Point of Ayre

The Point of Ayre (Manx: Kione ny Hayrey)[1] is the northernmost point of the Isle of Man. It lies at the northern end of Ramsey Bay 6 miles (10 km) north of the town of Ramsey. The point can be accessed by the A16 road from Bride. Point of Ayre lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse on the Isle of Man, is located here.

Point of Ayre
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Point of Ayre and 'Winkie' lighthouse
Point of Ayre is located in Isle of Man
Point of Ayre
Point of Ayre
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54°24′57″N 4°22′05″W / 54.4157°N 4.3681°W / 54.4157; -4.3681Coordinates: 54°24′57″N 4°22′05″W / 54.4157°N 4.3681°W / 54.4157; -4.3681

It is the closest point on the Isle of Man to Great Britain, being 16 miles (26 km) south of Burrow Head in Scotland.

The name Ayre comes from the Norse word Eyrr meaning gravel bank. Strong currents offshore cause an ever-changing build-up of shingle, so that the beach changes shape with each tide.

A tidal range at the Point of Ayre provides excellent fishing from the beach. Visitors are attracted by the gorse and heather which surrounds the lighthouse and merges with sand dunes stretching to the south-west, providing cover for rare wild flowers and forming part of a Manx National Heritage Nature Reserve. A variety of land and sea birds visit the area throughout the year, as do a number of grey seals.

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