Poecilosclerida is an order of the demosponge class. It is the most speciose demosponge order with over 2200 species (World Porifera Database[2]). It contains about 25 recognised families. They are characterised by having chelae microscleres, that is, the minute spicules scattered through the tissues, usually in the 10-60 μm range, have a shovel-like structure on the end.[3]

Hemimycale columella 1 (Bowerbank, 1874).jpg
Hemimycale columella (Hymedesmiidae)
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Porifera
Class: Demospongiae
Order: Poecilosclerida
Topsent, 1928

See text [1]

  • Latrunculina
  • Microcionina
  • Mycalina
  • Myxillina

Most of the families are viviparous with parenchymella larvae that are uniformly ciliated.[3]


As of 2018, the following families are recognized:[1]


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