botella (ESP)
1957   Jean Forestier (FRA)   Vicente Iturat (ESP)
1956   Stan Ockers (BEL) (2/2)   Rik Van Steenbergen (BEL)
1955   Stan Ockers (BEL) (1/2)   Fiorenzo Magni (ITA)
1954   Ferdinand Kübler (SUI) Introduced in 1955
1953   Fritz Schär (SUI)
1952 Introduced in 1953
Year   Tour de France   Giro d'Italia   Vuelta a España

A. a Alessandro Petacchi was the Points leader but tested positive for elevated levels of salbutamol, resulting in a suspension and forfeiture of all results during the event. No alternate winner was declared.

Career triplesEdit

Winning the points classification in each of the three Grand Tours during a cyclist's career is a significant accomplishment. The Tour/Giro/Vuelta triple has been achieved by five riders:[1]

Natural doublesEdit

Winning the points classification in two Grand Tours in a single year is a rare feat.

The Tour/Giro double has been achieved by one rider:

The Giro/Vuelta double has been achieved by one rider:

The Tour/Vuelta double has been achieved by four riders:

Most points jerseys (Grand Tours)Edit

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