Podolian Upland
Kremenets Hills around the city of Kremenets
Bona Hill (Mountain) with ruins at its top

The Podolian Upland (Podolian Plateau) or Podillia Upland (Ukrainian: подільська височина, podilska vysochyna) is a big in terms of area upland in southwestern Ukraine on the left bank of Dniester, with its small northwestern part stretching into eastern Poland.

Along Dniester, the region stretches from northwest of Western Bug to southeast Boh (or Southern Bug). Western Bug separates it from Lublin Upland, while Southern Bug – Dnieper Upland. Average height of the Podolian Upland is over 300 m (980 ft) with the maximum being a hill known as Kamula Mountain 471 m (1,545 ft).

The surface is characterized by combination of wide flat interfluves and deep canyon-like valleys (so called dales) dissected into separate natural sub-regions.

  • Wooded heightened hills
  • Flat treeless plateaus
    • Ternopil Plateau
    • Upper Bug Plateau
    • North-Podolian Plateau

The Podolian Upland and the Volhynian Upland are sometimes grouped together as the Volhynian-Podolian Upland.


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Coordinates: 49°01′39″N 27°51′22″E / 49.0275°N 27.8562°E / 49.0275; 27.8562