Podunavlje District

The Podunavlje District (Serbian: Подунавски округ, romanizedPodunavski okrug, pronounced [pôdǔnaʋskiː ôkruːɡ]) is one of nine administrative districts of Southern and Eastern Serbia. It expands across the central parts of Serbia. According to the 2011 census results, it has a population of 199,395 inhabitants, and the administrative center is the city of Smederevo.

Podunavlje District
Подунавски округ
Podunavski okrug
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Images from the Podunavlje District
Location of the Podunavlje District within Serbia
Location of the Podunavlje District within Serbia
Coordinates: 44°40′N 20°56′E / 44.667°N 20.933°E / 44.667; 20.933Coordinates: 44°40′N 20°56′E / 44.667°N 20.933°E / 44.667; 20.933
Country Serbia
RegionSouthern and Eastern Serbia
Administrative centerSmederevo
 • CommissionerJasna Avramović
 • Total1,248 km2 (482 sq mi)
 (2021 census)
 • Total176,935
 • Density141.8/km2 (367/sq mi)
ISO 3166 codeRS-10
Municipalities2 and 1 city
- Cities and towns3
- Villages55

Cities and municipalitiesEdit

It encompasses the municipalities of:


Historical population
Source: [1]

According to the last official census done in 2011, the Podunavlje District has 199,395 inhabitants. 52.09% of the population lives in the urban areas.

Ethnic groupsEdit

Ethnic composition of the district:

Ethnic group Population Percentage
Serbs 188,641 94,61%
Romani 3,312 1,66%
Macedonians 449 0,23%
Montenegrins 414 0,21%
Croats 256 0,13%
Yugoslavs 182 0,09%
Hungarians 159 0,08%
Others 5,982 3,00%
Total 199,395 100,00%

History and cultureEdit

Smederevo was the capital of the Serb State in the fourteenth century - there stood the royal palace at the time of the then Serbian ruler Đurađ Branković. Today, in the remnants of the Smederevo fortress, finished in 1430, traces of the former palace, chapel, and the house of the royal family can be discerned. At the old city cemetery stands a church from the fourteenth century, assumed to have been the family vault of the Serb ruler Đurađ Branković, which gave rise to numerous legends.

This area is also well known as the place of the Karađorđe's assassination after The First Serbian Uprising around the Pokajnica monastery near Velika Plana.


Smederevska Palanka
Velika Plana

This is a list of the settlements in the Podunavlje District:

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