Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble

The Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble is an orchestra from North Korea. It is famous for its performances of revolutionary and folk songs. They have been reported to be one of the country's most popular groups.[1][2][3]

Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble
Self-titled album cover
Self-titled album cover
Background information
OriginNorth Korea
GenresElectronic folk and revolutionary
Years active1985 to mid 2010s
Korean name
Revised RomanizationBocheonbo-jeonja-akdan

The group takes its name from the Battle of Pochonbo on 4 July 1937, when a guerrilla unit under the leadership of Kim Il-sung attacked compounds of the Japanese occupation force in Pochonbo.[2] Formed in 1985 from the electronic music section of the Mansudae Art Troupe, it is the first electronic pop group in the country.

The Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble can be heard on North Korean radio stations. They have released over 85 CDs as of 2000.[3]

Known membersEdit

  • Hyon Song-wol - vocals[4] (Merited Actress)
  • Ri Kyong-suk - vocals (Merited Actress)
  • Kim Kwang-suk (1964-2018) - vocals (People's Actress)[5]
  • Ri Pun-hui - vocals (Merited Actress)
  • Jo Gum-hwa - vocals (Merited Actress)
  • Chon Hye-young - vocals (People's Actress)
  • Kim Jong-nyo - vocals
  • Yun Hye-young - vocals
  • Kim Won-il (purged between 2009 and 2011) - synthesizers (People's Actor)
  • Kim Hye-song - synthesizers (Merited Actor)
  • Kim Mun-hyok - synthesizers (Merited Actor)
  • Kwon Kyong-hak - synthesizers
  • Kim Son-nop - synthesizers
  • Jon Kwon - piano (People's Artist)
  • Jang Jong-won - piano
  • Ri Mun - electronic organ
  • Kang Chol-ho - electronic organ (Merited Actor)
  • Kang Gum-chol - electronic organ
  • Park I-hyon - guitar
  • Song Kwang - guitar (Merited Actor)
  • Choe Yong-chol - guitar (Merited Actor)
  • Kim Yong-il - bass guitar
  • Choe Mun-chol - drums (Merited Actor)
  • Kim Jin - percussion (Merited Actor)
  • Kim Yeon-su - conductor (Merited Artist)
  • Ri Jong-o (1943-2016) - conductor (People's Artist)

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